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Acid reflux is a health condition that has become very common these days. Not many people know that it has become one of the most searched phrases on Google in present times. It is a condition where acids created in the stomach find their way up into esophagus. When an individual suffers from acid reflux, he or she experiences a burning sensation internally around the lower part of his chest. Some people know this condition as indigestion or heartburn. Whatever one may call it, acid reflux occurs when some of the acid from your stomach leaks back into your esophagus.

Nexium 24HR Acid Reducer Capsules

This is a product that is sold in the form of capsules. One needs to take just one pill   a day to stay away from heartburn or acid indigestion. This desired result is obtained as this pill works to keep all stomach acids from entering the esophagus.  Normally a ring of muscles in esophagus work as a valve to prevent entry of stomach acids. But when this valve fails, acid reflux takes place. These pills work silently to prevent acid reflux.

There are many different remedies for acid reflux. Some of these are sold in the form of pills or capsules while some other are available in the form of liquids or juices. Many products are herbal in nature as they are made using 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients are extracted from plant sources and are known for their ability to fight acidic solutions. Some products provide instant relief while others are meant to be taken regularly to prevent occurrence of acid reflux.

Pros and cons of Nexium 24HR acid reducer capsules


  • You can take it without doctor’s prescription
  • Easily available as over the counter drug
  • Prevents all acids from making their way into esophagus
  • Just one pill a day does the trick


  • Takes some time to provide full relief
  • Costly treatment of acid reflux
  • Some people need to swallow two pills in a day for relief

How to use Nexium 24HR acid reducer

Nexium 24HR is a medication that is to be taken for the treatment of frequent heartburn (experienced twice or more in a week). Its main ingredient is esomeprazole which is considered a proton pump inhibitor. All one needs to do to get full relief from acid reflux is to swallow one pill of Nexium 24HR at a fixed time. The pill is small in size and you can swallow it easily even without water. This pill turns off several pumps inside the stomach that produce acids. Thus Nexium 24HR effectively stops any leakage of stomach acids into your esophagus.

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Review 1

Jacqueline Fernandez (Cured my acid reflux)

I do not know how to thank the makers of this wonderful medication that has solved the problem of acid reflux that I had been suffering from for the last 20 years. It had become so severe that I was unable to eat spicy and oily food items in addition to acidic food products and beverages. I was a little hesitant when I saw the price of the medication but decided to give it a try as no home remedy had proved beneficial for me. I was a little disappointed in the beginning as nothing happened in the first two days and I continued to experience heartburn. On the third day, I felt normal all day long and even ate a little bit of snacks and fast food items. That was the day when I realized that Nexium HR24 was the solution to my big problem of acid reflux. I have been religiously eating one pill in the morning after breakfast with water for the last 9 months. I have not experienced the deadly burning sensation around my chest and the sour taste of acids that somehow found their way back into my esophagus.

I do not mind the high price of this medication at all as I have finally tasted happiness in this world. I always keep a bottle of Nexium HR24 in spare so that I do not run out of my stock. I will certainly spread the word around and help other people to overcome their problems of heartburn and acid reflux.

Review 2

Joyce Myers ( Even better than I imagined)

Are you a patient of heartburn or acid indigestion like me? If yes, then you would agree how bad one feels when stomach acids find their way back into the esophagus.  I had started to dread spicy and acidic food items as I knew they would aggravate the problem of acid reflux in my case. I had become hopeless as none of the home remedies that I tried worked in my case. It was then that my doctor suggested me to take a pill of Nexium HR24 every day.

I still remember the day when I started on this medication. This is because it turned out to be the end of my long standing problem of heartburn and acid reflux. I never imagined the solution to my condition would be so simple and convenient. All I do is to gulp down one pill every day in the morning and all symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux have disappeared from my life.

There was a time when I found myself getting up in the middle of the night and walking senselessly in the hope that I start to feel better somehow. Today I am free from all worries and even eat all kinds of spicy food items and barbecue foods.  It is as if Nexium has created a magic inside my body. My doctor says this wonderful medication stops manufacture of many types of acids to prevent their leakage into the esophagus. Whatever the working principle behind this pill, I am totally satisfied with the results. I would recommend this medication to anyone who is suffering from symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux.

I have tried many home remedies in the past and I can say it with experience that Nexium 24HR is the best and the most convenient of all types of medications and therapies. It works silently making life easy for the individual. The only grouse that I have concerns the price of this medication. I think that the price of $22 for a packaging that lasts only 42 days is a little steep and the company should take steps to reduce the cost of the bottle of Nexium 24HR.

Review 3

Claudia Pfeiffer (Much cheaper than doctor’s prescription)

I am a housewife and a mother of two grown up children. My health was perfect till a few years ago but I suffered from indigestion. This problem worsened with passing years and a time came when I started to experience symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn.  My mother in law suggested me different homemade formulations. I tried all these and many more but did not find any relief in my acid reflux condition. This was when my cousin suggested Nexium 24HR to me. Though I must say that I was taken aback at the start by the price of the medication, I nevertheless bought it from Amazon and started on these pills in the hope of getting rid of acid reflux and heartburn.

I did not feel any different in my condition for three days and I thought that this was yet another fraudulent product making tall claims. But a miracle happened on the 4th day when I did not experience any symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. I was so happy that I felt like being on cloud nine on that day. The good news is that I have been free and away from the symptoms of acid reflux since then.

Nexium 24HR is so good that I feel that it is even better than prescriptions written by doctors. It is certainly much cheaper than these prescriptions and also does not produce any harmful; side effects. I am required to consume one pill in a day and that is enough to solve my problem of acid reflux forever. I never thought getting rid of my problem of acid reflux would be this easy. I thank Nexium 24HR from the bottom of my heart for solving my problem so easily and in such a convenient manner.

Review 4

James Smithy (Five star rating)

I am a caterer who is required to taste all the foods before they are ready for the client. I am not the sort of person to write reviews of products that I use in my life. But I am compelled to write a few lines in praise of something that has totally transformed my life. I am talking about Nexium 24HR, an over the counter medication that is sold as a treatment for acid reflux and heartburn. I must confess that I was skeptical about the efficacy of this pill before purchasing it. In fact, I felt hopeless after having tried so many different prescriptions and home remedies. However, Nexium brought me instant relief from acid reflux and I have not experienced symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux since starting this wonderful medication.

I never knew the solution to my problem would be this easy or else I would have taken this medicine much earlier. All I do now is to swallow one pill form the bottle of Nexium and forget all about acid reflux and heartburn. Although this formulation is a little pricey, I will continue with it as there is no other medicine as effective as Nexium for patients of acid reflux.

Review 5

Brian Casey (Acid reducer par excellence)

I would like to commend the makers of this wonderful formulation at the start as this is the only medicine that solved the problem of acid reflux in my case. I tried many different therapies and home remedies before this and none of them succeeded in getting rid of symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux that had made my life a living hell. I often felt a burning sensation inside my chest and had to wake up in the middle of the night as I felt sour taste in my throat. Doctor told me it was because of stomach acids getting leaked back into my esophagus. He gave me prescription that provided relief temporarily but the problem raised its ugly head again sometime later.

However, I have found all symptoms of heartburn gone altogether after having started on Nexium 24HR acid reducer. I pop a pill with water in the morning and remain light and energetic all day long even though I now enjoy many acidic food items and fast foods frequently. I have made sure that I do not miss out on my daily dose of this wonderful medicine that has changed my life for better.


Acid reflux is a condition that can create a lot of discomfort and even pain and burning sensation around the area of lower chest of the individual. There are many different types of products and even home remedies that people take to get relief from this awkward condition. However, Nexium HR24 beats all other treatment methods as it is not only very efficacious but also a very convenient way to get rid of acid reflux. People who have used this formulation say that it is nothing less than a miracle. They say they have not experienced heartburn or acid reflux ever after starting on this wonderful medication. However, there are some people who find this medication a little too pricey. They say that the price of $22 for a medication that lasts for only 42 days is bit too much. Overall, most of the customers seem to be satisfied with the efficiency of this formulation. There have been no known side effects of Nexium HR24. Some people have complained about the taste of the pill while some say that it is not powerful enough and they have to take two and not one pill everyday to get relief from acid reflux.

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