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Chia seeds are a species of a flowering plant in the mint family, Lamiaceae, which is native to the central and southern Mexico and Guatemala. They are basically tiny black seeds which originate from the plant Salvia Hispanica . The Word ‘Chia’ is an ancient Mayan word which means strength. Chia seeds and their uses and importance dates back to the ancient times of the Aztecs and Mayans. The Chia seeds were an important food item / ingredient for them back in the day. It is said that they Mayans and Aztecs believed to have chia seeds as one of their most prized possession since for them, chia seeds had the ability to provide sustainable energy.

What are chia seeds?

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Chia seeds are very useful and healthy seeds that belong to the mint plant family. They are tiny black seeds which have been used for various purposes dating all the way back to the ancient times. Chia seeds are packed with nutrition and have numerous scientifically proven health benefits. They are mainly rich in magnesium, iron and Calcium. Chia seed is high in protein and is also found to be rich in antioxidant oils, thus are amongst the healthiest food / ingredient on the planet. They are known to help people lose weight as well due to the high fiber content present in chia seeds and the protein content helps control appetite which is the first step towards losing weight; combined with an extremely healthy lifestyle, chia seeds can do wonders for your life and body. Another important benefit of chia seed is to improve the overall bone health due to the high nutrient content found in them; the most important nutrients needed to improve bone health are found in chia seeds. Studies also suggest chia seeds to reduce type two diabetes risks or show improvement in this health condition, along with aiding in lowering blood pressure.

Pros and cons of Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds – 6 TOTAL POUNDS = TWO x 3 Pound Bags

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Get chia is a very popular and trusted brand which has many products including the Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds – 6 TOTAL POUNDS = TWO x 3 Pound Bags.  These chia seeds are recommended by various doctors as well as people in general because of the trustworthy quality of their product. It may be used by people of both the genders; males and females, and these chia seeds can be also used by people of all age groups


  • TRUSTWORTHY; Get Chia’s Chia Seeds are trusted since 2007!
  • Certified Gluten free / vegan / OU kosher chia seeds
  • Lab tested; independent tests performed on every lot/crop
  • Chemical and pesticide free chia seeds
  • Hundered percent guaranteed finest quality chia seeds
  • Saves money compared to other chia products and has more quantity as well


  • Some people might be allergic to chia seeds; hence it is requested to please make sure you are tested for any allergic reaction to chia seeds
  • Big quantity; chia seeds might go bad if not stored properly by customer.

How to use Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds – 6 TOTAL POUNDS = TWO x 3 Pound Bags

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Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds – 6 TOTAL POUNDS = TWO x 3 Pound Bags are very easy to use and consume. It is an excellent ingredient to be used and mixed with other food items and recipes which help you create a healthier diet and lifestyle by the use of this seed. This highly rich and packed with nutrient chia seed has now become a big part of many people’s dietary routine. Chia seeds are neutral in taste, so you can add these healthy little seeds in many

of your favorite dishes and drinks! You may also create a Chia Seed super gel by adding water to create a super fibrous gel that aids in digestion.

You may use chia seeds in Stir-fries, Smoothies, it may Used as a thickener in sauces or be Used as an egg replacement in baking, can be used with Baked Goods or in salads, yogurts and toasts.

Product Reviews

  1. Arpita singh : “never so happy to be proved wrong”

I remember reading about chia seeds and thinking to myself –“boy it would be one heck of a miracle; this is too good to be true”. I expected nothing and no good results after having tried various remedies. So I tried Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds and boy, was I ever proved wrong!

Let me share my basic remedy: I add 1-2 Tbs to a large glass of water each morning, let them sit for at least 15 minutes, drink them and then go on with my day. I may do a second dose if I’m spending the bulk of the day in the sun and heat.

I will be honest it took me quite some time to get used to the texture, and as a person with many texture issues when it comes to food/beverages, however it didn’t take me that long to just suck it up and learn how to gulp them down without hardly noticing they were there. I prefer to take them this way for the convenience factor and to prevent them from getting stuck in my teeth.

Since I have started consuming chia seeds, my dehydration issues have simply vanished and my episodes of being dehydrated have lessened over time. I also suffer from a lot of digestive issues whose symptoms haven’t even been noticeable since I started incorporating chia into my diet a few months ago. I am a firm believer on the miracles of chia seeds and anyone who tells me it helped them in anyway, I believe them one hundred percent.

I would like to take this opportunity and let everyone know that my chia seeds arrived and were delivered to me safely packed in a box and not in an envelope which was a problem other customers had. I couldn’t be more excited, I’m getting ready to order my second 5lb order! It’s insane how much they want for these in the local health food store. I’d pay it now that I’m hooked, but I’m glad I don’t have to!

  1. Rosey turner: “chia seeds are my new life savers”

I was really searching a lot to find some miracle nutrition booster and a friend recommended Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia. At first I was reluctant and now I just can’t live without them after giving these life savers a try. I can soak a teaspoon or so of Chia seeds in a cup of hot tea and sip it throughout the afternoon, and it helps to keep me from feeling hungry thanks to the gelling action of Chia’s fiber. Thanks to Get Chia’s Chia seeds I now found a wonderful alternate to bulky pills and I am able to get sufficient fiber through daily food intake and consumption. I was also thrilled to read that the seeds are high in iron, calcium, and omega-3, all things that I really need. I follow the advice I found online somewhere and start my day by chewing a small amount of seeds and then drinking down a cup of water. The few moments’ head-start before the seeds encounter the water allows them to absorb some of the excess acid that bothers my stomach.

I highly recommend everyone to do a thorough web search where you may be able to find plenty of suggestions for using chia seeds and various ways which do not cause any sort of side effects or anything. I personally tested and experiment it myself; all recipes and remedies are completely natural and have no impact what so ever on your nutrition intake, if anything it only boosts it.

Also I feel that the 1 lb size offered here is a nice introductory amount to experiment with, and it’s sealed well in heavy-duty packaging.

  1. Janet Pualo: “ Chia seed is the ultimate sport fuel”

Being an ultimate marathon runner, I was having extreme difficulty regarding my diet. I was unable to consume the necessary food and nutrition needed to intake during races and I would find myself in a seven to eight hour time period of racing and feeling hungry yet I was unable to intake multiple gel packs; frankly you can only eat so many of those things. My consumption of gel pack was consistently one every race and one gel pack is originally packed with one hundred to a hundred and forty calories. While endurance sports really requires you to consume more like 250-400 calories per hour so gels plus sports beverages were not sufficient enough.

Then I tried Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia and I’ve begun training with chia. I have noticed an immediate change. For one, a tablespoon of chia has about 70 calories. I’ve replaced my gel packs for 5 tablespoons of chia per hour (350 calories). I can feel the higher level of energy about 10 minutes after taking the chia.

Another benefit I have discovered using chia seeds is hydration. Typically I drink 20oz of water per 6 miles. After using the chia I find 20 oz of water will last me a little over 10 miles.

Here is how I usually prepare the chia; I mix 2 cups of water with 1/3 cup of chia & Let it set in the open air for about 20 minutes stirring periodically to make sure all the seeds get soaked. Then I put it in a Tupperware and leave it in the fridge overnight (minimum 2 hours).

I am so very pleased with this little seed and its health benefits so I have decided I’ll continue training with chia as I prep for upcoming races. With that I highly recommend people to try It out as well.

  1. Donna Parker: “Vegan delight”

Being a vegetarian I am always searching for new ways to enrich my diet with more nutrients. I came to know how Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 so I went to the grocery store and got a bag of Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds. Ever since I started in taking it I noticed it has really helped supplement my diet since I do not eat fish. These particular chia seeds seem to be good quality and came in a convenient re-sealable bag unlike other chia seed brand. It’s a good sized bag as well. I use and consume chia seeds in various ways like I add them to my cereal, yogurt, and smoothies. I highly recommend everyone to try this miracle seed.

  1. Rebecca Harrison: “More for less Chia Seeds”

I am just extremely excited and pleased with this product: Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds. I realized how great a quantity I am getting for such a less price. My family is a regular chia seed user, and it always gets so expensive. Then I took a chance with this amazing product and I am glad to have done so; it is indeed a quality product and matches its description on the packaging as well. If you are thinking of adding chia seeds to your diet but don’t have the budget to do so, then I would recommend this product and here is why; it is a quality product in a great big quantity that costs you much less than other chia seed brands comparatively. I trust this brand completely hence budget or no budget, either way this is a quality and trustworthy brand.


Overall the health benefits, uses and importance of Get Chia Brand BLACK Chia Seeds are vast and extensive. Numerous researches have been conducted and many tests have been done in terms of chia seeds and its health benefits and nutritious properties. It has now become a widely a used product amongst men women and children. Chia seeds are modern days home remedy, available easily and even easier to use and consume. This brand; get chia ensures highest quality product of good quantity in a reasonable price.

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