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Brushing is an activity that is undertaken by all of us first thing in the morning after we get up. But brushes are hard and cannot reach all the places inside our mouth to do out cleaning in a satisfactory manner. In fact, brush can clean the surface of your teeth very well though they are found wanting in cleaning of the gaps between the teeth. It is these gaps where tiny food particles as well as bacteria reside. On e very good way to reach out to this bacteria and food particles is to make use of a dental floss. Using floss on a daily basis makes sure that you do not allow plaque to build up inside the gaps between your teeth. This is a very good habit that protects you from many gum diseases and also prevents tooth decay in the long run.

What is Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss

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Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss is a top quality product from Oral-B a company that is renowned for its expertise in making oral care products. In fact, Oral-B is one of the top dentists recommended brand. Talking of this particular floss, it is such good quality that you do not feel any discomfort as it glides in between your teeth and gums. It is so thin that it easily goes inside thin spaces to remove small food particles out. The textured surface of this floss is extra smooth and it feels like satin smooth as you move the floss in and out of your mouth. This floss also give s a cool feeling during flossing as it is mint flavored. You know you are buying the best that money can buy when you go for Glide Original dental floss.

Types of dental floss products sold in the market

Though the major objective of all the dental floss products being sold in the market is to do proper cleaning of the spaces in between teeth, there are available many different types of dental floss in the market. There are several of these products made by same companies confuting the customer even more. While dental floss was made using silk in earlier times, it is today made up using plastic beads. This plastic is stretched out into thin strands to make it almost unbreakable. Companies make use of different flavors and also apply wax over this floss to differentiate their products from their competitors.

Pros and cons of Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss

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  • Made by the most popular and trusted brand of oral care products
  • Recommended by the dentists
  • Easily cleans the spaces in between teeth
  • Cool mint flavor makes the experience very good
  • Texture of the floss is satin smooth


Though this floss is silky smooth and also very strong, some consumers have complained that it is not able to remove the plaque in a satisfactory manner.

How to us Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss

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Using this quality product form Oral B is as easy as brushing your teeth. Take about 18 inch floss and wind it over both of your middle fingers or pointer fingers so that just a few inches of this thread is available to move inside and around your teeth. Now all you have to do is to slide this floss gently (and at times roughly) between the teeth so that it removes all plaque and food particles that hide to create oral problems. With practice, you will learn how to do the cleaning in a more efficient manner. Just make sure that you do not do flossing very roughly as it can damage your gums and cause bleeding. Take a new section of floss every time you indulge in dental flossing.

Product reviews

Review 1

Judith Fraser (The best dental floss ever)

I do flossing every day as I am aware of the dangers of plaque buildup in between my teeth and the gums. I have so far used many different brands for flossing but I have found this product to be the best in quality and efficacy in cleaning my teeth and gums. I have no doubt in my mind that there is no better product than this in the market as it does what it says and gives a nice feeling to me after wards. This is because I know that my cleaning is complete and there are no bacteria and food items hiding in between the tiny spaces of crevices between my teeth.

There are certain qualities of this product that I like very much. No matter how long or short section I may take, this floss never breaks and thus never gets stuck in between my teeth. Also, even though it has a nice flavoring of mint, it does not bother me while I am flossing my teeth. My teeth are very close to each other and it is hard to feel the space in between. But this thin and silky smooth floss finds its way through this space in a gliding manner to do the cleaning effectively. In fact, this floss is so effective that it digs out whatever it finds in the crevices and in between gums. I have had to use the gloss twice when I am using a brand other than Oral B but this has never happened with Glide.

Though I do not like a flavor when I am doing the cleaning of my teeth and gums but the mint flavor is so subtle that I hardly feel or experience it during flossing. Even though this product comes in a pack of 6, it is pricier than dental floss made by other brands. But considering its efficacy and recommendation by all dentists, it seems that the price of this product is justified.

Review 2

Graham Santener (Good quality floss)

I find it strange that I am writing a review of a product that is used for cleaning of my teeth and gums. But those who ignore their oral health pay heavy price in future in the form of serious gum diseases. I am a man in my 40s who is a financial advisor and deals with lots of customers on a daily basis. I need to maintain very good oral health to meet my clients with confidence.

There is not much that I can say about this product that it is very high quality and maintains the reputation of the brand. It is so smooth that I hardly feel a thing as it goes about removing the garbage from the tiny spaces in between my gums and teeth. All along, I can feel the cool feeling of mint that has been coated over this dental floss. I love this daily exercise and do not miss it at any cost as I feel I am doing something very important to maintain my oral health. No matter what food I have eaten in the evening and night, I know that this super quality dental floss will help the garbage comes out of the place where it is hiding inside my mouth.

I cannot even compare this product with others made by different companies. This is because this product is several notches above the rest when it comes to quality and strength. I have been using this product for the last 4 years but there has not been a single instance when this floss broke down in between flossing to remain stuck inside my mouth. It is also smooth an d gentle on my gums and I have never bled while using this floss.

Review 3

David B (a little bit pricey but no complaints with quality)

What do you want from a dental floss? You want it to easily glide in between your teeth and gums so as to be able to do the cleaning effectively. You also want it to be satin smooth so that you do not feel any discomfort while cleaning your teeth. This product meets these conditions and it does not break during cleaning to create an embarrassing situation for you. If this product seems to be overpriced, you can use any other floss. But I am certain that after using this product, you will not find satisfaction with your flossing if you use any other brand.

I am thankful to Oral B Glide as this dental floss has helped in maintaining a very good oral health. Touchwood, I have never had to get an appointment with a dentist because of any gum disease. I will continue to use this product even if it is a little pricier than other dental flosses.

Review 4

Angel Flower (I doubt if it removes plaque)

Oral B is the biggest name in oral care and this product is also recommended by dentists for cleaning of teeth and gyms. I used Glide for nearly 2 years thinking it was doing its work efficiently and that I was maintaining a very good oral health. But to my surprise, my dentist told me that I needed professional cleaning to remove the plaque that had built up inside the tiny spaces in between my teeth.

This was perhaps because of the fact that Glide is so soft that it glides in between teeth and gums. It may be very good for cleaning of gums but not so for teeth as it is unable to provide any friction to remove food particles. I thought I was cleaning my teeth efficiently but I am now finding out that this product failed to do its job satisfactorily. I will not recommend this product to my friends.

Review 5

Raymond S (Cut above the rest)

I was under the impression that all dental flosses are created equal and that it didn’t make a difference which brand I used to look after my oral health. I was really wrong as I found out after using inferior quality dental flosses made by cheap brands. I paid the price as I became a victim of gum disease and required visits to dental clinics to overcome my problem. It was only after spending lots of money that I finally switched over to Glide dental floss made by Oral B. I found out the difference in quality and the level of cleaning that I got when I used this quality product. Of course it is a little expensive than other products sold in the market but it is certainly worth the price.

I have used this product for nearly a year now and I can say that it is certainly the best in business. It is so soft that it easily glides over difficult spaces in between my teeth and gums. It is able to extract all food particle and bacteria that find refuge in tiny spaces in between teeth. I feel very confident after using this product in the morning every day.

I have paid the price for trying to save a little bit of money but I would not like to see others repeating my mistake. I would request everyone out there to pay a little extra and buy this quality product to do effective cleaning of their teeth and gyms.


Dental floss is a product that many people take lightly. They think that it ought to be very cheap whereas the fact is that this tool helps in maintenance of oral care and thus needs to be very high quality. Glide from Oral B is a very popular dental floss that is also recommended by dentists across the country. It is a very high quality product that carries out cleaning of teeth and gums in a very easy and effective manner. You can prevent severe gum diseases by maintaining good oral health if you use this dental floss on a daily basis after eating your meals. This product has a very high rating and enjoys a high level of trust and confidence of the masses.

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