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Castrol Oil is one of the natural ways to fight against the unbearable pains specially the rheumatism pain. It is also a very beneficial oil for the menstrual disorders as well as for the constipation. Numerous other benefits are associated with this marvelous Castor Oil; helps in lactation, birth control, and also a wonderful skin care natural extract. It is basically used for increasing the motility of your gut too. In the past era, this natural extract has been the preferable oil for the children to function as purgative. Castor Oil has been used for almost anything, in the past. The taste of this oil is not your mouth friendly as it is a tasteless extract. This oil has the various properties that keep the functions of your body in line. It is absolutely a natural product that has been used by the doctors for centuries. You cannot ignore the healthy properties of Castor Oil as it is used for various occasions. Now, medical science is more advanced and smart enough to exactly know its properties. People should use it more often as it is the most natural way to solve the daily problems. Castor Oil is a wonderful extract to make your life better and valuable.

What is Castor Oil?

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At first, it is essential to define the Castor Oil and its properties. For starters, it is a natural extract attained from the seeds of a plant called Castor. The scientific name of this plant is known as Ricinus communis. The appearance of Castor Oil is a transparent to yellow color, in a liquid state. The smell of this oil is odorless which means that it doesn’t carry any specific or distinctive smell. It is quite a dense liquid oil having the boiling point of around 313 Celsius. The majority of the fatty acids present in this extract is associated with ricinolates. Along with that the other prominent components are linoleates and Oleates. Castor oil is widely used in the industrial manufacturing of the soap, hydraulic brake fluid, inks and other lubricants. Many pharmaceuticals are also using this natural oil. It also carries the medical properties like the germicidal, toxic and also disinfectant that makes it useful to the human body. Castor Oil is also a very useful extract for the ingredients of the food. It is used for the food additives and also in packaging. It is a perception that this extract is only made for the health of the children and to oil up their guts. In some practices, it is observed that the parents used this Castor Oil to punish their children. This was extremely the bad practice. In the British Raj, this Castor Oil was given to the servant as a consequence of the bad performance. It is also worth mentioning that the parents should be careful with this Castrol Oil as it contains a toxic protein named as ricin. Although these harmful proteins are devastated in the extraction process, but still if the process is not being done properly, then there is a slight chance that they could survive. So, do some research before buying any Castor Oil bottle.

The Castor Oil is classified as the safe and effective product by the Food and Drug Administration in United States. Many drugs are also included the castor oil derivative widely known as Kolliphor EL. The medicines include the antifungal agents, some medicines used in chemotherapy and also in Sandimmune. But mainly, the basic purpose of taking in the Castor Oil, is to help the process of laxation. It is also used prior to the intestine operation to drain out all the food from the gut.

Types and Uses of Castor Oil

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Castor Oil has no distinctive types, but the uses can be classified into different classes. Castor Oil is used in many diverse fields. It is used for growing back hairs naturally. It is there for the human kind for centuries and many ancient people used it for various medical purposes. Induction of Labor is another function and use of this natural extract. It is also very beneficial for the skin as well. You can remove your acne by applying the best Castor Oil of the market. In acne, your skin becomes irritated and burned. It is common in the teen ages or the adolescents. You can easily tell by looking at the symptoms of acne as blackheads or whiteheads would appear and your skin becomes red. The most natural way to recover your skin is to use the castor oil. It cleans your skin as it washes out all the dirt accumulated on it. This dirt includes the bacteria and any excessive oil or even the dead skin cells. It directly effects the root cause of the Acne. That is the reason, experts have declared this Castor Oil as the best remedy for Acne. If you have purchased the best Castor Oil from your nearest market and applies it on your skin, then there is nothing better measure to detoxify your skin. Castor Oil is also very useful to break up the oil on your face and make it pore-free. One of the most important compounds found in the Castor Oil, is the undercylenic acid. This compound helps to prevent the skin from any infections and also reacts against the certain skin conditions. Castor Oil also fights against the dryness of the skin.

Benefits and Side Effects of Castor Oil

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Following are the benefits of the Castor Oil


  • Castor Oil is mostly used for the Rheumatism. The fatty acids present in the oil, are extremely helpful to eradicate the pain of arthritis and gout. The properties of the Castor oil let it easily penetrate into the skin, thus heals faster. The medicines of rheumatism are given with the castor oil to make them more effective.
  • It is also used for the birth control purposes. If given to a pregnant lady, it could lead to abortion.
  • Castor Oil helps to maintain the flow of Menstruation. It contains a Ricinoleic acid that helps the process and prevents any disorders. It also helps to reduce the pain in the process of menstruation.
  • Amongst the benefits of castor oil, the best is the relief from constipation. It acts as a laxative agent that unlocks the intestine and relieve the pain in no time. It is very helpful in the extreme cases as well.
  • Castor Oil also helps in the process of lactation. Some of the substances present in the Castor Oil helps to secrete milk. It not only increase and help with the milk flow, but also helps to increase the quantity of the milk as well. So, it helps the process of lactation by multi-dimensionally. It is also important to regulate that intake of the oil as excess of it could lead to adverse effects.
  • Castor Oil is also very useful and natural remedy for the hair fall. Best castor oils have the tendency to grow the hairs. It also counters the problem of thin hair. Apart from thickening the hair, it also makes your hair smooth and shiny. You will feel a substantial difference in your hair as they will be more strong and healthy. Castor Oil is a wonderful conditioner for your hair as it contains the omega-3 fatty acids that makes your scalp moist.
  • Castor Oil is also very dependable when it comes to inducing the labor process. It helps in the finalization of the labor contractions. It is being used for centuries, but more accurate drugs are taken to proceed with this process.

Side Effects

  • One of the basic side effect of using even the best Castor oil in the market, is the diarrhea.
  • It could also lead to the abdominal pain or even the cramps.
  • It could also lead to the dizziness or even the unusual heartbeat.
  • Certain allergic reactions are also expected from the usage of Castor Oil. Although, they are highly unlikely, but still if you feel any rashes or itching or even the heavy breath, then they are probably the allergic reactions.

How to Consume Castor Oil?

The consumption of Castor Oil depends upon the objective of the use. If it is required for your hair, then you simply have to apply it externally on your hairs. If you are constipated, then you have to intake a spoon or so to provide it to your digestive system. If your skin is dry, you just need to massage it on your skin. Mainly, the external consumption is not that tricky. Although, you should be careful while consuming it internally as Castor Oil has some strong properties.

Product Reviews

Tom Hicks (my hairs are thick now)

I was seriously concerned about my hair as they were extremely weak and thin. They used to pull out easily and my scalp was also very dry. I heard about this Castor Oil product as my friend told me about it. After conducting my research about the different substances present in that oil, I started to use it. Upon applying it on my hair, I could feel a difference. My hair was shiny and moist. After 5 weeks, my scalp was back to moist again and my hairs got thicker. I am very grateful for this product as it changed my life.

Jack Lehman (my skin is back on track)

No one can imagine how bad was my skin. I had the sores on it. I had used many products to recover my skin back. One day I was searching the internet and found an article saying the cure of Acne through Castor Oil. I read about it and ordered this product right away. I applied on my skin and within 5 to 6 weeks, my skin was back on track. My Acne was gone and the skin got better. I would rate this product as 5 stars and would classify it in the best castor oil products. I don’t have to use it anymore as my skin is fully recovered.

Rachel Brooks (helped in lactation)

I was quite aware of the benefits of Castor Oil as I have read tons of books on the subject of lactation while I was pregnant. At first, I ordered some other product different from this one, which didn’t work. So, I ordered this one and believe me it worked. It helped in my secretion of milk and also improved the quantity of it. I want to say thank you for producing such beneficial Castor Oil product in such a reasonable price. I always recommend it to my friends and other acquaintances. I also love the packaging of this product.

 Jenny Hoffman (not worked for me)

My skin is very dry and rough. I have tried this product and it didn’t work for me. I want to report this product as the substances it mentions, doesn’t present in them. It is a fake product having the false attributes. I am highly in doubt whether it is a natural Castor oil or not. I applied it for almost 3 weeks and my skin hasn’t shown any response. It is at the same level, even gotten worse. I am extremely disappointed with this product as my money and effort both are wasted now. I demand the producers to pay my money back.

George Kahn (My constipation is gone)

I am a travelling salesmen and I have to visit many states in line of my work. Once, I was in Texas, I had a really bad constipation. I couldn’t eat or even walk. I was in a motel and consulted the owner about that problem. He gave me this exact Castor Oil and it drains all of my bowls. I had a big relief that day due to this amazingly effective product.


After considering the different reviews of the consumers, it can be concluded that this product of Castor Oil is extremely useful specially for the users that are taking for internal use mainly for constipation. This product is rated as 4 star on average.

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