Best Breast Pumps Reviews

A breast pump can greatly help with your lifestyle, most especially if you are a mom. Every woman is different, so as in every situation. Prior to jumping in and starting to compare the prices and features, you must know a few things.  Breast pumps actually work on the principle of using suction cup placed up on the breast and switch the pump on that produces vacuum to suction the milk out. Having a breast pump is essential to supply your kids the essential nutrients found in the mother’s milk for which formulas cannot.

What is a Breast Pump?

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The breast pump comes with a removable container into which the milk is being stored. It is always important to notice the suck and release combination counted as a cycle, and it is expected to have about 30 to 60 cycles every minute from a high quality pump with the imitation of the sucking style as a baby does. The force is being laid upon the nipple  by the baby is about 220 to 230mm and 150-250mm vacuum pressure, which are actually the ideal pump. Another essential part of the pump is the nipple tunnel that plays a crucial role in extracting milk from the breast without any pain. Thus, the size of the nipple tunnel is highly significant, not to mention that it range form 24mm up to 36mm.

Keep in mind, your milk supply must be established within the first 4 weeks of delivering your baby. By establishing your milk supply after the time has passed is essential, this is not just about your milk supply will not continue to grow after the first 4 weeks, as it also grows with the needs of your baby. However, getting into the first level is somehow damaging. Although the development of breast milk is natural and totally miraculous, some women have harder time than others. Whether it is only because the baby was born early and that your body wasn’t able to meet with it, or because you’re having problems nursing the baby. You need to know that it always take a little oomph to get everything rolling.

On the other hand, if you happen to be one of those moms who need breast pump, it would be ideal for you to know that there are two different kinds of breast pumps:

  • Manual Breast Pumps- this type of breast pump actually needs most of the work, as it could work one breast a time only. This kind of pump also works for a mother who will be away for a whole and whose breast is full all the time, or those who needs emergency relief and in case; there is no electric outlet available. Usually, they are in small and is easy to manage for the reason that they are light in weight. Usually, cleaning is easy and another good thing is that, they could be used anywhere, whether you are at home, with no electricity or if you’re out in the woods.
  • Electrical Pumps- if you are also a working mom and needed to be away for longer periods of time, then the electric pump would be best for you. As a working mom, you know that you can’t be with your baby for the entire day. Using the manual pump may not work if you need to provide enough milk that will last for a day for your baby. Electric pump extracts milk from both sides, right at the same time.

Whenever you’re shopping for either, you need to know that you have your own needs. There are moms who have to pump at work and you should consider if it is portable, light, and easy to clean. You also need to know if it comes with a carrying case and or a cooling compartment. You must also know if it comes with a battery pack, electric pack, or adapter. If you have to pump on your work, you know if it sounds like a hack hammer or produces any sound.

Since every mom is different, suction also concerns a lot. Their comfort levels actually differs a lot. A breast pump with adjustable suction features is needed to get rid of any discomfort for which the single suction level pump may actually cause. You also need to make sure that the right breast shield is also included, and that it could be bought separately.

Warranty is also essential if you’re looking forward to buying the top of the line breast pump. You need to make sure that whatever brand you’re looking at, you need to get something that will at least give you one-year warranty. You should also think about how many times you’ll use the pump everyday.

What is the Best Breast Pump?

If you’re looking for the breast pump that will be good enough for your needs, Medela Electric Breastpump is the one that you only need. This pack comes with the convenient accessory set, all in one, while offering your helpful tips and tricks on how to suction more milk without hurting you. Other things included in this breast pump is that, it has swing breast pumps, 2 breast milk bottles with the lids, a drawstring bag and many more. With its 2-phase expression technology, it helps in producing more milk in less time. The Medela Electric Breastpump has disposable bra pads, breast milk bags and many more. All of these will be beneficial to your needs. It supports your convenience as a mom and has all of the sets that includes the entire right pump that will fit your lifestyle. It comes with all of the recommended accessories as well as breastfeeding education that will help in getting your pumping and breastfeeding to a better start.

Pros and Cons of Medela Electric Breastpump

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Prior to buying your own breast pump, knowing the benefits and drawbacks of it will surely help you decide better. Here’s what you need to know more about these breast pumps.


  • It provides your child the best defense.
  • Breastfeeding in itself is a good and effective contraception. So, up until the day that you’re lactating your child, you’ll never conceive.
  • Breastfeeding protect every mother from breast cancer and endometrial cancers
  • You’re giving your child the best of nutrition that he or she needs while growing up.
  • You can always keep a bottle of milk pumped beforehand and your baby will never go hungry, most especially if you’re not home.


  • Using breastfeed should only be occasional, as it could produce a decline of milk production.
  • Pumping doesn’t completely stimulate your breast and so, it doesn’t protect you from subsequent pregnancy or completely protects you from breast cancers and whatnot.

How To Use Medela Electric Breastpump

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Using a breast pump is certainly not a hard thing to do. As a matter of fact, Medela Electric Breastpump already comes with its tips and instructions on how to make it more comfortable for you to use. Whenever you think you’re ready for the pumping session, you’ll have to trigger the let-down reflex to get your milk flowing. Make sure that you keep yourself relaxed. Once you think that you are all relaxed, you can start pumping and transfer it to the bottle.


Helen Nichols (I love everything about it)

This is definitely a great product and I really love the pump. There is certainly no issues with the Medela brand, not to mention that the accessories with it are all useful as well. I highly recommend this product for all of the first time and working moms out there. You will certainly appreciate its use. If you usually rush throughout the day and you don’t spend that much for cleaning, this breast pump and accessories are very much easy to use, so you don’t need to worry.

Michell Cluster (Successful Breastfeeding)

I am not a fan of  breastfeeding, but I really want to provide the breast milk nutrition to my new born baby. I don’t want him to be used to drinking formula milk, so I really do think this is a good product. I used it once and I felt a slight tingling sensation, however, it doesn’t hurt like how I felt when I breastfed my baby. This product made my breastfeeding journey a successful one. I really want to be the best mom for my baby and provide him the best care that he needs, most especially at this age. Thank you for this breast pump and its accessories. It works really great!

Paige Shaw (Perfect for Stay at Home Moms)

I am a stay at home mom. Well, just for now because I need to take care of my baby all the time. I want to be the first person who will come to her when she cries, when she’s hungry and all. I’m really obsessed with my baby right now and I want to be the first person to take care of her. However, I realized that breastfeeding her is not at all comfortable for me. So, this breastpump works great for me. Using it is very easy, it is definitely not rocket science. For all the stay-at-home moms out there, it is a handy and a comfortable pump that you can use. It is also sold for a vey reasonable price. So, if you’re also a practical mom, this would surely work for you. I bought it without hesitations and mind, and seeing how great it works for me, it’s definitely a very good deal. I’m not going to trade this product to anything. This is surely way better than any other breast pumps in the market.

Dianne Serrano (Amazing Help For A Working Mom)

I am a single and a working mom. As much as possible, I would like to take care of my baby myself and never take her to any child-care centers. However, I realized that these breast pumps is a great assistance for moms like me and I really do appreciate the help it gives to me and to my baby. I don’t need to worry about the pain of breastfeeding my baby, as the breast pump can be used comfortably. I can just pump milks now, keep it in the fridge and feed my baby anytime she wants. Now, I know that my baby is healthy with all the nutrients and vitamins that my milk has provided to her. I’m really a fan of this product now. Medela Electric Breastpump is very easy and safe to use. It’s 100% comfortable and sold at a very reasonable price. What’s best about it is that, it’s very easy to clean. I can just throw them to my dishwasher, let it clean and sterilized it afterwards. I’m really glad I gave it a try.

Margot White (Not Your Ordinary Breast Pump)

I tried manual breast pumps, but they simply take a lot of hard work and pumping to get the desired volume of milk that my baby needs. However, with this electric pump, it makes everything easier for me. I can just pump the milk easily, keep it for my baby’s consumption anytime of the day. I love this breast pump! I highly, highly recommend this for all the moms out there, whether you are working out, working out home, or just a stay-at-home mom.


If you’re looking for the best breast pump that takes breastfeeding to a whole new level, it would be ideal for you to get this Medela Electric Breastpump. It is way easier to use. Since it’s is powered by electricity, you don’t need to put too much of stress just to pump the milk out of your breast. You can even get all the milk that you need that will be enough for your baby to consume for the rest of the day. What are you waiting for? This breast pump comes with complete accessories that you need when pumping and feeding your baby. Get one now and enjoy it.

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