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BMI scales work perfectly for helping anyone to figure out if they are on the healthy or unhealthy side.  Losing weight is totally a difficult process. Burning off the fat from your body will definitely take a lot of time, and could sometimes difficult for one to stick to a certain workout and diet plan. A lot of people have tried to shed some weight, but most of the time, it backfires, did not work or they tend to weight more. Calculating your very own BMI may seem like an arcane procedure that you don’t have the intellect or time for. Well, you must think again. It is merely not complicated and it’s not something that could only be worked out properly by a doctor. It could also be a useful guide to your weight and health. You may have actually seen and used automatic BMI calculators asking you to put in your weight and height prior to telling your BMI. Together with the scale of numbers, you can evaluate whether you are dangerously obese, underweight and have a few pounds to lose or do not need to worry for the moment. Checking your BMI can help you determine how healthy you are.

What are BMI scales?

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BMI (Body Mass Index) is a way of looking right at your weight, which helps you check if it is proportion to your height. A heavy person who is tall could be somehow slim, though they weight a lot of pounds. Someone that is shorter and weighs the same could be fatter. The BMI number actually represents the ratio of your weight and height. It’s being calculated by dividing your weight by your height. After then, the result is the single number calculated. You could see on the standard BMI scale whether you are normal, underweight or overweight for your height.

These BMI scales are available in different models, scales, and body-fat and use the technology known as the bioelectrical impedance in order to estimate how much body fat you have. Whenever you step on the sensors on the scale, the imperceptible electrical current will passes up one leg across the pelvis, down to the other leg. Since it contains more water, the muscle conducts electricity way better than the fat does. So, there will be greater resistance and you’ll have more body fat. The scales use formulas in order to calculate the body-fat percentage from such resistance information, together with the other data that you enter, such as your age, gender, weight and height. Some even include the hand electrodes to estimate the overall fat in the body. An increasing number actually come with fancy features just like the wireless transmission of the data in your computer.

Body weight could be somehow deceptive for the reason that it doesn’t indicate how much is from the fat and how much is from the muscle. However, there’s no widely accepted standards for the ideal body fat. It actually depends on the age, sex, fitness as well as ethnicity. According to experts, the healthy range would be 23 to 33% for the middle aged women and 11 up to 21% for the middle-aged men and up to 24% for older men and 35% for the older women. Usually, the athletes have lesser body fat.

What’s more essential than the total body fat is simply where the fat is being distributed, and the body fat scales do not really tell you about this thing. The excess fat in the abdominal area is being linked to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some cancers, while the fat in the thighs and hips is definitely not a health problem. In the study about Obesity, readings from two body-fat scales were weakly correlated with obesity and related factors that risks your health, such as the blood lipids and fasting blood sugar.

On the other hand, some of the researchers could say that the body-fat scales could be somehow useful for tracking down the body fat changes overtime and that it could help in motivating some people to lose their weight. Keep in mind, testing the fat in your body is still important and something that you should do on an everyday or weekly basis.

Best BMI Scales

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When it comes to BMI scales, the best ones that you can get from the market is the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale. The Omron digital scale will definitely enable you to measure and even record your body weight. This will let you see how you are progressing right towards your weight goal. Keeping up a healthy balance between the fat, calories as well as energy is the main component in maintaining better health and weight. The good thing is that, with the right information as well as bit of support, it is not at all a difficult thing to implement.

As a matter of fact, pregnant women can surely use this BMI scale for tracking their weight. However, since the body composition monitors measure the electrical conductivity of the soft tissues of the body, this conductivity may be influenced by the large amount of fluid for which a woman carries throughout her pregnancy. Apart from those, since the weight of a pregnant women is higher than normal, it could surely influence the final estimation of the fat percentage.

It’s recommended for one to take the measurement in the morning prior to exercising, drinking, eating or even taking a shower. This is for the reason that it will give you the chance to develop a good trend and a day by day comparison. The only thing is that, you need to bear in mind that throughout the course of the day, the levels of water in your body decreases. This will impact certain measurement methods. The hand-to-hand method would give you fattier results throughout the day.

As a matter of fact, Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale will give one a good insight in the body and of course the visceral fat, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle level and your BMI of course. This tool is clinically validated and classified as a very good medical service. This tool actually have 8 sensors on both hands, and feet for a complete measurement of the body. By using the Bio-electrical impedance method, the body fat is being shown as a percentage of the body weight. Moreover, the device has proven its accuracy and reliability under vigorous testing procedures by major health organizations.

Pros and Cons of Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

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Using the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale will not just measure your BMI and tell you if you’re healthy or not. This is for the reason that it gives you a holistic approach to achieve your goal for being healthy. If you would like to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of this BMI scale:


  • It offers full-body monitoring
  • Memory for 4 users
  • Displays body weight
  • Analyses visceral fat
  • Analyses the percentage of the body fat
  • Displays resting metabolism
  • BMI assessment


  • According to some reports, it gives different measurements every time someone steps on it.

How to Use the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

Using this amazing scale is fairly easy. You only have to step on it, making sure that you do it in the morning after you wake up to get your initial weight and at the end of the day. This way, you’ll get to know your accurate Body Mass Index.


  1. Cindy Jacobs (My Weight is In Control)

I’ve been trying to get a good weighing scale that can surely give me an accurate Body Mass Index. However, it seems that nothing works that well. So, I gave this product a shot and it works like magic. Everything that I need to know about my weight and my fat percentage is provided by this machine. I’m really happy I gave it a try and I will use it for life. Plus, it’s definitely worthy of my hard earned money.

  1. Jane Thomas (Gives Me Accurate Results)

I have my own manual weighing scale, but the thought of calculating my body mass index, my visceral body fat percentage and everything I need to know to control my weight is just stressing me out. My friend advised me to get this BMI scale and I was really happy I gave in to her persuasion, as it’s really a very good scale. As a matter of fact, I and my entire family are using it and they have their own knowledge about the things they need to work own for which the information was provided by the scale, itself.

  1. Mark Sullivan ( I’m Fed Up Guessing About My Weight and BMI, so this is a good tool for me)

I just love how this works. I’ve never been this overweight before, and now, I want to work with my body and keep my weight normal. However, when it comes to being normal, I don’t really have any idea about my BMI, so I don’t have any idea if I’m really on the safer side. The good thing is that, I was able to purchase this BMI scale and it gives me every information that I need to know about my weight. I’m really glad that I gave it a try. It’s worth every dollar. My girlfriend and I are totally in love with this BMI scale, not to mention that we were able to know our BMI without even doing those calculations. As a matter of fact, this scale is pretty much accurate. We don’t have any problems with it.

  1. Roberta Williams (No More Second Guessing For Me, This Tool is Accurate)

I’ve tried 5 different scales and they tend to broke. By broke, it means that it’s not at all accurate and it really pisses me off. I really want to check how my weight has been doing and I want to keep myself and of course, my health on the safer side. So, this is my 6th time buying a new one, and I chose the Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale. It’s definitely not like the other scales that one could find in the market. As a matter of fact, it gives not just my weight, but it also automatically calculates my body mass index, gives me the percentage of my body fat and it also has a good memory for multiple users. We are 3 people using this tool and it really works for the rest of us. As a matter of fact, we only have to step on to it and I can easily get the information I need. It’s definitely a good value for our money. I highly, highly recommend it for everyone.

  1. Cindy Mathews (We Are Healthier Than Ever)

I never owned any weighing scale and I planned buying one a few weeks ago. So, I consulted the internet about which one to get, and all I can read about is this Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale. So, I bought one and been using it for a few days now. Actually, it doesn’t just work about giving me my exact weight, as it also calculates my Body Mass Index, which I think is really good. It also analyses my body fat percentage, even shows my resting metabolism and all. It gives me more than what I actually need, so I’m honestly loving it. I think I’ll be keeping this scale for a long time. This is my first time owning one, and I’m more than happy that I made the decision of buying it. It’s definitely a very good value for my money and this one’s for keeps. Now, I have a very good idea on how to keep myself healthy. With good diet and weighing myself every time, I will surely have better idea about my weight and health. I highly recommend this scale for those people who want to keep their weight on the normal and healthy side.


So, if you’re looking for the best BMI scale in the market, give yourself the chance to use the best one. One that will give you every bit of information you need to know about your weight and health. The Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale would be a very good choice for you.

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