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It is a common sight to see girls and older women wearing bikinis when enjoying their weekend vacations on the beaches and resorts along with their friends and family members. Those with thick growth of pubic hair find it awkward to freely move around in two piece and single piece bikinis as this hair often come in view to create an embarrassing situation for them.  To help such women, many companies make personal grooming products variously referred to as bikini shavers and bikini grooming kits. By using these products, any lady can remove unwanted growth of hair down there to remain tension free at the beach in all sorts of bikinis. However, it becomes overwhelming for women to get down to best bikini shavers when they see so many different types of products being made and sold by different companies.

What is Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer?

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As the name implies, Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer is a personal grooming product meant for the use of ladies desirous of removing undesirable hair growth from around their pubic area. It is a truly wonderful product that takes care of unwanted hair in just a few minutes of action in total privacy and comfort of one’s own room or bathroom. Though there are many companies like Panasonic and Remington making ladies grooming products, this trimmer from Philips remains far ahead of its competitors in terms of popularity and sales. Philips is a giant multinational company that stands tall when it comes to making personal shaving and grooming products. Even bikini trimmer reviews published in women’s magazines and websites confirm the fact that this product is one of the best bikini shavers around.

Types of products available for cleaning of undesirable hairs

Women hate growth of unwanted hair from different parts of their bodies such as armpits, hands, legs, upper lips etc though they tolerate some hair in their pubic area as long as they are not asked to wear bikinis. They become worried during visits to the beaches where they wear skimpy clothes to enjoy the water and swimming. They make use of different types of hair removers to get rid of hair down there. These include hair removing creams, waxing, and shaving of pubic area to remove all hairs. Bikini shavers made by Philips are most popular because of their efficiency and quick results. Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmerhas a robust build and an easy grip that allows women to easily remove hair from the delicate parts of their bodies.

Pros and cons of Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

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  • Allows trimming and shaving of hair
  • Can be used cordlessly after charging
  • Getting bikini line becomes easy with 6 attachments
  • Can be used wet or dry depending upon liking
  • Design that is long lasting and free from maintenance


  • Some women say the motor is not powerful enough to shave their hair
  • Good for trimming but not for shaving

How to use Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer comes along with six attachments to make it quick and easy for a lady to get the desired shape and length of the trim around her pubic area. You require no training or instructions to start removing or trimming your body hair with the help of this revolutionary grooming product for ladies.  The attachments provided for use with the product are as follows

  1. Precision trimmer
  2. Precision comb
  3. Epilator
  4. Eyebrow comb
  5. Micro trimmer
  6. Micro shaver

All these attachments are useful and serve different purposes. It is the precision trimmer that is needed the most for a quick and precise trimming of pubic hair for a great bikini line.

You can use this product straight out of the box after charging it for some time. Just set the length that you want your pubic hair trimmed down to and switch the trimmer on while pressing it over the area where you want to do the cleaning. After trimming, you can clean the trimmer by simply placing its head under running water. Yes, you can also use this wonderful product while taking a shower.

Product reviews

Review 1

Jemima Wesley (Excellent product)

This quality product from Phillips has changed my life for better.  Like other women, I too have a thick growth of hair down there and I just hate them. I keep on removing these hairs from time to time and make use of different methods like waxing, creams, shaving, and even getting rid of them through laser at a salon. However, like the stubble on the cheeks and chin of my husband, these pubic hairs come back quickly to cause embarrassment for me, especially when I have to wear bikinis on the beaches.

This product from Philips comes with six different attachments to allow me to use it on virtually all parts of my body in addition to my pubic area and the genitals. Yes, I have become so good at removing hair from my body that I used this trimmer freely over my private parts.  Thanks to this product, I remain hair free most of the time and I do not have to worry about my hair showing up from my skimpy bikini when I come out of water at the beach.

I love this trimmer that can be used both dry as well as wet. This is why I keep it in my bathroom and often start to use it when I am taking a shower. This habit has allowed me to remain silky and satin smooth all the time and my husband cannot stop himself from praising my smooth skin. I would love to tell all my friends about this versatile ladies grooming product.

Review 2

Alicia Turner (Forgotten visits to parlors for shaving)

This Philips trimmer is the 2nd personal grooming product that I have used to get rid of unwanted hair growth in my pubic area. It is a really wonderful experience after going through horrific experience of trimming with the earlier product that gave me lots of nicks and cuts.  It was after I cut my clitoris severely using that trimmer that I threw it in the waste. I bought this product later on when it was suggested to me by my best friend.

Philips is a respected name in the world of shavers and trimmers and this ladies trimmer is no exception. I have been using it to trim my pubic area to get the desired shape for a bikini line for the last 7 months. I would like to share my experience of using this product with other ladies.

I found this trimmer a little too expensive when I saw the price on your website. This was when I was getting a discount of around 32%. But I realized the true worth of this grooming product only after buying and using it for some time. I have tried all six attachments that have been provided along with the trimmer and I am amazed at the versatility of this product.

This trimmer not only trims hair in my pubic region but also helps me to remove unwanted facial hair such as hairs coming out of nostrils and also the eyebrows. The body of this trimmer is like that of a body of a woman. It is so handy and provides such a strong grip that I never slip or drop the trimmer on the floor while trimming.

One more thing that I found really good about this trimmer was the fact that it works dry as well as wet. Thus I can use it in the privacy of my room and also while taking a bath in the bathtub or the shower.

It does not work while charging. So I charge it for some a few hours at night before using it in a cordless manner the next day.

Review 3

Irvine Shade (It works great on my hairy problem)

I am a hairy lady who needs a visit to the beauty parlor every few days to get rid of growth of facial hair as well as bodily hair. Of course I still go to beauty parlors for getting my eyebrow done but for the rest of the hair on my body, I now have Philips trimmer to do the needful. It is such a wonderful grooming product that it does the work of trimming and epilating in minutes and saves me good amount of money that I used to pay for these services in the market.

This trimmer plucks out hair from under my armpits so efficiently that I would have gladly paid double the price had I known about this feature. I really hate the sight of hair in my armpits and used different methods before purchasing this trimmer to keep them clean. But now, all it takes is a few seconds of work with Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer and my armpits are as clean as those of a 10 year old girl. My husband loves it when I wear sleeveless blouses now as he never gets to see ugly hairs coming out from the garment.

Review 4

Estelle Brown (A very useful product)

I was apprehensive when buying this trimmer as I am afraid of using a product working on electricity down there on the delicate area of my body. This is why I depended upon scissors and razors and avoided all types of electric epilators and lady shavers. But my thinking changed when I bought and used this wonderful ladies personal grooming product from Philips. It is so effective in trimming the hair down there in the pubic area that I have no words to praise this tool. Earlier, I used to remain nervous while enjoying at the beach with family and friends. This was because of thick growth of hair down there. But now, I remain super confident whenever there is a program to enjoy with the family at the beach.

I am surprised with the agility and efficiency that this trimmer works in and around my private body parts. I just switch it on after charging and press it against my body and it trims hair to a length that is chosen and set by me. Even my husband seems to be surprised with the exact same length of my pubic hair. I am really thankful to Philips for making this quality product that has made my life beautiful and easy.

Review 5

Nora Jones ( Full value for money)

Though this trimmer from Philips is a little pricey, I am fully satisfied with the build quality and the effective way in which it carries out the task of trimming and removing hair from body parts. I never thought removing and trimming hair in and around my private parts would be so easy and almost fun filled.

Earlier I had to spend a long time and used scissors to first cut pubic hair to a short length and used razor when I was desirous of removing them altogether. But now, I have this wonderful grooming kit that allows me to clean my hands, legs, and pubic area in no time at all. In fact, I make the process fun filed by doing it in the bathroom when I am taking a bath.


Philips is a leader when it comes to making shavers and personal grooming products. This trimmer from Philips has received a very high rating from the customers on most of the websites that sell such products. Most of the ladies say that this trimmer does it work very efficiently and holds on to the charge for a long time. Philips provides no less than 6 attachments with this trimmer that makes it one of the most versatile grooming products available in the market. Only a few women have found this product unsatisfactory as they say its motor is not powerful enough to cut their thick hair.

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