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Body piercing is today a common practice and most of us are also used to seeing people wearing various items of body jewelry on their pierced body parts. But it may seem odd to many of us that there are people who are desirous of stretching their pierced body parts so that these holes become bigger to allow them to wear large and newer types of body jewelry items. There are available many types of tools to stretch body piercings. The most common of these stretching tools are the ones used to stretch piercings in ear lobes.

What is bOdfx Stainless Ear Gauges Stretching Kit + Piercing Balm – 36 Piece Stainless Tapers & Tunnels

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This is a product that is for the help of all those who are interested in enlarging the holes in their ear lobes so that they can wear large pieces of jewellery. This kit contains tapers and tunnels of different sizes and also has a piercing balm. All ear gauges are made of stainless steel surgical grade to make sure that they do not cause any infection in the ears of the user. You can easily stretch your ears with the help of these stainless steel tapers beginning with size 14G. This is a size that is slightly bigger than the size of a normal ear piercing. Tapers are available in pairs with two tapers of the same size to be used in both the ears of the individual.

Types of piercing stretching products available in the market

There are many products meant to stretch body piercings being sold in the market. Many of these are made of acrylic or plastic while there are some made using surgical grade stainless steel like this one. The aim of all these products is to stretch body piercings but some customers have complained of burning sensation when they used stretching tools made of plastic. Surgical steel may be a little expensive but it never causes any kind of pain and infection to the user. So you are better off using stainless steel tapers and plugs if you have any fears of catching allergy or infection.

Pros and cons of bOdfx Stainless Ear Gauges Stretching Kit + Piercing Balm – 36 Piece Stainless Tapers & Tunnels

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·         Made of surgical grade stainless steel

·         Does not harbour bacteria

·         Safe for use of all people

·         Allows you to stretch ear lobes slowly without hurting

·         Comes with a balm that soothes and heals after piercing


This is one of those products that have received highest rating from the consumers in terms of quality and performance. However, there are a few customers who say that they faced falling of the tapers as the plugs came apart.

How to use bOdfx Stainless Ear Gauges Stretching Kit + Piercing Balm – 36 Piece Stainless Tapers & Tunnels

Using this body piercing stretching kit is self explanatory but there are many who love to follow the instructions before using a product. This is where this product is found wanting a bit as instructions are not all that clear. However, you must cleanse the tapers and the ears before inserting them across the holes in your ear lobes. Also, place a little bit of lube that is supplied in this kit in your ear holes before starting to wear any piece of body jewellery. Start with a taper that has the least diameter and gradually go higher up until you feel that it is tight enough for your ear lobes. Now find the corresponding tunnel and place it on the taper from behind so that the taper does not fall out of your ear lobes.

Product reviews

Review 1

Barbara Gardener (Excellent quality)

I am a married woman with piercings in my ears and navel. I was looking for something to increase the size of holes in my ear lobes but did not want to take a chance with something plastic or acrylic for the fear of catching infection. This is the reason I chose to spend a good sum of money on these tapers and plugs made of surgical grade stainless steel. I am happy with the performance and quality of these tools as they have helped in increasing the size of my piercings.

I loved the kit as it arrived at my address as I found everything in order and well organized upon opening it. I had an idea of what to expect from this it but those who have piercing and desirous of increasing the size of holes in ear lobes should first go through instructional videos on You Tube before ordering and using such a kit. No matter how quickly you want these holes to enlarge in size, make sure that you listen to what your body is saying instead of trying to graduate to a larger size by forcing the taper across the holes.

Remember that stainless steel, even though it is surgical grade, is not a natural substance to keep the taper for a long time across the holes in your ear lobes. Take them out when going to sleep rather than keeping them on in your exuberance and excitement. You can choose to place a natural material like a thin bone in the holes after washing it and cleaning it.

Review 2

Morris P (Pleased with everything from product to shipping)

I have a teenage daughter who is into body piercing even though I am against this thing. She was desirous of growing the size of her ear piercings and I ordered this kit from your website after doing a bit of homework. I didn’t mind the high price tag as I was more concerned with the safety of my daughter. Also known as gauging, the process of enlarging ear piercings starts with wearing tapers of increasing sizes in your ears until it is forced to stretch in a natural manner. My daughter says that gauging would give her more acceptances in her friend circle.

I was impressed by the fact that the makers of this kit have given a lifetime guarantee against any defect. I liked the way tapers and tunnels were packed in different packets and everything seemed to be so organized when my daughter opened the kit. I also loved the fact that the product arrived in just 3 days at our address and also the fact that the packaging contained everything that was mentioned in the advertisement, including the lube for healing the piercing

She has used the product for about a mo nth now and says that she is extremely happy with the quality and the way the tapers have helped her to increase the size of the piercings in both her ears.

Review 3

Janice Stalwart (absolutely perfect)

I had got my ears pierced some time back and also tried different types of earrings in the piercings. I was looking for something to increase the size of my piercings when I saw the ad of these stainless steel tapers. I ordered the kit and was happy to see the packing as it arrived in due time with everything organized neatly inside two individual boxes. There are instructions that you need to follow for use and there is also a lube that can be used to prevent any soreness that you may feel because of your skin cracking up when it is stretched  by forcing tapers across. I could use all the products without any difficulty though I would recommend readers to watch videos on You Tube to make sure they understand everything before using the tapers and the plugs. You do not want anything to go awry while trying to increase the size of your piercings, so you?

Coming back to the performance, stainless steel tapers do what they are required to do in a very satisfactory manner. Surprisingly, they do not hurt a wee bit and it is easy to move up the sizes until you have reached your limits of stretching. As far as I am concerned, I have been able to graduate up to 4g starting from 14g in just a matter of 4 weeks. I intend to continue to use this kit till I am up to 00g and I cannot tell how excited I am with the results that I have obtained so far.

Review 4

Bella Watson (better than the best)

I got my ears pierced only a few months back and even though I could wear standard jewellery like ear rings and studs without any problems; my piercing did not stand out when I wore no jewellery item in my ears. This was the size of the hole that was 18g was not even visible without jewellery item. I was also fearful that this small hole would heal quickly on its own and I would not be able to wear any jewellery in my ears. So I decided to go for ear gauging and for this, I ordered this kit from your website.

I know that the price of this stretching kit is a little bit on the high side but safety of my ears is priceless. This product is made from surgical grade stainless steel so I knew that it would not cause any burning or infection in my ears.

After using this product for about 2 months, I can say with certainty that this is the best stretching product that money can buy. I love the feel and confidence of the tapers made of steel as they got across the holes in my ears smoothly without any problems. I was helped a great deal by the accompanying balm that also prevented any pain or burning because of stretching of my ear piercings.

These tapers and tunnels are so sturdy that they will not get damaged even with rough use. I have passed on the smaller sized tapers to my friend who is also interested in increasing the size of her piercings. I am totally satisfied with not just the quality but also the progress that I have made in a short time period so far. I would definitely recommend this product to all those who are desirous of increasing the size of the holes in their ears.

Review 5

Clement Edward (Made it very easy indeed)

I am fond of body piercings and I have several in my various body parts. I was in search of a stretching kit to make sure my holes in ear lobes did not close on their own. The fact that these tools are made from surgical grade made me go for them even though they are more expensive than other gauging tools available on the net. Good thing with steel tapers is that they do not cause any irritation to my ear piercings. They are also increasing them gradually in a very smooth fashion without causing any soreness.

The only downside of this stretching kit is that the taper is not smooth all the way up and they become abrupt at places.  Also, the tunnels appear to be short but these shortcomings did not pose any problems while stretching my ear holes. I have already started to receive good comments from my friends. I simply love this set.


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There are all sorts of products available in the market for those who are interested in stretching. However, this set containing tapers and tunnels made from surgical grade enjoys a very high rating and extreme popularity among the customers. This is because it causes no pain and soreness and achieves the objective smoothly and quickly. People have been able to stretch the holes in their ears from size 14g to 00g in a very short time period using this stretching set that comes with a healing lube. Although it is a little pricey, people do not seem to mind the high price as they feel confident using tools made form stainless steel for gauging.  All in all, this product can be considered as the best product for the purpose of stretching ear piercings.

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