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There are millions of species of fungi found on earth and about 300 of these fungi have the capability to cause fungal infections in human beings. These fungi that live in our environment can come in contact with our skin to cause skin infections that can be very discomforting. Fungal diseases have become very common and their treatments depend upon their severity and the level of penetration inside the body of the patient. There are many kinds of medications in the form of skin creams that are being sold to provide relief from symptoms of fungal infections. These symptoms include itching, burning, scaling and discomfort.

What is Miconazole Nitrate 2% antifungal cream?

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As the name implies, this product is an antifungal cream that is intended to provide effective relief from symptoms of fungal diseases to the patients. This ointment needs to be applied topically over the affected area to get relief from burning, scaling, and itching that can be irritating and can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. The active ingredient in this product is 2% Miconazole nitrate. This substance has been found to be really effective in bringing relief from symptoms of fungal; infections like tinea pedis, tinea cruris, and tinea curporis. The common names of these fungal infections are athlete’s foot, jock itch, and ringworm. It is not just pain and discomfort but also shame and feeling of guilt associated with these skin diseases that disappear with regular application of this powerful formulation.

Types of products available in market

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Most people try to solve their problems of itching and rashes by applying home remedies, antiseptic creams, powders, and lotions available in homes. They even try to get relief from products recommended by friends and chemists. However, fungal infections are difficult to get rid of depending upon their symptoms and the level of penetrations inside the skin.  Most men and women approach doctors when they find that they are not getting relief from their fungal infect ion symptoms through over the counter medications. By far, the most common medications sold for the treatment of fungal infections are tolnaftate 1% and miconazole nitrate 2%. Both these substance have proved to be effective remedy for many fungal diseases like athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, and others.

Pros and cons of Miconazole Nitrate 2% ointment

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  • Provides quick and effective relief from symptoms of fungal infection
  • Can be used on all parts of the body including genitals
  • Easy to apply topically for instant relief from rashes, burning, and itching
  • You get a pack of 6 tubes containing 1 Oz each
  • Very inexpensive treatment of fungal infections


  • It is a little greasier than other ointments
  • Does not cure fungal disease permanently
  • Some people have complained that this is a weak formulation

How to use Miconazole Nitrate 2%

This is a very easy to use product for the treatment of fungal diseases. You can take out the cream from the tube and apply directly upon the affected area of your body. This formulation easily gets inside the skin to treat the fungal problem. It is a non prescription cream that is easily available as an over the counter medication. You need not consult a doctor to cure your problem provided you are sure that it is a fungal infection. This cream does not work on other types of skin infections caused by bacteria.

Review 1

Jeremy Wesley (Pretty cool product)

I have been a victim of fungal attacks ever since I was a small kid. While my mother sprayed medicated powders and applied homemade recipes when I was a small, I started to use creams to get relief from outbreak of fungal infection when I was in High School. There were times when severity of infection increased so much that it became unbearable for me. There were often rashes, burning, and scaling around my underarms and the genital area.  I found relief from symptoms of fungal disease when I took medications prescribed by the doctor but they raised their ugly head every now and then even later. This was when one of my seniors in the college suggested me to use this cream. It turned out to be a turning point in my life as 10 years have passed and I have been using this wonderful product since then.

I always buy this packing of Miconazole Nitrate 2% as I get six tubes of this ointment at a low price. These six tubes last a very long time and I do not need to rush to the market in the middle of the night to get relief from the symptoms of my fungal infections. I am confident and relaxed now as I know that I have something to get control over my problem. Though the indication mentioned on the packing is athlete’s foot, this ointment always brings instant relief from burning and itching in my groin area caused by fungal infection called tinea cruris.

I wouldn’t say that I have been cured of my perennial problem after using this product but I would still thank the makers of this wonderful medication for bringing instant relief in my symptoms whenever I apply this ointment topically over the affected part of my body.

Review 2

Maria Plume (Excellent treatment for jock itch)

I still recall my days as a school kid with horror as I was the only girl in my class who was troubled by a rash in my groin area. No matter how hard I tried to keep my crotch dry and clean, I developed rashes and experienced a lot of irritation down there in my class. My mom used to give me 100% cotton panties and made sure they were very clean but this fungal infection gave me a lot of trouble in school. None of her home remedies brought long term relief for me and I had to depend upon all sorts of ointments being sold in the market. It was only when I came across this product that I felt relieved for the first time in the true sense of the word.

I was not very hopeful of a miracle when I applied Miconazole nitrate ointment over and around the affected area. But to my pleasant surprise, the ointment made my rashes disappear totally and I did not feel any burning or itching after a few hours. I continued with this medication for a few more days to make sure that I stayed away from jock itch. Sadly, it made a comeback after a month. I applied this cream once again and it again helped me in getting g instant relief from the symptoms of my fungal infection. But after a few outbreaks of groin infection, I knew that I had a weapon in my hand to get relief from it. This product really works, and it has never let me down in the last 3 years.

Goof thing with this packing of 6 tubes is that I never run out of supplies and also pay much less for individual tubes. So confident I feel with this ointment in my kitty that I take part in all outdoor activities and never feel worried about catching this fungal infection.

Review 3

Tara Reid (Always carry one in my purse)

If you have ever been a victim of fungal infection, you know how debilitating and discomforting it can be, especially when you are in a public place. I have been suffering from fungal infection in my groin area for a very long time now. Sometimes I feel it is an eternal disease that can never be fully cured. Before using this product called Miconazole Nitrate 2%, I tried different lotions and creams being sold in the market. I even tried home remedies recommended by my old aunt living close to my house. But all the medications and home remedies brought only temporary relief and that too incompletely and slowly.

Then I heard about this product from my boy friend who said he only trusted this ointment to get relief from his fungal infection. I wasted no time in buying this packing of 6 tubes of Miconazole nitrate 2% from your website. I applied the cream topically and felt much better after just a few hours. This cream helped in reducing the rashes and the itching dramatically. This 2% formulation of miconazole nitrate is powerful enough for my infection as it makes the rashes go away as if there is some kind of a magic behind it. It is much better than other formulations being sold for the treatment of fungal infections. I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends and relatives id they ask me for something to treat fungal infections.

Review 4

Robert Brown (Worth its weight in gold)

I am a bank employee required to deal with the public all the time. I was enjoying my life only till a few months back when I contacted fungal infection from someone, probably one of my girlfriends. I started to experience rashes and itching on my inner thighs and buttocks that was very discomforting and embarrassing considering I was always in front of customers. I tried general creams meant for treatment of itching but they failed to provide any relief to me. In fact, the infection spread over a large area to cause much more itching and burning sensation.

I bought this product form your website as doctor’s prescription worked for a short time period and the itching returned as soon as I stopped taking medicines. I must say that this ointment brought instant relief in my symptoms of itching and scaling. In fact, the rashes disappeared after applying this cream topically for 3-4 days. I would not say that this medication has cured my problem forever but it has given me the confidence that I am not helpless whenever there is an outbreak of fungal infect ion. I know that I can get rid of symptoms of tinea cruris quickly with the help of this ointment. All I need is a tube of miconazole nitrate 2% to keep my problem under check at all times.

Review 5

Carlos M (Fantastic stuff)

I am not the sort of person to go gaga over a product unless it is really excellent in quality. But what do you do when you con front a disease or medical condition and do not get relief even after making  use of doctor’s prescription.  Yes, this is what happened with me when I contacted fungal infection around my groin area. I took it lightly and tried to cure it using medicated soap and powder. To my dismay, it spread over a large area and cause d a lot of itching to make me feel embarrassed in the presence of others.

My friend suggested me this product and I bought it without causing any delay. I liked the mere sight of all 6 tubes when they arrived in my home. I must confess that I got quick relief after applying this ointment over the affected area. I continued with this medication and found all symptoms of fungal infection disappearing in 10 days time. Though I am not cured of this infection (it keeps coming back again and again), I know that I have the right tool to defend myself against this disease.


Fungal infection has become very common these days. It can cause a lot of pain, itching, and burning but this product helps people to fight fungal infection no matter how severe it has become. There are many different types of medications being sold in the market for the treatment of athlete’s foot and jock itch. But none of these formulations are as effective in bringing relief from the symptoms of fungal infection as Miconazole Nitrate 2%. This formulation eases all the itching and burning and removes scaling of skin around the affected area.  It is also a very inexpensive method of treating fungal infections.

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