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Acne is a health problem that is encountered by most men and women when they pass through their teenage years or enter adolescence. However, these eruptions on facial skin continue to bother some men and women even later in their lives. If these zits also referred to as blackheads and whiteheads, subside on their own without leaving any marks on the face, they are considered harmless. But if these eruptions develop pus or leave behind scars upon puncturing, they become a severe problem for the individual as they lower self confidence. Most individuals try different home remedies first to overcome the problem of acne. It is when these home remedies do not provide relief from acne do they consult a doctor or buy an over the counter medication.

What is Neutrogena complete acne therapy system?

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Neutrogena is a big name in the world of pharmaceutical and nutrition products across the country. This is a system made by the company to help men and women facing the problem of acne. It is not one but three different products combining together to reduce the attack of acne and later to help the patient in clearing the marks left behind by acne eruptions. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are two of the best known acne treatments available in the market. This therapy system makes use of both these substances and also uses SPF-15 lotion to keep the skin of the individual clean and clear from all marks. This is the reason why this is a very effective treatment for the problem of acne as compared to companies selling either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid solutions.

Types of products for the treatment of acne

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Acne is a problem that affects a vast majority of the population and it is only natural to have a multitude of treatments being sold in the market. In addition, there are also dozens of homemade remedies that people try to reduce the incidence of eruptions on their face, neck, and shoulders. As far as medications made by pharmaceutical companies are concerned, two of the formulations that are considered most effective in dealing with the problem of acne are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide solutions. Most people who do not benefit from home remedies make use of either of these formulations that are manufactured by different companies.

Pros and cons of Neutrogena complete acne therapy system

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  • Very effective in reducing acne
  • Shows improvement on acne within a few days
  • Suitable for all sin types
  • Made by a respectable company
  • Easily available without prescription


  • Some people do not get desired results
  • Some patients have complained about burning sensation experienced after its application

How to use Neutrogena complete acne therapy system

This is a therapy system consisting of not one but three different substances. You have to make sure that you use all three upon your face on a daily basis as per the instructions given on the packaging. This system has been designed to break the cycle of acne and to give you a completely clear skin. First, you need to clean your skin using the cleanser that contains salicylic acid. This solution cleanses the skin and exfoliates the pores of the clogged cells. Afterwards, you need to apply the benzoyl peroxide solution that actually works to control outbreak of acne on your face. It kills the bacteria to reduce the size of acne. It also reduces redness and inflammation cause on the facial skin because of acne. Finally, you need to apply SPF-15 solution on your face. This solution calms down your irritated facial skin and helps in promotion of healthier and rejuvenated skin.

Review 1

Jason Sheffield (I got absolutely clear skin)

I had a smooth and clear sin by the time I was 14 years old. But I started to face sudden and severe eruptions of blackheads on my face, especially the forehead. I tried many kinds of home remedies but to no avail. I also took medications prescribed by my doctor but they worked only till I was taking the medicines. This was when my girlfriend told me about this wonderful acne therapy by Neutrogena. I bought it from your website and religiously applied the three solutions provided in the system according to the instructions. I was very happy with the results as I found the system working on my blackheads. It first reduced inflammation on the face and then the zits themselves in a matter of a week.

I continued to apply the solutions even after getting rid of my acne and found that the product made my skin clean and clear so that the outbreaks of acne later on were pretty much controlled and I did not need to worry about blackheads leaving behind scars on my face.

I am really thankful to Neutrogena acne therapy system as it not only cleared my face but also helped in restoring my self confidence that had become very low. After using this product, I never had to fall back upon any other home remedies for the treatment of acne. Though acne still troubled me but I knew that I could fight any outbreak easily and effectively with the help of this acne therapy.

Review 2

Clara Field (Beyond compare)

I have used this system on my acne that was very difficult to get rid of. I had tried almost everything under the sun in the name of home remedies to treat acne on my cheeks and chin but failed miserably. In fact, the situation was worsening for me as I had to face recurrent outbreaks of acne and also the scars left behind by blackheads. My life had lost all its charm because of these zits that had covered my skin. My confidence was at an all time low and I avoided contact with friends.  It was around this time that a friend in college told me about this system. I bought it immediately from your website and diligently applied all three lotions on my face every day and night as recommended on the packaging.

To my utter delight, I found that swollen red zits started to become small. I also noticed reduction in inflammation on my face after using this system for 3 days. After 5 days, I was pleasantly surprised to see acne disappearing from my face. One of my friends who saw me after a month shouted in disbelief as there was no acne on my face and the skin was clean and smooth.

I must give full credit of curing my acne to this wonderful acne therapy that not only removed acne but also helped in removing scars left behind by acne on my face. Initially the price of this system appeared on the higher side to me. But after using it and having received such wonderful results, I can say that the price of this system is peanuts for all those who find their confidence shattered because of acne.

Review 3

Desmond Bishop (Five star rating)

I was troubled by acne all through my teenage and it continued to erupt on my face even after I became an adult. While there was no revolutionary treatment to get rid of acne and I had to depend upon home remedies most of the time 10 years ago, I got instant relief from acne and its outbreak with the help of Neutrogena complete acne therapy system. Of course I was not aware of this medication and I believed that Neutrogena made nutrition related products only.  After having used this product for a month, I can say that it is certainly a marvelous product that is just what the doctor ordered not only for me but for all those who face the problem of acne in their lives.

Neutrogena acne therapy works so fast that I could notice visible changes in acne on my face within three days of its application. After 7 days, even my parents said that all acne had gone and my skin was totally clean and clear. However, I have continued to apply the three lotions provided with this system as I do not want to take any chances against acne. I have been told by a doctor that it is a safe formulation and that continued use will not produce any side effect.

I would definitely recommend Neutrogena to all my friends who are troubled by acne in future.

Review 4

Vita Carlson (Perfect acne treatment)

I was very conscious about my facial skin as I entered teenage. I kept it always clean to make sure I was not troubled by acne. This was because I had seen how acne had proved disastrous for the confidence of some of my friends at the High School. I was confident that I would scrape through adolescence without an outbreak of acne when one day I noticed the first of the blackhead on my cheek. The number of zits continued to increase with passing time and all my efforts involving home remedies failed miserably. Acne lowered my confidence as I started to look ugly.

This was when my aunt told me about Neutrogena acne therapy system. I wasted no time at all and bought it to see if it worked on my acne or not. U applied all three lotions on my face one after another in the order that was recommended on the packaging.  I could feel that the chemicals were working on the skin of my face as the inflammation and redness reduced considerably in just 2 days. Then it was the turn of the zits that started to reduce in size. Finally it was the turn of scar marks to disappear from the face and I got a clear and silky smooth facial skin.

Neutrogena is really a wonderful formulation for all girls and also men who are fighting acne. It is much better than home remedies and also prescriptions of doctors.

Review 5

Rod Stewart (A quality product from Neutrogena)

I am a father of a teenage son who was suffering from severe case of acne till last year. He had lost his self esteem and had become socially withdrawn as acne left scars on his face. I was very worried about the future of my son and even consulted several doctors who could not do much to bring relief in his condition. One of my friends whose daughter was going through the same phase in life suggested me to try Neutrogena on my son. I bought this acne therapy system and asked my son to apply the lotions on his face as directed by the instructions on the packet. My son did what was required and what happened in the course of next 10 days is nothing but a miracle for my son.

Today, my son has a clear and clean face without a single scar left behind by acne. This is indeed a wonderful product from a big company. I never thought it would be so effective. My son is today a confident man who takes part in all activities whereas only a few months back he avoided all his contacts and social events. I would like to thank Neutrogena for this miracle.


There are scores of treatments of acne being sold in the market but none is as effective in getting rid from acne as Neutrogena complete acne therapy system. It works on men and women alike and cures acne irrespective of the skin type of the individual. Some people have said that this system gave them a burning sensation on the face. It is advisable to first make sure that you do not have allergies against the ingredients of this system.  Though it is a little pricey, the price of $19 seems to be peanuts when one compares it with money spent on prescriptions of doctors. In fact, the price seems to be just right as the product lasts for a very long time. All in all, it is a wonderful product for treatment of acne.

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