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Amino acids are beneficial for human beings as they help in building proteins inside the body. There are 23 amino acids and out for these some are made by the body on its own. These are called non essential amino acids. There are some that are essential for the body but it is unable to synthesize them on its own. These essential amino acids can be had by eating certain foods or through amino acid supplements sold in the market. One particular kind of these essential amino acids are referred to as branched chain amino acids or simply BCAA. The presence of these essential amino acids inside the body decides whether an individual would be able to develop a muscular body or not.

What is Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion

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If you are trying to build muscles in your body, it is important to find the best amino acid supplements to fulfill the essential requirements of the body. These essential amino acids are required not just when you are doing bodybuilding but also when you are desirous of shedding some body weight. You cannot just go and buy the first pack of amino acids that you find in the market or internet. This is where this product called Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion comes to the help of all those desirous of buying the best amino acid supplements. You need not do research on amino acids or make a comparison between the top selling brands as all amino acid supplement reviews proclaim this product to be the best is quality. It is the top selling and most popular amino acids energy pack that money can buy in present times.

Types of amino acid energy products

There is a plethora of products in the name of amino acid energy packs being sold in the market, all claiming to be the best in business. You need to be careful while purchasing any such product as you do not want to buy something that provides the energy for building muscle mass but also adds to your calorific intake. Buy the product that focuses upon maximum energy per serving without giving lots of calories. Also, make sure that the amino acids you are getting are being provided in micronized for so that they get absorbed in your body in no time at all after consumption.

Pros and cons of Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion

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  • Consume any time that you need a boost of energy
  • Available in micronized form for easy absorption
  • Supports quick recovery of broken muscle tissues
  • 0 sugar and only 10 calories per serving


  • Some people find the flavor horrible
  • Energy received wears away after some time

How to use Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion

As described above, one can have a serving of this energy product any time he needs burst of energy. Refresh yourself with fruity flavored energy boost. Just add a scoop or two of this powder to water and mix thoroughly before gulping it down. Extracts of caffeine and green tea in this product keep you alert for a long time after consumption.

Product Reviews

Review 1

Roy Gilchrest (Great reservoir of energy)

I have been trying to build muscles for some time and hitting the gym regularly to achieve this objective. I need lots of energy before and after workouts to fulfill or replenish the levels of protein in my body. I have tried several products for this purpose before settling on this one. I love the yummy flavor of this powder and the kind of energy boost it gives to me. I drink it with chilled water and the grape flavor just proves to be ultimate luxury while being inside the gym.  As far as price of this product is concerned, it could have been better had the price been a little less though a price of slightly less than $1 per serving is not much considering the kind of energy it gives to you when you need it most. In fact, I found this fruity flavor much better than having an energy drink that is loaded with sugar.

I love this product because it does not dehydrate me at all while giving me the burst of energy that I need desperately for repair of my muscle tissues. The quality of this product is excellent as my coach would vouch for it. He knows how nervous I felt when I tried some other energy drinks to fulfill the requirement of energy before and after my workouts.

There is only one downside to this amazing energy product. The energy that it gives does not stay with me and add to the reservoir of energy in my body and dissipates in some time.

Review 2

Shaun Williams (Excellent product)

I was not aware of energy products that provided amino acids crucial for building muscles. This is the reason I dabbled with several products, most of them energy drinks loaded with caffeine and sugar. This product was referred to me by my coach at the gym who felt that I needed pure energy without adding calories to my diet. The drinks I consumed earlier did provide a burst of energy but they also gave a lot of calories to me thereby rendering my efforts to shed body fat futile. Also, the energy I got from those drinks was hardly absorbed by my body.

I could feel the difference inside my body after consuming this fruit flavored powder as a drink as I received a sudden burst of energy every time I took it. I also found that the power or the energy in micronized form dissolves in water very quickly and does not leave any lumps behind. I have seen my friends actually mixing their energy powders with plain water using a mixer but this one mixes readily with just a simple spoon.

I feel a surge of energy levels inside me after consuming a glass of this magic amino acid energy. This energy is used by my body to repair the muscle tissues that break down during a workout. This energy also allows me to go beyond the limits set by my own body while doing a workout inside the gym.

I do not like the sentence that says that this product contains natural and artificial flavors. This means that the great fruity flavor of this energy powder may not be natural at all. It also means there could be MSG used in this product. Even though the packing claims all energy because of amino acids or specifically BCAAs, I suspect that a good part of this energy comes from the caffeine and green tea extracts that have been used freely in this powder.

Review 3

Tom Bradley (Great flavor)

I have been using this energy booster for a few months and I feel I am qualified enough to give my honest review. I am pretty satisfied with the performance of this product that sends waves of energy to my body instantly after consuming a serving of one scoop. I can feel this energy insdie as I do not feel exhausted or hurt after a strong workout in the gym now days. But more alluring for me than the energy part is the great fruity flavor of this energy powder. It is so yummy that I often place a little bit of this powder in my mouth to enjoy the yummy taste. This flavor is not sour like many other caffeinated drinks and it has become my favorite in the gym.

I think that this product is a little bit over priced as a sum of nearly one dollar for a serving of this energy drink seems to be too high considering one is paying $36 at one go for this product. But another feature of this product makes me think twice about the price and that is the fact that it gives very little calories to you with one serving. It actually turns out to be just 10 calories per serving to make sure your diet does not go awry with any excess calories.

Review 4

Alicia Tyler (Versatile energy product)

I am a young housewife troubled by weight gain because of a sedentary lifestyle. I tried many exercises to shed my body fat around my tummy and thighs but could not achieve the desired results. This was when my husband asked me to come along to the gym where he does his workouts daily. At first I was a little hesitant but later relented when he took me to the gym and showed me how most of the women there were actually not trying to build muscles but trying to shed body weight to get back into shape.

Strenuous workouts recommended by the instructor made me feel exhausted and week within a week. I tried the energy drinks used by my husband but still felt like a nervous wreck. This was when the instructor recommended this product to me. I used it for a few days and the result was there for the coach and the husband to see. I drank two servings before workout and then 2 more after workout every day. I must confess that I felt like a reservoir of energy and easily completed all the exercises ordered by the coach. I also did not feel hurt or exhausted afterwards which was a pleasant surprise for me.

My coach later explained the working of this magic energy booster. He told me that the essential amino acids were contained in this formulation and the best part was that they were present in a micronized form to allow them to easily absorb in my body.

Review 5

Samuel Preston (Taste is good)

I am into bodybuilding for the last 3 months and need to drink different types of energy drinks. This is necessary for my body so that it can repair the broken tissues easily and quickly after strenuous workouts in the gym. Earlier, I was consuming caffeinated drinks that were tasty but contained a lot of sugar that defeated the very purpose of my bodybuilding endeavor. In fact, the harder I tried, the more exhausted I felt. It was like being sapped of all energy. I was not able to develop muscles because of these inferior energy drinks.

A month ago, I saw the advertisement of this amazing amino acid energy formulation and immediately ordered it. I have used it for almost a month now and I would like to share my experience with the readers. This product is excellent quality and gives a very high performance. Not only is its taste yummy, it is also a reservoir of energy which I felt after drinking this formulation for a few days.

My only concern about this energy drink is its high price. At $36 per pack, this energy drink proves to be expensive as I finished it inside a fortnight. May be the company would realize that it is overpriced and it will reduce the price in near future.


There are many different types of energy drinks and formulations being sold in the market to help those who are trying to reduce their body fat and also those who want to build muscles. While some provide energy through caffeine and green tea extracts, they actually do more harm than any good to the user. There are also drinks that contain a lot of sugar. This sugar defeats the purpose of weight loss as it adds more calories than required by the user. This is where this product containing amino acids in micronized form comes to the rescue of those requiring a boost of energy. It gets absorbed easily inside the body to repair broken tissues and also makes sure that the individual does not feel hurt or sore after strenuous workouts. This energy formulation has become extremely popular also because of its yummy fruity taste. Buy it to feel a surge of energy in your body instantly.

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