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Ankle Braces ReviewsAnkle braces are devices or contraptions that are worn over the ankle to provide support to them. These devices support ankles and provide them support to prevent ankle sprains and injuries that are very common for many people taking part in sporting activities and also for other people engaged in different professions. Many basketball players and even soccer players wear these ankle braces as a defensive mechanism to prevent an ankle injury to themselves. However, even the best ankle braces are at times insufficient to prevent an ankle sprain or injury. This is the reason why coaches and therapists recommend doing balance and ankle strengthening exercises on a regular basis. These exercises help in increasing the strength of ankles and make them strong to take the rough on the field or court without resulting in injuries. However, ankle braces have become extremely popular among the masses, especially those involved with sporting and adventure activities.

What is an ankle brace?

An ankle brace is a support system for the ankle that provides protection to the user in the event of a sudden movement or jerk. As the name implies, it needs to be worn around the ankle in such a manner that the ankle joint of the individual becomes immobile. This garment called ankle brace also provides compression and heat to the ankle of the user. It is a very good idea to wear an ankle brace while indulging in activities that can cause a sprain or injury to the ankle. This is because this innocuous looking garment provides cushion and support to the ankle. There are many different types of ankle braces being sold in the market but the objective of all of these contraptions is to keep the ankle joint immobilized to prevent injury and sprain to the user.

Pros and cons of McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

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McDavid is a company that has been making several types of ankle braces for the last many years. Its devices are very popular because of their efficacy and light weight. Its braces are used not only by athletes and other sportsmen but also recommended by doctors to those who are troubled by ankle sprains and injuries.  This classic ankle brace is a preferred choice of thousands of men and women across the country.


  • Has a much reduced weight
  • Made of breathable material to keep you cool
  • Fits both right as well as left ankle
  • High level of protection
  • Has elastic heel


  • Some people find it uncomfortable
  • Complaints of sizing

How to use McDavid Classic Ankle Brace

This is a very easy to use ankle brace as one only needs to wear it like a shoe on his feet without thinking about finding the brace for the right leg. This is because this ankle brace can be worn on either of the two ankles. The feature of shoelace pattern for closure means you can tighten or loosen depending upon the kind of support you need for your ankle. You can buy this classic lightweight ankle brace according to the size of the shoe that you wear so that it fits your ankle perfectly.

Product Reviews

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  1. Dave Richards (Much better than the one I used earlier)

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I was frustrated with ankle sprains that forced me to sit at home to recuperate. I am fond of basketball and kept suffering from ankle related problems. I used to apply tape on my ankle to get relief from such injuries but my coach suggested I buy an ankle brace. The fact is that I had used an ankle brace earlier but discontinued when I felt uncomfortable wearing it. It was then that I bought McDavid Classic ankle brace. I immediately felt the difference as this brace was much better compared to the brace that I used earlier.

Not only is MaDavid ankle brace made from sturdy material, it is also very lightweight. This is a feature that I love because I do not feel a thing wearing this brace even if I am asked to wear it for whole day. The brace provides excellent support to the ankle and literally immobilizes it to prevent chances of a sprain or injury. Another feature of this extraordinary ankle brace is that you can buy one piece instead of having to buy a pair. This is because this ankle brace fits both ankles and you need not wear the brace in both feet if it is one ankle that is susceptible to sprains and injuries all the time. Even though the brace provides heat to help in quick healing and recovery, you do not feel that the heat has become unbearable at any time. Also, the brace is made from  a material that is breathable. This means that all the sweat generated from your feet gets ventilated out and your feet remain cool all the time.

McDavid Classic lightweight ankle brace has helped me a lot as I am able to recover from an ankle sprain in just a few days now. I would recommend this ankle brace to all my friends.

  1. Greg Matthews (Excellent support for a sprained ankle)

I have been using this ankle brace for a few months now. It was suggested to me by my friend who saw my pain and agony because of ankle sprains. I have a sensitive ankle that develops sprains and injuries quite often. This is the reason I normally stay away from action packed sporting activities and games like volleyball and basketball even though I love to participate in them.

I was pleasantly surprised when I wore McDavid Classic lightweight ankle brace on my both feet. This is because they are so lightweight that I hardly felt them. But I quickly found out that they were excellent in providing support and protection to my ankles. It has sewn-in arch support and steel stays that prevent injury to my ankle even when I am taking part in sporting activities. I wear this contraption on both of my feet and use them not only to recover from an ankle injury but also to prevent these slight injuries and pains.

What I like most about these classic ankle braces from McDavid is that they are extremely lightweight. I feel as I do not have anything extra on my feet even after having worn these braces for a very long time. This reduced weight also means that I remain mobile and agile all the time. They feel just like my cotton socks that keep my feet cool from inside. This is possible because of the proprietary HydraVent hDC moisture management material used   to make these braces. I remain cool all the time which is why I never feel uncomfortable even for a moment while having these braces on.

I don’t think I am going to change my ankle braces for the rest of my life now that I have found McDavid Classic lightweight ankle braces.

  1. Kevin Merchant

How do I express my love and gratitude to these contraptions that have totally transformed my life? I am a sportsman and play basketball regularly in my college, being a part of its basketball team. Though I am a decent player known for my speed and agility, only I know the price I pay for my skills on the basketball court. I frequently suffered from ankle sprains and injuries that forced me to keep away from the court for weeks at a stretch. These injuries were very frustrating for me as I had to sit out in important matches of my team. I tried to bear the pain using tapes on my ankle but they proved insufficient an d ineffective. This is when my coach suggested that I buy and use McDavid Classic lightweight ankle braces. I am happy that I followed his advice. In fact, I am leading a very happy life courtesy these garments that have become my constant companions when playing basketball on the court.

The first time that I put on my newly bought ankle braces was when I had hurt my right ankle during a practice session. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to walk without any assistance. I also found the pain subsiding in just a few hours. The brace not only provided great support to my ankle but also ensured that it remained protected from further injuries. I could feel the heat that this garment provided to my swollen ankle. What I liked about this ankle brace was the fact that it was very lightweight and looked just like a shoe. This was because of the shoelace pattern closure at the front that allows the individual to tighten or loosen according to his liking and requirement.

  1. David Johnson (Helped me in getting back on the court quickly)

I do not have words to thank this device that has literally saved my career from getting destroyed because of my injuries. I must day that there is no worse feeling than sitting out and watching your team go down to an opposition who you feel could have been thrashed had you been fully fit and in the team. Before using these wonderful braces, I did not know that it was possible to recover from an ankle sprain so quickly. These ankle braces from McDavid are excellent in quality and craftsmanship as they are not just damn good looking but also highly effective in healing and preventing further injuries to your ankle.

The only problem I faced with these ankle braces was in sizing as I ordered a smaller garment for the sized of my feet. However, they promptly replaced and sent me the correct size according to my measurements. Interestingly, these ankle braces are also being used by my mom who says she gets quite a relief in her pains related to ankles. The braces are  really high quality as they have remained like new even though I have been using them regularly for quite some time. I clean them with a damp cloth whenever they become dirty or start to smell a little bit.

  1. Martin Davis

I am an old man in my sixties living a retired life. I am fond of running outside my house every morning and evening. However, I was not able to enjoy running as I developed some or the other problem with my ankles even though I wore good quality sneakers. My doctor suggested me to start using ankle braces. I was fortunate to have made the right decision of buying these wonderful ankle braces made by McDavid as they have proved to be quite effective right from day one of their use. I have found that these braces are great in speeding up the recovery process because of the heat and support they provide to ankles.

I have never experienced any discomfort while using these garments on my ankles. They fit snugly and keep my feet cool all day long as they are made using a breathable material. They are easy to put on my feet and I love the mechanism to tighten them. It is a shoelace pattern at the front that allows me to loosen anytime I feel I have secured the braces too tightly. I am totally satisfied ny the quality of these lightweight ankle braces  and I would recommend them to my friends if they ask me for my advice.


MacDavid Classic lightweight ankle brace is a very useful product for all those who are looking for something to provide support and protection to their ankle while playing or working. It is also a very good brace for those men and women who are recovering from an ankle injury or a sprain as it provides very good support to the ankle joint.  It is a very lightweight ankle brace that can be worn for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. Made by a highly respectable company, this ankle brace is considered by many as the best ankle brace available in the market.

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