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A belly button ring is a piece of jewelry worn on the belly after the individual has undergone body piercing. The craze for this item of body jewelry has been on the rise and it has today become very fashionable and acceptable from the society. Flaunting a piece of jewelry on your belly button has become a fashion statement and it is not just women but also men who are using this body jewelry item. Belly button rings are today sold in large numbers under the category of navel jewelry all over the country and in online shops.

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn b y the user over her or his navel. To be able to wear such a body jewelry item, it is necessary to undergo body piercing first. This hole is created in or around the belly button and the jewelry item is allowed to dangle over the belly button through this piercing. There are designers of body jewelry that come up with new and unique items of body jewelry from time to time. In such a scenario, it is difficult to declare particular belly button rings as the best belly button rings. The problem with these items of body jewelry is that one needs to look at comfort level as anything that is heavy or sharp can create problems for the user. To be able to get down to the best belly buttons available in the market, it is a prudent idea to read belly button rings reviews. These reviews are published by the sellers and manufacturers to attract more customers to their products.

Types of belly button rings

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Navel jewelry has become extremely popular among the people these days, especially women who love to flaunt their attractive navel and figure with the help of these pieces of body jewelry. Jewelry designers across the country continue to work upon new designs and they keep coming up with new shapes and patterns to attract customers. Thus you find so many different types of products to embellish your belly button. If there are rings, there are also bar jewelry items placed inside the belly button through the piercing that is done mostly over the umbilical dip. You can find barbells with dangling pendants and also beads to decorate the area around belly button in new and exciting ways.

Pros and cons of BodyJ4You 14G Crystal Belly Button Ring Bling


  • Looks priceless, comes dirt cheap
  • Stainless steel gauge that is surgical grade
  • Sparkling body jewelry
  • Eye catching design


  • Some customers complain of diamonds falling out
  • Few customers found the top part irritating
  • Needs to be taken out during shower

How to use BodyJ4You 14G Crystal Belly Button Ring Bling

This is an exquisite piece of navel jewelry that comes in the shape of a ring. To wear it to look gorgeous, all you need is a body piercing above your belly button. Take the top part of this belly button ring and insert it from the bottom piercing in your belly dip to take it out of the top piercing. Now put back the top part of the ring and tighten the screw to make sure that the ring stays in place all through the day and does not come off accidentally. The size of this belly button ring is 4X3X0.1 inches which is neither too big nor too small. It is made from stainless steel surgical grade so that it does not cause any infection to your piercing.

Review 1

Claudia Waugh (Looks too beautiful)

I did not have a piercing in my navel but got one when my boyfriend suggested that I should have one to look sexier in short tops. I was in search of a small belly button ruing when I saw this beautiful crystal belly ring on your website. I was surprised to know it was so inexpensive and immediately ordered one for myself. I was happy and ecstatic when the product finally arrived as it looked exactly same as the picture on your website. I wore the ring and it fit snugly in my small belly button. I captured the photo of the ring worn in my belly button and sent it to my boyfriend who said that it was stunningly beautiful. I have been using this crystal belly button ring bling for over a month now and I have found it perfect in terms of looks and quality.

None of the diamonds used in this belly button ring have fallen even though I have used it almost daily. I am carefree when I have this belly button ring on as I know that it will not cause any infection in my piercing. This is because it has been made using surgical grade stainless steel.

I must confess that I have started to wear short tops that reveal my navel after buying this fantastic piece of body jewelry. This is because of the number of compliments that I have received from other girls and boys besides my boyfriend who is extremely fond of this ring. I have received hundreds of likes to my photos where this belly button ring is visible on my body.

I am totally satisfied with the build and quality of this beautiful belly button ring and I would definitely recommend it to my friends if they are desirous of body jewelry.

Review 2

Stephanie Minx (Superb belly ring)

I am a college student having got piercings all over my body as I love to wear body jewelry. I have several pieces of navel jewelry but I was looking   for something exquisite that I could wear in parties and social gatherings. This was when I saw this crustal belly ring on your website. I fell in love with the design of this ring that included two balls studded with gems on both sides of the ring. I could not believe it was so cheap and thought that it probably had a very inferior build and quality. However, I could not resist my temptation and ordered this belly ring as I was desirous of adding it to my collection of bellybutton rings.

I have used BodyJ4You 14G Crystal Belly Button Ring Bling for over three months now. This means I am qualified to comment on its looks and quality. I must confess that all my fears about its quality before buying were unfounded and this belly ring has turned out to be the most beautiful and sturdy piece of body jewelry that I have in my possession. It looks fabulous when I wear it on my umbilical dip and flaunt it, revealing my navel with the help of a short top. I must say that this belly ring is not only extremely beautiful; it has also surpassed my expectations as none of its diamonds have fallen out so far.

This product is truly outstanding in quality as I used it roughly without any care because of its price. But it has taken the rough in its stride and remained like new even though I keep it on during showers. There has been no problem with my piercing also as the ring is made of surgical grade stainless steel and thus is absolutely safe for my body. The gems are shining like they did when I purchased the ring and the metal has not developed rusting even after coming in contact with moisture on so many occasions. I must thank the makers of this beautiful piece of body jewelry for coming up with such a masterpiece.

Review 3

Melinda Clarke (So far so good)

I am not the sort of person to write reviews of products I have purchased form a website. But I was compelled to write a few lines in praise of this piece of body jewelry that I bought in a casual manner without thinking twice. Perhaps I bought this belly button ring because it looked beautiful and also because I felt it was so damn inexpensive. But the real story began once I received the packing from the website.

I had not imagined this belly button ring would be so beautiful. In fact, I must tell here that I did not have a piercing on my navel till I received this ring. It looked magical out of box and forced me to get bellybutton piercing done soon afterwards. I had not told anything to my husband about this ring and my piercing as I wanted to give a surprise to him on his birthday. So I kept it a secret till the evening on his birthday and he first saw it dangling on my belly when both of us were ready to go out for a movie on the day of his birthday. Oh my god, it is so beautiful. These were the exact words he used when he first saw this belly ring on my belly button. I told him that I had kept it a secret and a surprise gift for him on his birthday.

I have been using this beautiful product for the last 2 months and it has turned out to be quite sturdy in build as all the gems are intact so far. It makes me a celebrity wherever I go as all eyes are on this gorgeous belly button ring. I have received lots of compliments about my sexy figure and beauty and mind you, most of them have come from people other than my husband.

Review 4

Kristy Stewart (minor problems with gems)

This is a beautiful piece of body jewelry meant to catch the attention of others in a social gathering. I was a little apprehensive about wearing a short top and jeans to flaunt this gorgeous belly button ring but my boyfriend said that I must wear it to look stunning as I posses a curvy figure. I did not think twice with support from him and ordered this beautiful belly button ring that was available for just $6.99 on your website with free shipping.

I was amazed by the beauty of this piece of jewelry when I opened the box. It felt robust in my hands as it is made of stainless steel. I wore it by inserting the top end through my piercing. I replaced the head of the ring and it fitted smugly in my belly button. I could not believe my eyes as it looked    absolutely stunning on me.

This belly button ring is worth much more than its price on your website. I am happy with its looks and quality and the number of compliments it has helped me get from others during functions and social gatherings.

Review 5

Cecelia Stafford (Sparkling body jewelry item)

This is my first belly button jewelry item after I got a piercing out of curiosity. It is so beautiful that all eyes are on me when I go out wearing a short top revealing this gorgeous piece of body jewelry. I have received compliments about my looks from not just my friends but even strangers when I have this belly button ring on my belly button. The crystals placed in the balls on either ends of this ring make it look simply out of this world.


There are many different types of products available in the market to flaunt the piercing on your belly button. However, this belly button ring made out of surgical grade stainless steel stands a cut above the rest as it is not only very good looking but also safe to wear on your belly button. It is also very sturdy as the gems do not come off accidentally. This  body jewelry item does not require any special maintenance though it is advisable to apply a little glue on the balls on both ends. You can wear this belly button ring eerily without any help form others and find it very comfortable even if you decide to wear it for a full day. This is because it is lightweight and its gems do not cause any irritation.

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