Benton’s Keto Cookies Review

benton's keto cookies nutrition facts
benton’s keto cookies nutrition facts

Looking for benton’s keto cookies nutrition facts ??

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In this video I’m doing a Benton’s Keto Cookies Review. I purchased these Benton Keto Cookies from Aldi’s and in this video I’ll be tasting the Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chip flavors. Watch to see how they are!

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22 thoughts on “Benton’s Keto Cookies Review”

  1. i ate the ones in the red bag then I looked for more info and found this video once i ate them i can taste the sugar way more than the bag said i feel this will kick you of keto because of the sugar and make you crave sugar sweets, so i wont buy them anymore i work too hard on my diet to take any chances

  2. These are great for crunch in your plain yogurt!! Snickerdoodles are very good too, especially if u like the chocolate chip!!

  3. I bought the chocolate chip tonight and found your video because I was looking for more info about them. I thought the chocolate chip were really good especially since they are pretty cheap and it makes me wonder if they have improved the chips after you recorded this review. They didn't have the snickerdoodle at my Aldi but I'm going to watch out for them.

  4. I love the chocolate chip cookies, the snickerdoodles are good, but the chocolate chip taste better to me! There is also another softer version of keto cookies sold by Benton, they are higher in carbs, and are ok, but again I prefer the ones you are demo-ing in our video.

  5. Why do these cookies feel cold in my mouth?!?! Lol it’s so weird. Tasty but some weird cool effect haha

  6. The chocolate chip cookies are horrible. The entire cookie was such a disappointment. The flavor is intolerable. 👎🏽👎🏽

  7. This doesn’t make sense. Almond flour when you look up the nutritional facts almond flour still has net carbs. So how does this have any net carbs with almond flour being the first ingredient?

  8. I bought both and I am the other way around, the snickerdoodle ones are good but I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE CHIP ONES!

  9. I love , love , love, the CHOCOLATE CHIP ! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 ! I think they’re delicious ! I liked the snickerdoodle too

  10. I’m eating the chocolate chip cookies now. That’s all my Aldo had. This is a game changer for me. I’m going back to get more tomorrow.

  11. My Aldi’s has a different brand of Keto cookies. The ones I found have 2 net carbs and contains palm oil☹️

  12. I been dying for cereal and imm est these in a bowl with almond milk lol Thanks for sharing.

  13. Girl I purchased two bags of the Chocolate Chip cookies and ate one bag in hours. They are DELICIOUS and the price is BOMB!!

  14. I bought the chocolate chip tonight. The cookie texture reminds of Pecan Sandies. I thought they were good. Now I will be on the hunt for the Snickerdoodle.

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