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A small reddish swelling on the lips or on the face close to the mouth, caused by simplex herpes virus, is called cold sore or a fever blister. It can be a painful swelling that is fluid filled. It makes eating food difficult if it is on the lips. It is cured on its own in 2-4 weeks after it breaks and leaves a crust on the place where the sore was. These sores are contagious and easily spread through kissing and oral sex. More and more people across the country are getting infected with this infection. Cold sore treatments are many, including lots of home remedies.

What is Abreva Cold Sore/Fever Blister Treatment

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As the name implies, Abreva cold sore treatment is a medication in the form of an ointment that is designed to help in quick healing of cold sores and fever blisters. It is available in a small tube having 0.7 ounce of this ointment. The price of this tube is $13.70 which appears to be a bit high considering the quantity of medication but even this small tube lasts for a very long time. A miniscule quantity of this ointment needs to be spread over the sore to allow it to heal quickly. It is a very effective treatment of cold sores as it shortens their duration and allows them to subside in just a few days without leaving behind any scars. Abreva ointment is certainly one of the best cold sore treatments available in the market.

Types of cold sore treatments

There are many different types of topical creams and ointments available in the market for the treatment of cold sores. There are also oral drugs like Acyclovir that is prescribed by doctors to prevent replication of the virus that causes cold sores. However, this replication takes place before any symptoms of cold sores become visible. Thus it is prudent to make use of the ointments that help in quick healing of the sores. Regular use of these creams also prevents outbreaks of these blisters in groups.

Pros and cons of Abreva Cold Sore/Fever Blister Treatment

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  • Easy method of treating symptoms of cold sores
  • Duration of cold sores becomes very short with application of this cream
  • Reduces pain, burning and itching because of cold sores
  • Approved by FDA
  • It not only soothes but goes inside the skin to cure the sore
  • Works by providing protection to healthy cells from virus infected cells


Most of the people using this ointment have reported getting relief from the symptoms of their cold sores. However, a small percentage of the customers have said that it did not work at all on their cold sores. There are side effects of this medication though, and it has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of cold sores.

How to use Abreva Cold Sore/Fever Blister Treatment

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Using this product is as easy as applying a lip balm. Squeeze out a little bit of this ointment from the tube and place it over the area of the lip or the face where you are feeling the tingling sensation that appears before you see those red blisters gilled with fluid. Make sure that you wash off the ointment before eating or drinking any food or beverage if you have applied it over your lips. It is a topical treatment that is not to be used over blisters inside your mouth. Also, avoid applying it close to your eyes if you happen to have a cold sore near the eyes. This ointment is not suitable for children below the age of 12 years.

Product reviews

Review 1

David Lloyd (Best treatment of cold sores)

I have been a victim of cold sores all my life and I simply hate them. I put up with these blisters on my lips and sometimes on the face for a very long time without any proper treatment until I came across this product. This ointment is nothing but a miracle for my cold sores as it heals them quickly to bring lots and lots of relief to me.

To explain my misery, I must tell the readers that I usually find these blisters on my mouth and surrounding areas erupting without any reason every other month or so. Sometimes it is just a single blister on my upper or lower lip but this is only when I am lucky and it is only a minor outbreak. At other times, these cold sores appear in groups to unleash untold misery upon me. Earlier there was nothing to help me out except some home remedies and other ointments available in the market. However, all this changed when I started to use this product.

I discovered Abreva on my own on your website. I am amazed at the efficacy and efficiency of this ointment that heals cold sores so quickly. I only need to start applying this ointment over the area where I feel a tingling sensation before I can spot a fluid filled blister. Sometimes, Abreva proves to be so effective that it prevents outbreak of the blister altogether. But on other times, blister does appear though it lasts for only a few days as compared to duration of 6-7 days earlier. I believe that this is the best possible treatment of cold sores that is available at a very reasonable price.

It is not that Abreva only cuts down on the duration of cold sores as it also provides a lot of relief from burning and itching that is comm. on with cold sores. There have been times when I have had an outbreak of these tiny devils but became oblivious of their presence as I did not feel any discomfort or pain because of them. This was the magic of Abreva ointment.

I reach out for this ointment every now and then whenever I see or feel a cold sore developing on my lips. I apply it for many times knowing that it will not create any harmful side effects on my skin.

Review 2

Neal Barlow (Works well on cold sores)

I was unaware of Abreva only a few months ago. I am a 47 year old male married to a 44 year old woman. The problem of cold sores was not just mine but it also affected my wife. Every time I experienced an outbreak of a fever blister, she seemed to catch one on her lips also. Perhaps it was because I passed on this infection to her through kisses and by using the same towel in the bathroom. Whatever may be the reason; both of us suffered a lot at the hands of these tiny red devils with pain and burning for many days at a stretch until I learnt about this magic treatment of cold sores.

After using this product for 4 months, I can say that it is definitely a very good one for the treatment of cold sores. It works well on me as well as my wife. The tube, even though it appears to be small in size, lasts for a long time as only a very little quantity needs to be applied over the blister. I have read some reviews here that say that this is a product that does not work at all on cold sores. Please pay no attention to this view as this is really a very useful product that will bring solid relief from your painful symptoms associated with cold sores.

Review 3

Donald Brown (The best that I have tried so far)

Have you ever had cold sores? If yes, then you know how debilitating these fluid filled blisters on your lips can be? I was troubled by these red swellings on my lips for many years until I learnt about Abreva ointment. This amazing product has transformed my life by giving me quick relief from cold sores that appeared without any warning (oh yes, I could sense them with a tingling sensation that told me that I should brace up for the troubles for a long period (2-3 weeks).

Abreva ointment contains Docosanol which is a chemical that prevents simplex herpes virus from affecting healthy cells of the skin. Thus the virus is unable to spread to more cells and subsides in a short time period. Though one needs to remove the ointment before eating something if he has a cold sore on his lips, it can be reapplied after eating to fight the virus.

The best thing about Abreva ointment is that it shortens the duration of cold sores dramatically. If I was earlier troubled for weeks at a stretch by these blisters, this product has made sure that my misery gets over in just a few days, sometimes a single day. I am happy with this ointment on my side as I know that my life will not come to a standstill with the next outbreak of cold sores.

Review 4

Donna Wilde (What would I do without it)

Cold sores may not be very common but ask those who go through the discomfort and pain with a fluid filled blister on their lips and you would come to know the agony of the men and women who continue to suffer from this infection caused by a virus. I was totally unaware of this infection until I caught it from my boyfriend involuntarily. It started with a single blister on my lip and then it became an outbreak of a group of cold sores striking with a vengeance every two months or so. I continued to suffer for the next 10 years but then I found this product.

I have been using Abreva ointment for the last 3 years and I have never found it wanting in terms of treating my cold sores. With experience, I have learnt to anticipate the outbreak of cold sores. I take out this ointment and apply it over the area of my face where I start to experience a tingling sensation. This way I am able to prevent the spread of cold sores and also the duration for which they remain on my face.

Abreva is an over the counter medication that you can use over your cold sores without a prescription from your doctor. Also, it is one of the very few cold sores treatments having got a clearance from the FDA. I would give full marks to this product for its efficacy.

Review 5

Jane DeWine (Fear cold sores no longer)

I was only 16 when I suffered from the outbreak of cold sores for the first time. I contacted this viral infection from my friend at school. My mom applied some home remedy to that blister and it subsided in a few says. I was happy that I had overcome this problem but it returned with a vengeance a month later and made my life hell. It has been like this ever since and I continue to face this problem as it refuses to be cured completely.

My aunt, who had come over to the house during Christmas vacations, suggested me to buy and apply this product to get relief from the symptoms. I started on this treatment the next time I found a blister on my lips. I must say that it is a wonderful product that has brought amazing results in my case. It helps in reducing the duration of my cold sores and also makes me forget all the pain and burning sensation that are so common with these cold sores.


The problem of cold sores has increased many times in present times. Though it cannot be cured completely, one can get relief from symptoms and also reduce the duration of these fluid filled blisters by applying this ointment over the blisters directly many times every day. Abreva ointment is one of the best treatments for cold sores available in the market. It is also relatively very inexpensive as compared to other products.

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