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Remove your unwanted hairs with the epilators, without having any pain. As compared to waxing, it doesn’t hurt you at all as it only pulls out our hair without damaging your skin cells. The basic function of this epilator is to eradicate the hair that are below the surface of the skin. Continuous use of Epilators will also help your skin to diminish the irritation and decrease the pain while removing the hairs. In Waxing, the cells from epithelium are removed and also causes a lot of pain. The device contains a spring that does all the work either by spinning or vibrating on the surface of the skin.

What is Epilators?

Epilators are the devices that are utilized to get rid of the hairs on your skin that you don’t want. It pulls out a hair by its roots. Best Epilators comes in various forms either battery operated or not. Many people have a perception that the process of hair removal or epilation is a hard job to do. Well, it is not that difficult or painful. It is mainly for the females who wants to look sexier and also wants to highlight their feminine side. It will make your skin glow by removing the hairs that actually covers the outer beauty of the skin. Best Epilators that are currently accessible for the consumers, usually eradicates about 80 to 90% of the hairs in just a single stroke. If we compare this type of hair removal to a razor, it actually tackles down the roots of the hair, which results in regeneration of thin and smoother hairs. While in razor, the hairs are cut upon the surface of the skin, resulting in the growth of thick hairs. Epilation is not a permanent hair removal process instead it is classified as semi-permanent hair removal measure as the hairs grow back in 3 to 4 days. Epilator is also a very durable device as the average product last for 5 to 6 years. It is a nice and small investment in you to look fresh and beautiful. There is also no maintenance cost like replacement of the blades or anything. It is a very affordable product. Epilator also doesn’t require any specific gel or cream to remove hairs. The usage of these epilators is very simple and easy. One other important factor about this device is that it is not time consuming. It hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes’ maximum to perform the entire epilation.

Types of Epilators

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There are several types of epilators that are currently available in the market. Every type of epilator has its specific functionality and comes with a particular accessory. Each will serve a specific task and possess the specific features. These types are distributed according to the needs of the consumers. In order to select the best epilator for you, it is essential to comprehend on some of the important factors. In that way, you won’t regret your decision of buying the best epilator. Well, basically, there are three type of epilators, the multiple tweezers, the rotating spring type and the disk type. Speaking of the Spring type devices, it pulls out the hair through the wires in the shape of springs. These spring rotates in such a manner that they make firm grip on each hair and takes it out from the skin along with the roots. There are some questions raised on the durability of these springs as they depreciate easily and you need to replace them after some substantial use. Although, the replacement of these springs are not that difficult and you can easily change them by yourself. This type is actually the original one that was first manufactured. It is easily applicable on the face as well to remove the unwanted hairs. The second type is the famous rotating disc epilator. Same physics is used in this type as of the previous one but with a slight difference. Instead of springs, it contains the discs that rotates and grabs the hair. The two types have a lot of similarities and that is the reason it led to a patent litigation on the inventor of this disc epilator. The third type of epilator is considered as the most preferable and also classified as the best epilator invented. It is the tweezer type which is the latest edition of the epilators. It contains the plates which are not entirely in the shape of discs. The physics of this this epilator is just wonderful and effective as the plates rotates in such a motion that it creates a tweezer effect, the best known motion to pull the hair out. This type also comes in different number of tweezers, the higher the number of tweezers, the lees time it will take to completely eradicate the hairs. You can choose whatever model that you find the most soothing or convincing amongst those tweezers. In order to optimize the impact of an epilator, it is preferable to apply it on the dry skin. But, women prefer to use these epilators on the wet skin as it helps to relief the pain. It is important to contemplate on the attributes of any epilator before purchasing it that whether it is operable in wet conditions or not. They usually indicate it by saying that the epilator is perfect to use in the showers. There are no guarantees that these epilators don’t cause pain while taking out the hairs. In razors, there are no twitching of roots under the skin but in this process of epilation, it does. It is also very important to know that the very first use of epilators may hurt you more as compared to second or other several times. You may find some cooling packs with those epilators to ease the pain. Areas of your skin is also very important as for face and underarms, you may require the different heads of the epilator. Big heads are preferable for the sensitive areas of the skin.

How to Use Epilator?

The usage of epilator is not a rocket science but require a little attention and some of your time. Make sure that your skin is dry before applying this epilator unless your epilator is capable of removing hairs from wet skin. Stroke the epilator on the opposite direction of your hair. Move the epilator slowly as it gradually pulls the hair. After finishing with the hair removal, massage your skin with some cream to compensate any swelling or pain.

Pros and Cons of Epilator


  • Makes your skin refreshing and appealing as it removes the hairs.
  • It is one of the cheapest remedy for unwanted hairs as beauty salons would cost you fortune.
  • The entire process of using epilators and removing hairs is very simple. They are very easy to operate. They usually don’t need to put any shaving cream prior to apply the tweezers.
  • Any person specially ladies can use this device at home. It doesn’t require any expertise.
  • Substantially less hurting than the other hair removal techniques such as waxing.


  • The biggest con of Epilator is the ingrown hairs that appear after applying the epilators. Exfoliation is the solution to these ingrown hairs.
  • Pain is another associated consequence attached with this unnatural act.
  • In this fast moving world, time has the super value while this process consumes time.

Product Reviews

Rachel Clark (My legs are shinning)

I am quite a hairy person and hates the unwanted hairs on my body. I go to work and wears skirt so my legs are exposed. I have to keep them hairless to show my feminism. I used this product and it worked perfectly. Before, I used to apply the razor on my legs but, the hairs come back shortly. I wanted something that holds in those hairs on my legs. I searched it on the internet and found this amazing epilator. I use to 8 to 9 times in a month which is quite enough to keep my legs hairless and shiny. I also want to recommend this epilator to those women who are completely frustrated with the waxing and razors. It didn’t hurt me at all and I use to with ease and comfort.

Molly Drake (Worked with my face)

My face used to be possess many unwanted hairs specially on the upper lips side. I was really concerned about the appearance of my face as it looked like a teen male face due to those small hairs. I used to be upset and sometimes got depressed due to these situations. It was some of the dark side of my life. I wasn’t happy with anything. I had many other psychological problems associated with these hairs on my face. I had no guidance and I was kind of a lonely person and that is the reason I was single. No boy liked me due to my ugliness. But, one day I saw this epilator on the internet, which claims to remove hair from any part of your skin even the face. I bought it and literally my life was changed. I am now a pretty girl having a healthy relationship with my spouse.

Tiffany Green (Better than waxing)

I am very hair conscious lady and doesn’t allow my skin to hold a shingle unwanted hair. Before converting to this wonderful product, I used to wax my skin to remove the hairs. Believe me, it was the most painful process that I have to do to keep my body clean from those hairs. I had no idea that such epilators were existed. My friend told me about this epilator that relived me from that pain and now, I use it with ease. Actually, it is better than waxing because it removes the hairs quickly and efficiently. This epilator’s grip is also very hand friendly. I have bought this epilator for years ago and it is operating just fine. This epilator is also very sound proof as it doesn’t indicate what I am doing in my washroom. I am highly convinced with this product.

Fiona Bush (Confronted some pain)

I am a regular user of this product and have used several brands before sticking it to this one. One thing that I have noticed is the amount of pain. As compared to the previous epilators, it hurts more. But, as far as performance is concerned, this epilator is the one of the best epilator of the market. I am very sensitive person and the reason I am bearing this pain is because of the fine attribute of this product to remove hairs. I have to put some ice afterwards to compensate the inflammations of the skin. The timing of this product is just great. It took around 20 minutes to remove the hairs. I am a fan of this product. I really respect the brand name of this product.

Gianna Gills (not convinced with it)

I have used many of the famous brands of epilators and also used this one too. I want to say that this epilator is not even close to the performance of the other famous brands. It is just a waste of money and time to buy this product. I am not sure why other people are still utilizing this product. May be they don’t have the exposure of using the other reputable brands or may be their requirement is not that much. But professionally speaking, this product is completely unfit to use it on regular basis. I am disappointed with this epilator as I was expecting more from this product. It’s a shame that I have spent my money on this epilator. I wish, I could get my money back.


It can be concluded that this Braun Epilator is the most efficient and value for money product available in the market. According to the reviews, it seems clear that the product is highly usable and has no potential threat to the skin. It is also an epilator that is used widely amongst the users.

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