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Nature has given human beings everything they need for their good health and well being. There are hundreds and thousands of medicinal plants used to make medicines and herbs that are used as ingredients in cosmetics and health care products. One such wonderful plant is Aloe Vera. Its leaves are full of watery substance that has been used by human beings across cultures since time immemorial. This is a green plant characterized by its thick, fleshy leaves. The water stored inside these thick leaves has been found to be beneficial for the health of human beings. Not only is this water consumed raw for better health, it is also applied over minor cuts and burns to provide instant relief. This water or gel is so much in demand that it is used in all sorts of cosmetic products, nutrition products, and pharmaceutical products. Aloe Vera gels are used in millions of households across the country for various purposes, mainly to safeguard and improve health.

What is Aloe Vera Gel Lily Of The Desert 1 Gallon Gel

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As the name implies, this product is pure Aloe Vera gel that can be used to maintain good health and to improve the condition of skin and hair. In fact, it is a multipurpose tonic that has various health benefits. There are many companies selling Aloe Vera gel to the consumers across the country but Lily of the Desert is one brand that has become very popular among the masses. It has earned the faith and the trust of the consumers as they know that they are getting pure Aloe Vera for their personal use. The product is sold in a large bottle containing 1 gallon Aloe Vera gel. It is actually 99.5% Aloe Vera in the form of a gel and it can be applied topically and also consumed directly without diluting it. This is the product you must use if you are looking for the best Aloe Vera gels

Types of Aloe Vera products available in the market

As described in the introduction, the watery substance contained in the tissues of the thick leaves of Aloe Vera plant has been used by people since time immemorial. It is still used directly from fresh leaves of plants grown in the garden though many companies sell it in different forms like liquid and gel. There are also some companies who sell Aloe Cera gel in the form of softgels that are gulped down by the consumers like capsules. This product comes in the form of a gel which has a thick consistency and it does not flow like a liquid. You can read any Aloe Vera gel review to know the health benefits of this wonderful product for your health and fitness.

Pros and cons of Aloe Vera Gel Lily Of The Desert 1 Gallon Gel

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  • Contains 99.5% Aloe Vera
  • Has a thick consistency
  • Can be consumed directly and also applied topically
  • Unadulterated Aloe with goodness of nature
  • Cheaper than other products because of bilk quantity


  • Some people find it lumpy when drinking directly
  • Does not taste very good

How to use Aloe Vera Gel Lily Of The Desert 1 Gallon Gel

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel comes in such a large bottle that most people become confused as to how to use this product. However, on e gallon does not prove to be to large quantity when all members of the household start to drink the gel every morning and night. Despite having a thick consistency, you can easily drink this gel to receive all its health benefits. Your body tells you whether you need to drink just one glass once a day or two glasses of Aloe Vera gel every day to remain at the top of your health and fitness.  You can always add this gel to the smoothies you make for yourself to receive energy and health benefits. Different people used this gel differently but the objective of all consumers is to get better health and fitness. Most people drink this gel to improve the health of their skin and hair. But there is no dearth of people who consume this Aloe Vera Gel to get relief from their specific disease related symptoms. Whatever the reason, you can consume this gel without any worries of harmful side effects. This is because this gel is made up of 99.5% pure Aloe Vera.

Review 1

Kane Williams (Excellent quality)

I am the sort of person to fall back upon home remedies for minor health problems and ailments rather than rushing to a doctor every now and then. I know the wonderful health benefits of Aloe Vera gel and make sure that my entire family including my wife and my two kids make use of this plant juice in one way or the other. I not only keep Lily of Desert bottle at home but also make use of the succulent plant leaves that I have grown in my garden. This is a great product that is pure and authentic. I can tell pure Aloe Vera gel by simply feeling it in my hands.

I drink a cup of this gel every morning even though my wife doesn’t like the taste. I have known about the goodness of Aloe ever since I was a small kid as my parents not only used it themselves but also insisted upon their kids using this natural health tonic in one way or another.

I have been using Lily of Desert Aloe Vera gel for the last 2 years and I have never found it to be low quality or adulterated. I apply food quantity on my hands and hair and my skin remains moisturized all the time. My friends envy the texture and luster of my hair as I have a thick crop of hair on my head even at the age of 42 whereas most of my friends have either gone bald or have thinning hair. I have not revealed my secret of healthy hair to my friends though I believe my secret will not remain a secret any longer after this comment gets published. And yes, I apply this gel on minor cuts and bruises and it always provides relief from soreness and pain.

Review 2

Paula Jeff (Secret of my glow and health)

I have been using Aloe Vera liquid for a long time now. I have several of these plants in my garden and I used to pluck a few thick leaves to directly receive the liquid. But after using Lily of Desert Aloe Vera gel, I have stopped plucking leaves to obtain Aloe Vera gel. This is because I found this product to be as good in quality as the liquid obtained from the leaves. Also, it spares me the effort that goes in retrieving liquid from the leaves.

This product is not only high quality but also very pure. I can tell that it is real by its smell. I find it sweet and easily drink one glass of this product every day in the morning. I do not need a strong drink after consuming this gel. My good habit of one glass a day of this gel is reflected in long and thick hair and a skin that looks glowing and very well moisturized all the time.

I must confess a benefit of this product that is unique to me as I have not found it mentioned anywhere on internet. My husband was suffering from heartburn and his doctor had recommended some medicines to him. But I decided to stop his medicines as I asked him to drink a cup of this Aloe Vera juice every morning along with me. After drinking this gel for a week or so, my husband told me that he was getting relief in his symptoms. I was very happy and asked him to continue this home remedy. Today, after drinking Aloe Vera gel for about two months on a regular basis, my husband has been totally cured of acid reflux problem even though he did not take his medicines. So impressed is he with this product that he feels that he will be able to cure many more of his problems with regular use of this gel.

Review 3

Martin Munro (Great natural product)

I am a middle aged man in my forties suffering from a weak stomach. I used to have stomach ache every now and then and also suffered from acidity quite badly because of my fast paced life and poor intake of food. I gulped down whatever I could lay my hands upon and fast food had become my staple food as I had no one to cook food for me in the city where I was working. It was then that someone suggested me to consume Aloe Vera gel every day to purify and cleanse my system from within. I liked the idea and bought this product form your website.

After having consumed this product twice a day in the morning and evening for about two months, I am so happy that I have received a lot of relief in my acidity problem. I also feel my stomach has become strong from inside as I no longer writhe in pain even though I am eating fast food items just like old times.

Here I must share my experience with another brand of Aloe Vera gel to let readers know the differenced in quality between this product and others being sold in the market. After my bottle of 1 gallon was finished and I was waiting for the next bottle to arrive at my address, I purchased a small bottle of Aloe Vera gel form the market and used it for about 3-4 days. I did not like its smell and consistency and did not feel well during those 3-4 days. It was only after I started with this product that I felt better once again.

Review 4

Martha Guptil (Changed my life)

Do you have a weak digestion? I suffered from this problem for many years and k now how dreadful I became when I was offered different food items at a party or a function. I was always afraid of catching some infection or upsetting my stomach and this is the reason why I could not live my life freely. I ate with caution and consumed only very few food items that I was sure would not cause any problem to my stomach. These Included yogurt, soups, and salads made using green vegetables. This was until the time I came into contact with this wonderful natural product. I am writing this review after using this product for nearly 7 months.

I have diligently drunk an ounce of this Aloe Vera gel every morning and evening. I did not feel a difference till a week but from 8th day onwards, I started to feel a little more energetic than before. I also had a better digestion and did not develop an upset stomach after eating a fast food item. I cannot tell how happy and liberated I felt. I would like to thank the makers of this product with the bottom of my heart.

Review 5

Sammy Fulton (Good for my skin and hair)

I have been using this product for some time now. Though I cannot say I am in a better shape nor have a better health than before, my friends say that my skin looks much moisturized and it glows. I have also felt that my hair have become thicker and richer after using this product.


There are dozens of similar products available in the market but Lily of Desert Aloe Vera gel has carved a niche for itself as far as Aloe products are concerned. It has got a very high rating from the customers and most of them are highly satisfied with this product as they have obtained desired results in terms of health and fitness.

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