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Most people sleep in a peaceful manner and create no problems for others. However, there are many individuals who have this habit of snoring. These people create strange sounds that emanate from their nose as it remains closed, forcing them to inhale and exhale through mouth. Snoring has today become a big problem with many instances of divorces as the peaceful sleeper cannot take the sound of snores any more. Snoring is not only bad for others; it is also harmful for the health of individual who snores. There are many ways of getting rid of snoring and making use of an anti snore pillow is one of them.

What is Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow?

For those who snore and also their spouses and family members, snoring is a very serious problem. Someone who does not snore finds it difficult to spend even a little time in the same room with a person who is snoring. If it is your husband or wife snoring heavily on the same bed that you are trying to sleep, you become helpless as you cannot sleep even for a few minutes in the midst of such strong sounds. Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow is a specially designed pillow that makes breathing easier for the person who snores. It looks like any other pillow but those who have used it say that it has really helped them by allowing them to have a sound and peaceful sleep. It is a creation of a sleep doctor who knows how snoring results from blockage of breathing pipes. This pillow helps in raising your chin above your chest so that your airways remain open while sleeping.

Types of anti snoring pillows

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To help people get rid of snoring, there are available many different types of products. They come in all shapes and designs from devices that are worn inside nostrils to skull caps that are worn all night to keep the mouth closed all through the night. There are also available different types of anti snoring pillows but their objective remains the same as all these devices try to reduce snoring by making breathing easier for the user.

Pros and cons of Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow


  • Forces better sleeping posture to reduce snoring
  • Keeps airways open most of the time for easy breathing


  • Does not work if the individual sleeps on his side
  • Does not work at all in the case of some individuals
  • Helps but not solves the problem completely

How to use Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow

Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow may be a special pillow designed to reduce snoring but it looks like any other ordinary pillow. In fact, it is a small and thin pillow that has to be used in place of your regular pillow to stop snoring and there is nothing extra that you have to do to get rid of your poor habit. Just place this pillow below your head and slip on your back to get a sound sleep free from snoring.

Product reviews

Jessica Ploughs (worked for my husband)

I was troubled by snoring of my husband that made it literally impossible for me to get any sleep in the same room. He made strange sounds that were not only disconcerting and discomforting but at times also very frightening for me in the middle of the night. I was seriously considering sleeping in a separate room when I saw the advertisement of this anti snoring pillow on your website. I was skeptical in the beginning thinking what a pillow would do to stop snoring of my husband but later decided to give it a try. I thought that there is no harm in trying as he would continue to use it as just another pillow if it did not work.

With excitement and anticipation, the two of us went to sleep with this new pillow in our bedroom. I was expecting the same zzzzzz sounds within a few minutes of him falling asleep but surprisingly it did not happen this way. It was pin drop silence in the room and my husband had gone into a deep clumber. To my utter surprise I could only hear the sound of his normal breathing that was coming out of his nostrils and not the mouth. I felt very happy but kept this happiness to me and went to sleep myself. In the morning he could not believe my words when I told him that he slept like a child without making a noise.

However, I was still skeptical thinking that it may have been by a chance and the snoring would definitely return the 2nd night. But to my pleasant surprise my husband did not snore even during the 2nd night. Third night he did make a few snoring sounds but they seemed to be muted to me as compared to the blaring sound of snoring that he used to make prior to using this pillow. After a week or so, I realized that the pillow was indeed working. But I waited for a month before I decided to write the review of this wonderful product.  I would like to thank the doctor who designed this anti snoring pillow. I believe that this pillow has pulled back my marriage from the brink.

Review 2

Sam Desmond (Reduced the snoring of my father a little bit)

I am the son of a retired Colonel and my parents live with me. For the last few months, my father had started to snore causing a lot of discomfort for all of us that included my mother, me, and my wife. We live in an apartment with my room being adjacent to the bedroom of my parents. I could imagine the plight of my mom when my wife was complaining of the loud noise of snoring coming out of my parents’ room. She never complained to me but my wife said I should do something about my dad’s problem. I looked around on internet and found nose clips, nose plugs and this anti snoring pillow that could work in his problem. We decided to buy this product as we did not want to create any discomfort for him in his old age.

My wife ordered this pillow from your website and quietly replaced the old pillow being used by my father with this one. He did not notice this change of pillow and went to sleep as usual. All three of us were waiting with baited breath to know what happened next. Half an hour passed and my father went into a deep clumber. There were no heavy sounds coming out of his room and we became very happy that this pillow worked in his case. Afterwards, I and my wife went to sleep. It was in the morning that we asked mom what happened through the night and she told that though dad’s snoring was absent for a long time period, it returned in a muted manner early in the morning at around 4 AM. But mother seemed to be happy with the results of this anti snoring pillow and said that she had slept peacefully with father after a long, long time.

Review 3

Meghan Malik (Money went to waste)

I am writing this review of anti snoring pillow to express my disappointment with this product. My husband has been snoring for a very long time now and we have tried everything from nose clips and plugs to other innovative devices to reduce his snoring somehow. I even tried to stop snoring by tying my Stoll around his head to prevent breathing through mouth. My friend suggested me buying this new product that had helped her a lot as it reduced her snorting to a great extent.

I did not waste any more time and bough this pillow. I was a little disappointed when it arrived at my home as it looked like a normal pillow and that too a very small and thin one. However, I did not pay much attention to the shape and size of this pillow and placed it on the bed to allow my husband to sleep over it at night. I was waiting for a miracle but what happened was nothing less than an anticlimax for me. My husband continued his merry ways and produced same loud sounds that he used to create every night before using this pillow.

I waited as I thought that perhaps it would take some time for this magic pillow to produce desired results. But the same thing happened on the 2nd and the 3rd nights. Now my patience was running over but I waited for another 4 days to let it be used for at least a week before I decided to write this review to share my experience. There was no money back guarantee so I could not do much but I would definitely not recommend this product to my friends.

Review 4

Tina White (Happy with results)

I have a bear in my home in the form of my husband. He is a very romantic and docile fellow but makes unbearable snoring sounds when he falls asleep.  I have failed in my efforts to make him breathe normally. He starts normally but resorts to breathing with mouth as soon as he falls asleep. Then I bought this pillow to see if it worked in his case. After using this pillow, I can say that it certainly works as it has helped in reducing snoring of my husband to a great extent. Mind you, he still makes terrible sounds while sleeping but these sounds are much reduced and low in volume than the bearish sounds he made earlier.

The pillow is small and thin but it somehow makes it possible for my hubby to breathe through his nostrils. Perhaps this happens because this pillow has helped in correcting the sleeping posture of my husband.

I must say that I found the price of this anti snoring pillow too high for comfort but then I said it is still much lower than prescription medicines and the fees of the doctors. Now I am happy that I took the right step and bought this pillow from your website.

Review 5

Peter Sidle (Two stars)

I have been told by others, even strangers that I make loud sounds while sleeping. I have been woken up by co passengers on long distance trains and even during flights by attendants as I was found disturbing others with my snoring. But I was not much bothered with such incidents until I got married. This was because my wife started to complain about my snoring soon after and I had to look for methods to get rid of this problem. I tried a few home remedies like putting a few drops of almond oil in my nostrils and massaging my feet with coconut oil before retiring to sleep. But the problem persisted and I had to buy this anti snoring pillow to solve my problem. I must tell that my snoring has reduced after using this pillow to some extent. My wife is also not complaining a lot these days though she reminds me of my snoring even now. She says that I am still snoring albeit much less than earlier. I would recommend this product to my friends.


There are dozens of anti snoring products including pillows being sold on internet. But this anti snoring pillow has received support from the public as it really works. While it has helped in reducing the level of snoring in most cases, there are also people who feel that they wasted their money on this product and it is a sham. This product is certainly worth a try for those who have become hopeless after having tried home remedies and other devices like nose pins and plugs.

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