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Adult diapers are essential for people suffering from incontinence. Incontinence is merely a subject that people do not really talk about that much, but is somehow common. There are a whole lot of people suffering from this kind of problem and they all experience incontinence and other conditions that prevents them from controlling of their bladder movements are. They tend to use adult papers. Apart from being used for incontinence, these diapers are used by those who are mentally and physically challenged. Some people find themselves embarrassed about buying these adult diapers. Actually, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is for the reason that you are not alone in the battlefield. There are also people like you who are going through the same experience, but they were never embarrassed about buying one.

What are Adult Diapers?

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The adult diapers are not only used for incontinence, as it’s also used for other situations. Some of the best examples of people using adult diapers are the ones who cannot really get up from their beds to use the bathroom. There are even drivers being forced to drive non-stop without taking any toilet stop to use them. Security guards who need to be on duty round the clock are using such. Adult diapers are actually available in different varieties. There’s a reusable one and a disposable one and they are also available in an array of absorption capacities. The disposable adult diapers are actually made from a highly absorbent material. People who are using these kinds of diapers actually like them for a its convenience and that it can be disposed easily. People wearing these adult diapers are somewhat concerned about the possibility of a diaper rash. The disposable diapers are designed so the full dryness is provided to your skin, preventing any development of rashes. Moreover, getting these diapers are plainly easy, as it can be purchased at supermarkets, drugstores and medical supply stores.

The other kind of adult diaper is the one made of cloth. They are relatively cheaper than those of the disposable diapers and could be reused, as well. Most of the cloth diapers should be worn with waterproof plastic pants in order to protect yourself from the wetness. The cloth diapers could be an affordable solution, yet you can rarely find them at most stores.

Not everyone knows that there are different kinds of incontinence that may be experienced by women and these are urge incontinence, stress incontinence, overflow incontinence and mixed incontinence. Urge incontinence  occurs with weaker bladder muscles, sending strong signal to the brain that the person has to urinate, but the person usually doesn’t make it to the toilet. The stress incontinence actually occurs whenever the stress is placed on the bladder. Things such as bending over could cause the bladder to expel the urine. The overflow incontinence takes place whenever the bladder doesn’t seem to shut off the valve and mixed continence is a combination of stress and urge incontinences.

Best Adult Diaper

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The inability to control the bladder might actually come from weak muscles in the bladder, or it might be the side effect of a particular medication or surgery. A person who is in a wheelchair or someone who cannot recognize the signals of her body and cannot avoid incontinence need these adult diapers. As a matter of fact, some women may not even realize that they have to use the restroom if they are feeling some sort of dementia or a form of sensory deprivation disorder. This is for the reason that, since there are two parts to the problem, the damage is physically occurring which stops the bladder from sending the message to the brain. This is actually where the TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection Underwear comes into the picture. This adult diaper product is high-deemed to be the best in the market and many women consider this among others.

This adult diaper has come a long way and a lot of women are pretty much satisfied with what it can do for them. It provides total coverage for women with heavy leaks, it has microbeads, fast and super absorbent for advanced leakage protection where it is mostly needed. It also has wider fit and core width between the legs, which lets the fluid to move away from your body, enhancing the leakage protection. What’s best about this product is that, it has a modern design that will fit and feel like an everyday underwear.

What makes this adult diaper a very good choice is that, it’s been designed to provide maximum protection. As mentioned, it features that highly-absorbent inner layer as well as waterproof outer layer, most especially that it’s shaped to the contours of the female body. Most of all, it is disposable, so you can just responsibly get rid of it once it’s already full. However, there’s no need for you to worry about leaking, as it has the highest degree of long-lasting leak protection. Though it is somewhat bulkier than other solutions, it can surely provide you the confidence and comfort that you need and can wear it for extended hours.

Pros and Cons of Using TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection Underwear

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There’s totally more to TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection Underwear than meets the eye. This is for the reason that it’s not your ordinary adult diaper. It’s more than just being a support for people who have  incontinence. If you would like to know why this product is well-loved by these people, here’s what you should know about it:


  • Superior leakage protection
  • It’s pH-balanced that will help to prevent odors
  • Thin and highly discreet
  • Made with highly-absorbent materials
  • Gentle to the skin with soft top-sheet that will keep the user feeling dry and fresh
  • It moves with the user and conforms well to the body, making the user a lot more confident


  • There are reports that the users are developing rashes

How To Use TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection Underwear

In order for you to use it properly and for it to fit right, you must wear a back label. Make sure that you do not wash it or flush it down the toilet. Dispose it well and always keep in mind to consult your doctor about your urinary and leakage condition.


  1. Kristy Richardson (The Best Diaper In The Market)

We all know how embarrassing it could be to use this kind of product. However, it could be worse if it leaks and especially if it happens out in the open. I have been hunting for a brief that would fit well and will never leak, and this one is by far the best. I happen to be one of those unfortunate individuals who are incontinent and it is actually troublesome to experience this kind of health problem, and it is somehow incurable. The best thing is that, I have this TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection Underwear that I can use whether I’m just home or out there in the public. I really don’t need to worry about leakage or any other problem as this one works amazing. It is being sold at a very reasonable price, while getting great benefits, I could not ask for more with this brief. It is definitely what I need in life. This is for keeps!

  1. Marlyn James (Fits For A Big Woman Like Me)

I’ll be honest here. I’m a large woman and used to use a different adult diaper. However, after a few months of staying and using this product, I really do think that their product is not at all the best. It’s been weeks now that I’m looking for an alternative, rather the best adult diaper that I can find, something that would be good enough for my size. Therefore, I chose this one and ended being really happy with it. It’s definitely not like the old brands I’ve used, but I can see that this one’s really worth the money I paid for it. I really cannot afford to experience leakage or any other bad stuff about my health problem. This is not a laughing matter, so I really adore this brand for doing something that is totally useful for us. And by the way, albeit I’m a large woman, it really does fit perfectly for me. It doesn’t slip, it’s not at all too small for my size, it’s just perfect. I really do think that I’ll be sticking with this one now.

  1. Jamie Corden (It is simply what I need.)

I have tried many different adult diapers already. Sadly, I was not able to get the one that I need until recently. I found this TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection and it just works really great. What I noticed about this brand is that, it is highly absorbent. I don’t have to worry about leakage. I can surely go on a day without even worrying about the brief being to wet or whatnot. I am confident whenever I’m using this one. When it comes to comfort, I’m giving this brand 100%. I will give this much of the percentage to them because I can really feel the comfort of using it. Most important of all, it is very much protective. It doesn’t cause me rashes and it’s not an irritant to my skin. All I can say is, this item is totally a bang for the buck! I will be using this brief for life, I guess.

  1. Amy Crawford (I’m Happier Than Ever)

Living with incontinence is never easy. Simply imagine that you’re out in public and have the need to pee, but you weren’t able to control your bladder muscles and peed your pants. It happened to me once and I was really embarrassed. I know, telling my story will never make a difference, however, I just want to share my gratitude towards finding and using this TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection. That day I started using this adult diaper is also the day that my life has changed. I don’t need to worry about peeing my pants again, as I can certainly do that with the help of this heavy and fast absorbing adult diaper. I’m really glad that I found this from your website. I really do think that it is worth all the money I spent.

  1. Alice Sutherland ( I’ve Never Seen My Mom This Happy!)

My mom has Alzheimer’s disease and she cannot control her bladder movement. We’ve been using a different brand for the past two years now and I mistakenly bought TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection. To our surprise, it works better than what we were using before and my mom was really happy about it. She’s not getting any rashes anymore. This adult diaper simply feels so dry and fresh and she’s loving it. It is far more reliable than any other brands we’ve tried. I would surely recommend it to everyone out there. It is simply absorbent, and comfortable for my mom to use. She loves it!


The sure thing is, there can be a lot of brands offering different features when it comes to adult diapers. However, if you want to get the best, it would always be best for you to settle with TENA for Women Heavy Super Plus Absorbency Protection. It offers maximum protection, comfort and of course, it absorbs the liquid fast. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to worry much about leakage, as this adult diaper can easily handle it for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get this one now, use it for your own protection, or recommend this to your friends, family, or any one suffering from incontinence. You will certainly be of great help for them. Get this one now and say goodbye to incontinence suffering!

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