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Daily lives of most of us are not very adventurous but getting nicks and small wounds is something that is unavoidable, especially when you are working with tools and appliances that have sharp edges. Whether it is because of a sharp knife while cutting vegetables or gardening tool while spending some time in the lawn, you cannot leave your wound open. It hurts when open wound comes in contact with water or any other food item. This is when adhesive bandages come to our rescue by isolating the wound and also by providing medication through this bandage. These products prove to be invaluable in times when there is a small cut or a nick and you see a little bit of blood oozing out of the wound. After first aid, it is these are the best adhesive bandages that provide maximum protection to the wound. This is why every home keeps a supply of these adhesive bandages.

Band –Aid Bandages from Johnson & Johnson

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It is really surprising but there is only one name that comes to mind when one is hurt and need s a bandage to cover the cut or the wound. This name is Band-Aid, the brand name of the adhesive bandages made and sold by Johnson & Johnson, one of the most respected names in the world of baby care products and soaps.  In fact, it is common to see people calling out the name of Band-Aid specifically when someone in the family needs coverage of wound or cut. Families across the country have such great respect and trust in Johnson & Johnson that they buy and use these adhesive bandages without thinking twice. It can be said on the part of the company that it has not broken this trust and maintained the same high standards of quality and protection that were there in the times of our parents and even grandparents. This product has been hailed in all adhesive bandages reviews.

Types of adhesive bandages

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There was a time when most of the adhesive bandages were being made of latex. This was done because of high elasticity of latex that helped in tight dressing of the cut or the wound. However, increasing cases of latex allergies compelled companies to come out with bandages made from plastic, cotton, and some other flexible fabrics. In all these adhesive bandages, there is a gauge in the centre containing little bit of medication that is supposed to provide protection through the bandage.  These adhesive bandages come in all types of shapes and sizes and you get them round, rectangular and even square shaped. The most common shape to hide and protect a pimple or a blister is the circular bandage whereas it is the long rectangular bandage that is applied over the fingers and other parts of the body.

Pros and cons of Johnson & Johnson flexible fabric adhesive bandages

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  • Great flexibility for maximum comfort
  • Fits your body better than other bandages
  • Provides excellent protection to cuts and scrapes
  • Ideal first aid for small wounds at home


  • Some customers complained of latex allergy
  • Does not remain in place when it becomes wet

Review 1

Jordon Boult (Excellent quality)

I have been using Johnson & Johnson flexible adhesive bandages ever since I was a kid. In fact, these bandages were already there in the first aid box made by my mom when I first used on e on my cut that I received while playing soccer in the ground. I still remember my mother cleaning the cut and then applying this tape over the wound saying it will heal quickly with the help of this magic band. It turned out exactly this way and my trust on this brand and product continued to increase with every successive use.

Good thing about Johnson & Johnson fabric adhesive bandages is that they stick around the cut or the nick and keep the wound isolated from the elements to allow it to dry up and heal as quickly as possible. I have found this product to be extremely reliable and effective and I use it even when I suffer from hangnails or when my new shoe starts to hurt one of my fingers.

I must confess here that I have had to make use of other brands of adhesive bandages when Band –Aid was not at hand. But I found that the feeling of comfort and protection is somewhat diluted when I use other products. Although I am totally satisfied with Band-Aid adhesive bandages, I would request the company to find a solution to the problem of these bandages losing their efficiency upon becoming wet.

Review 2

Jamie White (Ideal product to have in hand)

I am a housewife with two sons who keep on receiving one or the other cuts or bruises every now and then. Both of them keep running to me to whenever they have suffered a cut or a scrape knowing they will get relief and protection from my love and the care of Johnson & Johnson adhesive bandages. I keep a pack of these adhesive bandages at home all the time knowing full well that they will be needed every other day.

One thing that I especially like about this product is that it is super sticky and tingly covers the cut or the wound so that it remains isolated and gets time to heal quickly on its own.  Also, the fabric used by the company is heavy duty to remain intact even though my kids never sit still or rest even for a while. Thus they get not only superior protection but also durable protection to make the wound heal up quickly. The size of these bandages is 1X3 which is sufficient for most wounds of a minor nature. In fact I have found the length of the bandages made by other companies a little shorter than the bandages of Johnson & Johnson. This is another reason why I prefer this product over other brands.

This product comes handy not only for cuts and bruises suffered by my sons but also for me whenever I get a nick in the kitchen while cutting vegetables or shaving my body parts using a shaver. I know that I need not look after the wound too much once I have applied this protection. In fact, this product is so good that I almost forget all the pain and discomfort associated with such vuts and scrapes.

Review 3

Pete Foley (Handy help at all times)

I am a sportsman and play tennis regularly at the club. I have a rough and tough personality and I take part in many other adventurous activities in the outdoors. I keep getting small cuts and wounds every now and then but I take them in my stride as I know that IU have the superior protection of Johnson & Johnson by my side. Yes, I keep one or two adhesive bandages with me all time whether in my pocket or the kit that I carry along with me to the club.

Getting a bruise is a very common thing while playing tennis, especially if you are an athletic type of player. These bruises can hurt badly if they are not covered with a bandage immediately. With Johnson & Johnson flexible fabric adhesive bandages, I feel confident as they not only provide quality protection but also do not feel as if I have gone through a proper bandaging.

There have been many instances when I was on the verge of leaving the ground but this product helped me limp back to action and continue with my game. It feels so natural when applied on the elbow or the knee cap that I forget everything about the wound and the pain. Also, the sufficiently thick fabric makes sure that I do not feel any pain when the bandage brushes with my trouser or any other clothing item.

I must confess here that I have used products made by competing brands but came back to Johnson & Johnson as I did not get the protection and satisfaction that I get with this product. The quality of these adhesive bandages is so high quality that you would not want to even try other products made by other brands.

Review 4

James Flower (rough and tough like me)

I am a student studying in my High School living in a hostel away from my home. I am active in sporting activities and keep getting small cuts and wounds. However, I do not let these small cuts and bruises come in my way and continue to play sports and indulge in other outdoor activities with the help of Johnson and Johnson adhesive bandages. Although these flexible bandages are available at the school dispensary, I make sure I never run out of their supplies at all times.

I play cricket daily and being a wicketkeeper in my team; it is natural for me to have bruises in my fingers and thumbs that result from my efforts to stop the balls. At times I suffer from injuries that leave behind cuts and scrapes. I take out these adhesive bandages and apply them over all such cuts after washing and cleaning them.  I must thank this product to help me continue with sports even after receiving so many wounds.

I love these adhesive bandages not just because of their superior and longer protection but also because they help me look rough and tough on the field. One may not believe it but the presence of few of these adhesive tapes on my face and hands makes me appear as a very rough and tough individual. This is only psychological but it has a good impact on the psyche of other players. It helps me to play better cricket at times.

Review 5

Dr. Shane Atkins (very useful protection for small cuts and wounds)

I am a physician running my own clinic and dispensary in the city. I receive many cases of small cuts and bruises every week. These are the individuals who panic seeing a little bit of blood because of the cut and include small boys and girls and also housewives and gentlemen. In many of these cases, all it takes to provide protection to the wound is a bandage that is flexible and contains adhesive. I love the quality of adhesive bandages made by Johnson & Johnson. They are strong and flexible and provide effective protection against germs in cases of cuts and bruises.

Many of my patients become surprised when they see me applying these bandages to their small nicks and cuts. But the fact is that these adhesive flexible bandages are so high quality and effective that they are good enough to be used in clinics and hospitals.  I recommend my patients to use this product at home whenever there is an accident causing a small wound. The adhesive used in the bandages is sticky and strong and keeps the bandage in place even if the individual moves and indulges in a sporting activity.


Johnson & Johnson is a giant when it comes to making baby products. This product made by this company has been extremely popular among the people across the country ever since it was launched a few decades ago. Though there have been minor changes in the fabric and the adhesive, it continues to enjoy the love and support of the public. The reason why this product is loved so much is because the fabric moves as you move but stays on in its place to provide solid protection to the wound. It is really a very effective dressing for small cuts and bruises as it keeps them isolated and allows for very speedy healing. The size of the bandage is ideal to cover the cuts on all parts of the body, especially the fingers and toe nails. Finally, the gauge used by the company is absorbent so that it does not stick to the wound when it is taken off after a few days.

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