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Cod Liver oil has been used for many centuries in the northern region of Europe. It is basically used to protect the skin from the dark winters. It is being used to make an ointment that is applied to the joints and muscles to keep them warm and getting away from any stiffness. Cod Liver oil is a very powerful moistener against the dryness of the skin. It is being retrieved from a fish called Gadidae. It contains the Omega-3 fatty acid which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D that is quite helpful for the rickets.

How would you define Cod Liver Oil?

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Cod Liver Oil is a very nutritious and healthy supplement for the skin. It contains the eicosapentaenoic acid, which is actually the omega-3 fatty acid that contributes in the anti-inflammation process. The manufacturing of the old style Cod Liver oil was time consuming as it took around a year to prepare. A wooden barrel was filled up with the Cod livers and sea water and then preserved it for a year. But now, this long process has been squeezed to a shorter time. People don’t consume enough food that is anti-inflammatory which has the direct association with the cardiovascular, immune system, neurological problems, hormonal and reproductive issues. Cod Liver Oil is consumed by adults and also with children as it is a very healthy supplement. Therefore, in order to get enough omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D, it is required to include the Cod livers in your diet. As an alternative for that Cod Liver Oil supplements are easily available in the market. A single spoon of Cod Liver Oil contains about 41 calories and about 4.5 grams of fat.

How many Types of Cod Liver Oil are out there?

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In order to choose what type of Cod Liver Oil should be used, depending on the purpose or the objective of the usage of the oil. Why it is being used is the first question to be asked. Each type possesses its own benefits and side effects. Although Cod Liver Oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids along with the Vitamin D and A, each type of the oil varies when it comes to the percentages of these nutrients. Each has a distinctive formulation having the different effects on your body. Therefore, intricate selection of the Cod Liver Oil is important. It is preferable to look for the Cod Liver Oil that has a high percentage of Omega-3 Fatty acids. You should grab those Cod Liver Oil supplements that have at least 450 milligrams of EPA and DHA. Some of the Cod Oil Liver contains the very high number of Vitamins A. This leads to the over dosage of the Vitamin A. By taking the high number of Vitamins A present in the Cod Liver Oil Supplements could result in the storage of the Vitamin A in the body. A single spoon only contains the 5000 units of Vitamins A. This number is high as it is the whole day requirement in just a spoon. If you consume more than 10,000 units of Vitamins A on a daily basis, then you are over consuming it. You should also look for the contaminants in those Cod Liver oil, like for example the mercury or PCBs. A reasonable brand should be selected when purchasing those Cod Liver oil. Cheap names are manufactured in such manner that it exposes you to the PCBs and Mercury.

Benefits and Side Effects of Cod Liver Oil

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Cod Liver oil has various health benefits as well as side effects that you should be concerned about. You should go for the best Cod Liver Oil available in the market as reputable brands have scientific methodology of manufacturing. They know the exact amount of nutrients that are necessary for your health and also look out for those that are harmful. These cod liver oils are extracted from the real fish liver. The best Cod Liver oils that are currently available are manufactured with the modern techniques. The livers of the fish cook in the steam and then the oil is extracted from them. These modern processes include a step where mercury is removed to decontaminate the oil. Best Cod Liver oil contains enough amounts of omega-3 acids that are extremely beneficial for our health.


There are various benefits of the Cod Liver oil. Following are some of the prominent advantages of Cod Liver Oil.

  • Fish oils are getting more and more attention as people are acknowledging its hidden benefits. Amongst these fish oils, Cod liver oil provides the eradication in the joint stiffness and also helpful for the arthritis pain.
  • Due to the presence of ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to deteriorate the bad cholesterol that is present in the blood.
  • Studies have shown that the usage of Cod Liver Oil will help to minimize the risk of cerebrovascular injuries.
  • Using the best Cod liver oil will help you to lower your blood pressure as well.
  • It also helps to prevent from certain kinds of cancer.
  • Usage of Cod Liver Oil will also help your skin to sustain the dangerous UV rays.
  • Vitamin A and D present in the Cod Liver Oil, helps to keep the eyes, bones and skin healthy.

Side Effects

Even the best Cod liver oils that are accessible to you, are not perfect for your health. Following are some considerations that you should make before utilizing the supplements.

  • Some of the side effects of Cod Liver Oil include the GI issues. These GI issues could be loose stools, halitosis or the vomiting.
  • Excessive use of Cod liver oil leads to bleeding in some cases. It should be consumed in a limited manner.
  • Vitamin A toxicity is also a very common problem associated with the usage of Cod Liver oil. It is quite a serious and life threatening issue, therefore, lower Vitamin A fish oils should be used.

Usage of Cod Liver Oil

Usage of Cod Liver Oil is extremely relevant and meaningful for the consumer. These oils are available in the form of tablets as a supplement and also in the liquid form. Today, in this fast world, tablets are being used. You can take 1 or 2 capsules each day to compensate for your Vitamin D deficiency. There are various sizes of capsules that you should contemplate first. Experts recommend that a person should take a single tablet that is equivalent to a teaspoon of oil, twice in a day. You can take these capsules with the small amount of water as they carry the proteins that are about to digest in your stomach. It is also a very good routine to also take Vitamin E supplements along with those Cod Liver Oil tablets.

John Bernard (my vitamin D requirements)

I used to have  serious deficiency of the Vitamin D in my body. I have taken many supplements prior to taking these Fermented Cod Liver Oil capsules, but nothing worked on me. I used to have the milk allergies, which was making me weak. I don’t have the outside work, therefore, my skin was not getting the enough sunlight to take Vitamin D. I was really concerned for my health as I was suffering from the joint pains and depression. I visited the doctor and he recommended me to take a blood test. It revealed that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I was also experiencing the occasional fatigue and muscle pains.

My doctor recommended me your Cod Liver Oil product. After taking the 2 capsules each day, my recovered fast and I started to feel better. I ran the blood tests again and my Vitamin D level got improved, to 20 nomograms per mille liter. It was just a life saver for me.

James Wordsworth (recovered from my depression)

I can’t believe that after using this product my depression would away. Due to my heavy workload and stressful lifestyle, I used to be in a constant state of depression. My line of work was too much risky I was a stock broker. Now, I am still doing the same job but have no depression of such that I used to before. I was always nervous and clumsy. One of my friends recommended me your Cod Liver Oil capsules.

At first, I was in doubt that how come a fish oil would lower my depression level. But after taking some of the pills daily, I discovered a remarkable change in me. My life was not like before and I have started to enjoy and appreciate every minor thing in my life that made me happy. I am extremely thankful for you and your product to save me a lot of time and money for visiting the psychiatrist.

Karim White (My Rheumatoid Arthritis was cured)

I was stunned to know that I have been diagnosed with the Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now, my aim was to get better and fight with this disease. My friend told me to try your fish oil capsules as they are rich in nutrients. I started to take these capsules some three years ago. At first, I hated the taste of the capsule, but gradually I was getting used to of it. I used to have the serious pains, but after consuming these Cod Liver Oil pills, my pain was reduced drastically.

My friend motivated me to take these capsules as she has read about the reviews on your website. She said that the capsules are very beneficial for the arthritis pain as it contains a special nutrient that is quite helpful for such horrendous pains. The price of your product is also very reasonable as compared to other Cod Liver Oil pills available in the market. I would recommend it to anyone as it doesn’t carry any side effects.

Molly Katharine (Not recommendable to anyone)

My experience of using these Cod Liver Oil capsules was not that good. I am not satisfied with the product as it didn’t help me at all. I have heard about this capsule online and someone also recommended me to take these pills to lower your blood pressure. Instead of lowering it, it didn’t even have a mild impact. My blood pressure was all the same and I didn’t experience any changes in my health. At first, I was being skeptical and tried this pill for almost 5 months. My stomach got upset and I was experiencing the loose stools. I drastically loose the weight, which was also not favourable news for me. I was not feeling healthy after taking these capsules. I want to rate these pills as zero stars as it didn’t work for me at all. I made an intricate research before buying those capsules. These capsules are not the product that is publicized.

Patricia Miller (Effective for my digestion)

My stomach used to be very upset and I had to take very light food to not to upset it again. This low carbs diet effected my health. I used to feel dizzy and weak sometimes. This affected my work as I cannot work with the consistency. I consulted to a homeopathic doctor, who recommended me to use your Cod Liver Oil capsules. I cannot express my feelings as my stomach got healthy and strong. I have to take other pills along with it, but still this capsule certainly improved my life. I am very thankful for the producer of this cod liver oil capsules.


People are starting to get benefit from these capsules. They are one of the best and reputed Cod Liver Oil capsules available in the market. The manufacturing process of this product has been just up to the marks of the regulatory standards. This capsule is a wonderful solution for the Vitamin D deficiency. Many of the doctors are recommending this product to their patients also some doctors recommend to use amino acids too when you are on a hard workout.

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