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Beef Stroganoff – 俄式牛柳丝

hainanese chicken rice recipe meatmen
hainanese chicken rice recipe meatmen

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Beef stroganoff, a dish filled with tender beef cubes and mushrooms swimming in a savoury, light cream sauce. This is one of those comforting homemade meals that just begs to be served over a bed of mash, pasta or rice.

Our version hits all the same notes, except it is more flavourful and healthy. Savoury sliced short ribs cooked with mushrooms, garlic, onions, pappardelle all in one pot. The ingredients are then held together by a tangy, light sauce made with Farmers Union Greek Style yogurt and cream. Yum! For more delicious, guilt-free yummy ideas with added benefits of calcium and protein: try Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt. #SimpleMadeDelicious #FarmersUnion #GreekYogurt

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