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It is the desire of every woman to have a hairless body so as to present smooth hands and legs to the world. It can be embarrassing for a lady to go to a beach with family or friends and reveal hairy legs or even a hairy crotch. Most women pay visits to beauty parlors to remove unwanted hairs from their body. But there is another, very easy way to get rid of unwanted hairs from different body parts and that is by using an electric shaver.  Yes, electric shavers for women are not just a reality but also extremely popular because of their ease of use and the convenience they accord. Any woman can remove hair from all her body parts in just a few minutes by operating these wonderful devices in the privacy and comfort of her own room or bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want or require a bikini perfect body to flaunt at the beach with all the men around ogling at you.

What is Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P

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It is easy for any woman interested in buying an electric trimmer or shaver to feel overwhelmed because of the sheer numbers of choices she have. There are many companies making such ladies self grooming products but out of these Panasonic seems to be more popular than Philips. Lady shavers and trimmers made by these two companies are perhaps the best electric shavers for women.  This is because its models are much cheaper than pricey models of Philips. And they are no less than Philips groomers when it comes to performance and efficiency. One such lady shaver and trimmer is Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P. It is a very popular grooming product that is available for just $18.93. This device allows a lady to trim hair down there or shave hair completely with its blades. It has a trimmer that is pop up gives the option of using it wet or dry.

Types of electric shavers for women

There are several types of ladies shavers available in the market. While arrangement of blades classifies them as foil and rotary shavers, there are also wet/dry shavers and corded as well as cordless shavers to make it confusing for women to choose one according to their needs and liking. Apart from types, there are also many reputed companies making different models with different features to present a complete range of shavers and trimmers for ladies.

Pros and cons of Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P

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  • Trims and shaves hair from different body parts with ease
  • No irritation or allergy during shaving
  • Allows dry and wet shaving
  • Pop up trimmer allows shortening stray hair to give perfect bikini shave
  • Ergonomic design with a great grip


Some customers have complained that the motor is not powerful enough to give a closed shave. There are also customers who say that pop up trimmer develops a snag after a short time period.

How to use Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P

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Panasonic is a company that has been making self grooming products for women for the last many years. Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P is another example of the expertise of the company to make wonderful products for ladies. This product contains three floating blades to easily and seamlessly shave hands, legs, underarms, and the groin area at home without asking for any help from any other individual. It allows the convenience of using this shaver dry or wet which means you can remove or trim hair from your body parts while taking a shower. The design of this product is such that it provides a solid grip. It reduces allergy or irritation to sensitive skin to make it almost fun filled for the users.

Product reviews

Review 1

Gloria Stephan (Does what it says)

This is a great product that I have been using to get rid of unwanted hair from my arms and legs. I also easily remove hair from my underarms with this shaver and I must confess that the blades of this shaver do not cause any kind of irritation at all. I now realize I should have purchased this ladies shaver and trimmer long back as I unnecessarily spent time and money on visits to the parlor for getting rid of hair growth from my underarms.

I have met with so many girls who remain disappointed with their electric shavers. Probably they expect to get arms and legs that they see after waxing. The fact is that though an electric shaver can remove hair form body parts easily, the shave is not as close as you get with the help of a razor. When you couple this with the comfort and convenience of personal grooming at home, you will realize the true worth of this amazing product from Panasonic.

Of course it is a personal choice to opt for a razor but I find this product to be very efficient as well as versatile. I can not only trim body hair from where it has gone stray but also get rid of hair altogether anytime I so desire. This product works great dry as well as wet and I find it very comfortable to do my personal grooming while taking a shower.

Coming to the topic of actual experience with this shaver, I would like to say that I have never got a nick using this product. The main reason why women get cuts from electric shavers is because of their tendency to press the shaver tightly against their skin while trying to remove hairs. If you know how to hold the shaver, it will give you the desired results without any nicks or cuts.

Review 2

Patricia Edward (worth every single penny that I spent over it)

I am a housewife with a lot of bodily hair growth. I usually paid a visit to a parlor whenever I felt uncomfortable with hair on my arms and legs and also got the hair in my groin area removed or trimmed when I had to enjoy weekend on the beach wearing a bikini. Of course this was before I had purchased this wonderful product. This wet/dry shaver cum trimmer has transformed my life as I am no longer dependent upon others for my grooming. I am able to trim and remove hair from my hands, legs, groin etc whenever I need. I love this product from Panasonic as it has made it possible for me to wear my short skirts and shorts whenever I like.

I have a word of caution for the readers on the feature of wet use of this shaver. Make sure you are totally wet (as when taking a shower) when you want to shave your body parts. There is no need to wipe your hands and legs with a towel as you might get nicks and cuts if your body is damp and not completely wet. If you insist upon removing hair after taking a bath, the best way is to run a blower over your body to dry it completely.

When you are trying to shave down there, clip the length of the hairs. This is necessary before pressing the blades against your delicate skin as otherwise long pubic hairs might be pulled to cause injury to you.

Review 3

Jessica Myers (no more irritation of skin)

I was always troubled by growth of hair on my body. Like other ladies, I made it a point to get rid of all these unwanted hairs on my arms and legs to feel soft and feminine. However, waxing done at the beauty parlors caused a lot of redness and irritation to my sensitive skin and I also had to spend a lot of money every month. But all this has changed ever since I bought Panasonic Close Curves Women’s Electric Razor 3-Blade Cordless with Pop-Up Trimmer and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES2207P. This wonderful grooming product for ladies has a robust build and a curvy body that provides excellent grip when grooming myself. It does not slip and fall even when I am shaving my body under a shower.

I will confess that I bought this product because the lady shavers from Philips were too expensive. However, after using this product for several months, I can say without any doubt that this model of shaver made by Panasonic is as good as any made by Philips. What is great is that it is available for less than half the price of shavers made by Philips.

I am totally satisfied with the performance and efficiency of this product; In fact, I have saved more money that I spent on it, leave alone the comfort and convenience that I have received for free.

Review 3

Edwina Batten (Great value for money)

I never thought I would get freedom from hair removing jobs that I underwent at beauty parlors every month. I not only endured discomfort and pain but also suffered from redness and irritation that resulted after waxing. I also paid a good sum of money to the parlors for grooming myself. In fact, I envied my husband who made use of a razor to shave his facial hair every day. But today, I have gone one step ahead of him as I am making use of a shaver that has self sharpening blades and which operates on chargeable batteries. This product has an amazing design which boasts of a pop up trimmer to be used whenever one need to trim her hair on the body. Many customers are not able to understand the use of this trimmer but it is very handy to trim stray hair coming out of your bikini when you are out there on the beach to enjoy the sun and the sand.

Review 4

Katrina Mendes (Parlor like grooming at home)

I was a regular at beauty parlors earlier and I had to undergo waxing twice a month to have a soft and hairless body. But after buying this product, I have not gone for hair removing services at the parlor. This is because I now have this shaver and trimmer made by Panasonic. It does the job of personal grooming with great efficiency once I have charged it fully overnight. I generally operate this shaver inside the bathroom when I am taking my shower as this product can run wet as well as dry. I come out clean and smooth out of my shower as this shaver takes just a few minutes to remove hair from my hands and legs (and my groin also).

Review 5 (4 star rating)

This is a wonderful product from Panasonic that I use every few days to re move hair from my body. It is a sturdy product with a curvy body that provides excellent grip even when I am fully wet under the shower. It even has a pop up trimmer to shorten the length of stray hair to get a perfect bikini line. I am full of confidence when going to a beach along with my family or friends as I have this product at my service all the time.


There are many different products for personal grooming of ladies. This product made by Panasonic has become extremely popular because of its great efficiency and performance at incredibly low prices. This lady shaver also has a pop up trimmer and it does well to remove body hair in just a few minutes. The electric shaver does not leave behind redness and irritation. It also does not cause any nicks or cuts with its floating blades that follow the contours of the body. Most of the customers are happy with the quality of this shaver.

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