Benefits of MCT Oil | Ancient Nutrition

keto cbd organic mct oil
keto cbd organic mct oil

Looking for keto cbd organic mct oil ??

Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Join Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin as they explain MCT oil and how it can be beneficial even if you aren’t on the keto diet.

MCT Oil: the Ultimate “Performance Fat” for the Keto Diet:

Keto FUSION Organic MCT Oil:

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24 thoughts on “Benefits of MCT Oil | Ancient Nutrition”

  1. I love it just by simply adding a tsp to my morning coffee. It gives me an energy boost, helps me with focus, and gets things moving again when I feel a bit backed up. It works almost immediately and makes me feel great. I use SR Organic MCT Oil available from Costco. It is super cheap for the quality and quantity you get. I also use MCT oil in my Keto muffins in place of coconut oil as it doesn't leave a coconut taste for people that don't like coconut. The only warning I have is that is it shouldn't be heated higher than 320 degrees F to avoid a breakdown in this oil.

  2. Personal Tip and trick- drink MCT throughout the day from the initial coffee you brewed in the morning. Don’t pound your coffee, you’re not an addict!

  3. Philippines is the second largest producer of coconut in the world, I grew up in the Philippines, that`s why I know that coconut growers in our country don`t use chemical fertilizer, pesticides or any form chemical to boost the growth of coconut trees, they easily grow in our country even without taking care of them, maybe because Philipine soil is volcanic which is best for the said trees. If you want to be sure that the product you`re buying is organic, be very sure it`s from the Philippines, even the famous Paris Hilton with big coconut water business uses coconut water only in the Philippines.

  4. So you mentioned collegen (sp?) but now how to consume it or where to find it in dietary form. Also MCT + turmeric or 'black seed'. But not how to prepare that. Doesn't sound very appetizing to pour turmeric or black seeds into flavorless oil. So… recipes?

  5. I dont need to lose weight. My BMI is perfect. However, I have chronic inflammation due to Lyme disease. I also have liver problems How does MCT help my brain? How does it help with inflamation?

  6. I was using it in my salades at night, so I took a spoonful this morning…. I won't be leaving the house

  7. Can some one clarify a statement that Jordan made about staying up all night in college eating donuts. I thought Jordan was sick and in a wheel chair in his teens. How did he eat donuts and pull all nighters in college???? I enjoy the info but this just stuck out.

  8. Hello, I just started MCT oil hearing T oil apparent I like I'd like to hear information. How much tumor should I take?

  9. Straight away you go off at a tangent when the question is asked: why should we use MCT oil. Stick to the point and answer the question.

  10. So interesting and glad to hear you don't need to be on the ketogenic diet to enjoy taking mct oil and to burn fat. I have been questioning about that for quite a while. I have started backing off Keto entirely but decided to just take a spoon of mct oil in my morning coffee and feel the effects. Thank you so much…

  11. What do you mean organic it's a bloody coconut comes from a coconut tree how can it not be organic


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