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Black soaps, these are African soaps that claimed to be the best in terms of treating skin problems, and it’s getting quite famous among average men and women and even with other celebrities. For those people having problematic skin, you are aware that there are a lot of products out there promising for you to have a beautiful skin. The only thing is that, most of these products have chemicals that could irritate or dry sensitive skin and cause further breakouts. Healthy skin must be well nourished not just from the outside, but on the inside as well. This is where black soaps come into the picture. This soap is a natural soap with moisturising and cleansing properties that benefits all types of skin, including those that are prone to acne and are sensitive.

What is Black Soap

The Black Soap is an organic soap found in Ghana. Other places in West Africa make their very own version of the soap, creating their own secret recipes of propriety oils and herbs, making use of their own special cooking recipes. So, what makes this soap different from the rest of products in the market? Well, this soap is made up of natural materials, such as dried plantain skins, different types of natural oil, such as coconut, palm and kernel oil and palm leaves, together with the cocoa pod powder. The plantain skins are allowed to dry out in the sun and are baked slowly and evenly in a clay oven in order to achieve the right aroma, color and texture. The next thing would be the powder made from the cocoa pods, and it will be added to the mixture. The palm leaves and a variety of special oils will then be added. The deeper the color of the soap is the indication of how long the plantain skins were roasted.

This kind of soap has an earthy aroma and smooth texture. It could be used not just as hand soap, but it also works the same for the body and face, and a gentle soap for the hair as well. The bar of soap is available in oval and rectangle shape, and can also be available in a liquid form. What makes this product a hit for many is that, it is reasonably priced.

Moreover, this soap works for all types of skin, for the oily, to dry or rough or even for sensitive skin. It actually benefits by simply moisturizing to minimize the fine lines as well as wrinkles and to get rid or stop the breakout of acne. Since it is a gentle type of soaps, sufferers of psoriasis and skin asthma can safely use this soap. In fact, both men and woman, regardless of age can use it. Some varieties contain Shea butter that is a well-known moisturizer, and keeps the skin radiant and healthy. For those who have dry, itchy scalp, this soap could provide pure relief when being used as shampoo. One only has to wet the hair and rub the soap up until it lathers. Massage the hair and scalp and rinse it thoroughly. Using a good conditioner could also help this soap become more effective.

For those women who love makeup, but find removing the makeup a tedious task, the black soap could be of great help. Your mascara and foundation is definitely no match for this soap, as it could wipe the skin a lot perfectly, clearing out all the makeup, while giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow. Making use of this soap could highly exfoliate your skin, removing all of the dead skin cells, preventing you from acne breakout and promotes glow and the generation of new skin cells.

Best Black Soap

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When you’re thinking about buying your own black soap, there’s no need for you to look further, as Certified Organic African Black Soap By Vi-Tae is here for you. This soap has proven to be effective in many ways. However, you may be wondering why it is the best one in the market. Well, here are some of the information for you. The first thing is that, this soap is very rich in vitamins A and E, antioxidants and pretty much loaded with Shea Butter, Rosemary Extract and Plantain leaf powder, which are all skin protectors from aging. This soap fights free radical, which reduces and prevent wrinkles.

Since this soap has charcoal powder in it, it pulls off the bacteria and dirt from the pores. Thus, it could be effective in fighting acne from breaking out. It also helps in removing scars, and repairs the skin, which gives you clearer complexion. This soap is also organic, free from any harsh chemicals. To top it off, it is also handmade and contains those organic plant-based ingredients and 100% vegan. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, parabens, dyes, petroleum, preservatives and GMOs. There’s no more relaxing than having a warm bath paired with this soap, right? With all the beauty benefits it has for you, you will definitely enjoy it, most especially if it has been a long day from work. This soap could be a treat, and release your stress, while still nourishing your skin.

Pros and Cons of Certified Organic African Black Soap By Vi-Tae

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A lot of people have been patronizing this soap, and even consider it as a miracle soap. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks that it has? Well, here’s what you need to know further:


  • It is packaged with amazing anti-aging properties for a more nourished and youthful skin
  • It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for a radiant glow
  • It offers rich lather and soothing aroma
  • It is organic, purely vegan and handmade


  • The stocks are limited
  • Reports say that this soap only lasts only for a very short time- about a week

How to Use Certified Organic African Black Soap By Vi-Tae

This amazing and luxurious soap can be used perfectly for the hand, face and body. By simply using fresh water, you only have to rub the soap into a washcloth until it lathers. Rub your face and body with the washcloth in gentle motions until your skin is clear and rinse it thoroughly.


  1. Marie Osment (Cleared Acne in A Few Weeks)

I have a very serious acne breakout. As a matter of fact, it became the root of losing my confidence. However, upon looking at the reviews about this soap, a few weeks ago, I find this soap somewhat interesting. Albeit sold at a very reasonable price, I gave it a try, and I’m seeing amazing differences in just a few weeks. It doesn’t cause dryness or stops the breakout of my acne. Now, I don’t need to use tons of makeup to cover my acne, as I can go on a day without using one. This soap is totally enough. I highly recommend this soap for people having skin problems like I had. I really do think that it works and fine. All packed with natural ingredients—should I ask for more? All I can say is, I will buy this soap all over again.

  1. James Morris (Cured My Eczema Instantly)

I’ve been living with eczema for years and years, and it’s quite hard for me. I cannot eat what I want, because it will start breaking out. It is so frustrating, and I just want to stop this eczema from coming out. I took the chance to buy this soap and started using it and to my surprise, it really is an effective soap. It helps me by stopping the itch and discomfort. I’ve been only doing it for quite a few days, so what more if I use it all my life? I think, this is the best eczema soap that I can use. I’ll definitely keep this one. It’s by far the best in the market and sold at a very reasonable price. It’s affordable and beneficial at the same time.

  1. Aileen Marsden (Acne Around The Body All Gone Now)

I’ve been looking for an effective soap at a very affordable price. I’ve tried a lot, but most of those soaps are made of non-organic and rich in chemicals. Instead of helping me alleviate my acne problems, it starts helping it to breakout. It caused me to have acne not just around my face, but on my back, chest and neck, which is more frustrating. Instead of helping me out, those soaps made everything even worse, causing me to withdraw from the crowd. However, upon doing my research, I’ve read a lot of reviews and posts about the black soap and found this brand. It has a lot of positive reviews, and I do think that they work just perfect. So, I bought one, by the way, it’s pretty much inexpensive. $11 is good enough if the product actually works. I gave it a try and after a few weeks of using, I can see a big difference. My breakout is all gone now, my acne are now in its healing process. My face are no longer red-ish from acne, my pores are clear and clean. I can see that my skin is glowing, radiant and downright healthy. This soap actually leaves my skin very moisturized and smooth. No more irritations, no more breakout! In short, I love this product.

  1. Jamie Bayer (Works Best For My Sensitive Skin)

I have a very sensitive skin and using soaps is definitely one of my biggest problems. I really have to be thorough when it comes to buying one. I just cannot pick one from the supermarket. It is simply as if I have tried most of the soap products for sensitive skin, and none of the ever worked for me. It made my acne breakout worst, keeps my skin dessert dry and dull. I just want to live a normal life, away from these skin problems. I have almost given up, but upon trying this soap that my friend recommended to me, all I can say is that, it changed my life for the better. I never found a soap made of all natural ingredients, this one only and I’m really happy that it’s pretty much available, thinking that the stocks are all limited. So, I tried using it this week and upon checking, it moisturized my skin, I can see that it’s radiant and glowing. It doesn’t keep my skin dry at all. No more itching and dull feeling. This soap is scentless, but I don’t really mind.  I like it the way it is, although it’s color scared me at first. I, honestly, have never seen any black soap before, so I’m really new to this. However, looking at the effects it has for my skin, I can say that this soap is the best. Got it for a very good deal plus, it is made up of natural ingredients and is handmade.

  1. Allison Jacobsen (Kills My Psoriasis for Good)

For all of you who had, and are still dealing with psoriasis, you know how troublesome it is. It keeps you away from the crowd, not let you do the things that you want to do. Finding the right soap that will help us, cure psoriasis is difficult, not to mention that they are also expensive. I have tried a ton of different products and soap, but they do not provide long-term solutions, and they make the breakout even worse. I’m really glad that I took the chance to use this soap, as they are very effective, perfect for my delicate and sensitive skin. I wish I had figured this one out a little sooner. This soap has cleared my skin, makes it moisturized, and free from psoriasis.


Certified Organic African Black Soap By Vi-Tae is the best black soap that you can find in the market. It’s being sold at a very reasonable price and made of natural and vegan ingredients, which are safe to use.

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