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It is natural for people to find their skin dull and wrinkly with advancing age and exposure to the elements. Insufficient and improper care of skin causes the skin to lose its moisture and elasticity so that it does not remain as elastic as it was at a young age. There are many different ways of replenishing the natural moisture of the skin so as to make it look rejuvenated and young. One of these ways is to make use of a chemical peel at home. It involves applying a specially formulated substance on the face or other parts of the body. This chemical works silently and you feel that your skin has become softer and smoother once you take this chemical peel off.

What is Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel – Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract

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This is a very popular chemical peel that is used by men and women of all ages, especially those who are 40 and above. It is made by a company called Perfect Image and it claims to be professional quality that is used by beauty experts at salons. One can experience a chemical peel 15-20 rimes with a single bottle of this product. This product, when it is applied as a thin film over the face or any other part of the body, works as an exfoliating agent as it sets down to remove dead skin  cells. It nourishes the skin at the same time with the help of its powerful ingredients that also work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other marks of aging. Salicylic acid is the main ingredient in this chemical peel that works to unclog the pores of the skin. It decreases the process of discoloration that is caused by exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays. It reduces the damage caused by sun and makes the skin tone more even and fairer than before. It is perhaps the best chemical peel available in the market today.

Types of chemical peels

Chemical peels have become very popular in present times given the levels of pollution and the fast lifestyles that leave little time for proper skin care. Different chemical peels are made containing different ingredients and the emphasis of the companies is to use pure, natural, and often organic ingredients so that their products suit people of all ages and skin types. The objective of all chemical peels is to restore a skin that is more youthful, soft, smooth, free from blemishes, and wrinkles. As far as types of chemical peels are concerned, there are mainly three types of products.

  1. Light chemical peels-These chemicals are light in nature and mainly serve to remove the scar marks left behind by acne. They reduce the effects of sun damage and improve the texture of skin.
  2. Medium chemical peels– Medium peels are formulations that not only improve the condition of skin damaged b y acne but also smoothen it by reducing wrinkles. They also correct pigmentation of skin as well as age spots.
  3. Deep chemical peels- These are the peels that can be considered the most superior type of peels. These chemicals can transform the condition of the skin of the user and remove even the deepest of signs of aging.

It is prudent to take advice from a dermatologist before using any of these three types of a chemical peel though one can readily make use of Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel – Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract as it is a general purpose chemical peel that is suitable for all skin types. You must do your homework and read chemical peel review before applying it on your face or body.

Pros and cons of Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel – Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract

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  • Professionally formulated
  • Treats many problems of skin
  • Improves color tone
  • Makes skin smoother than before
  • Cleans the clogged pores of the skin
  • Made in FDA approved facility


  • This chemical peel is not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Does not improve skin condition in some cases

How to use Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel – Enhanced with Tea Tree Oil & Green Tea Extract

If you feel that your skin has started to look rough, dull, and aged as you are not able to take proper skin care, you are a perfect candidate for this product. It is also recommended if you want to get rid of acne scars or interested in reducing signs of aging. Using this product is easy but it is important to read the instructions carefully before moving ahead. You need to cleanse your skin gently before applying this peel. Depending upon the condition of your skin, apply this peel for 2-4 minutes with the help of a pad. Rinse the skin with cool water after a few minutes. You can repeat this procedure on your skin twice in a week and continue the treatment for 4-6 weeks to get the desired results.

Review 1

Shawna Tait (Very happy with the product)

I am a woman in my forties who is very conscious about her appearance. I take good care of my skin, particularly the facial skin and clean and moisturize it on a daily basis. However, I was noticing signs of aging in my skin as well as its deteriorating condition because of exposure to the elements. (I am a working woman and go out and brave the weather on a daily basis). One of my colleagues suggested that I should try a chemical peel at home to improve the condition of my skin. I bought this product form your website and used it for nearly 8 months before writing this review. Actually, I had no inclination to write a review but I thought it is my duty to give you the feedback as an honest customer.

This is a wonderful product that has brought about many positive changes in my skin. I like it as it is powerful enough to do deep cleaning but does not harm the skin in any way. My skin which had started to look aged has become much smooth and soft after regular application of this peel. I must confess here that I applied the peel in a generous quantity in every session but still I could get no less than 14 peels out of this small bottle.

And yes, I leave this peel to work on my skin for nearly 8 minutes as against the time period of 6 minutes that is recommended on the pack. Once I became busy with the chore at home and forgot to remove the peel for nearly 20 minutes. I must say that I did not feel any discomfort, leave alone the chance of burning sensation.

I am more than happy with the results that I have obtained with this product. I would love to recommend it to all my friends who ask for my advice.

Review 2

Janice Clark (Love the quality)

I am a regular user of this product and I have found it to be top quality. My skin looks well nourished and free from blemishes after using this chemical peel for more than 8 months. I have been able to get rid of old acne scars with the help of this salicylic acid peel which is really impressive considering these scars were quite old. It has also improved my skin tome and texture by several notches.

However, I feel that a lot of product goes to waste when I apply it over my face using the cotton pads as suggested by the makers. Contents stick to these pads and get wasted. I tried applying this peel using brushed like I apply color over my hair but this peel is so thick that brush does not work on the skin.

Now I have given up all worries of wasting this peel as I have found that this product contained in a small bottle is sufficient enough to be used for at least 12-14 chemical peels.

I feel that the strength of 20% salicylic acid used in this chemical peel is just the right percentage to carry out the task of exfoliation of skin in a very powerful and efficient manner.

Review 3

Sasha Edmond (perfect treatment for breakouts)

I am a woman with an oily skin that is prone to breakouts. I tried many home remedies but failed to get the desired results. Then someone told me about this chemical peel. I am writing this review after using this peel for 3 months. This peel with 20% salicylic acid strength worked wonders on my breakouts and I am now relieved from attacks of acne. It is better to use this strength before using higher strength of 30%. Using the full bottle of this product is like taking close to 10 facials in a beauty parlor. If you take a peel every 2 weeks, you will get the desired results with your problem of acne breakouts.

I have read some of the critical reviews and found that these are the people who have perhaps not followed the instructions for use. Do not forget to properly cleanse your face before applying this chemical peel so that it is able to penetrate deep inside your skin.

Review 4

Margaret D (Very easy to use chemical peel)

I was concerned with the condition of my skin that was deteriorating in the last few months. My skin care was not proving to be effective and I was afraid to see a few signs of aging as well. My close friend, who also happens to be a dermatologist, asked me to make use of 20% salicylic acid as a peel to improve the condition of my skin. I finalized this product as it had a good rating and mostly positive reviews from consumers.

I have used this chemical peel for a few months and I am very happy with the results that I have obtained. The condition of my skin has improved dramatically and the few wrinkles that had set in on my forehead and around my eyes have also disappeared completely. I cannot tell you how good I felt when my husband commented on my skin and said that I have started to look 10 years younger.

Review 5

Stella Graph (In on e word, fantastic)

I love this product that has transformed the condition of my skin and given me a new lease of life. My confidence was at its lowest a few months ago as breakouts and acne scar marks had started to make me look ugly. My mother bought this chemical peel; for me and I applied it almost religiously, following all the instructions. I was apprehensive at first and the burning sensation that I experienced made me dreadful. I read the reviews and came to know that it was normal.

I do not have the kind of oily face that I had earlier. No longer are there clogged pores of my skin and I feel super light and cool as this peel has started to show its magic. The scar marks that had become a bane of my life have started to become light. I am pretty hopeful that they will disappear completely after a few months.


There are many similar products in the market but this chemical peel has won the trust and confidence of a very large number of men and women. This is because of the high quality and purity of this chemical peel. It is suitable for people of all ages and skin types though some people with sensitive skin have reported burning of their skin with this chemical peel. On the whole, it is a great product that is easy to use at home. It gives desirable results that are visible after just a few applications of this product. You can try it at home to see the difference in your skin in just a few days.

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