Best food to LOSE WEIGHT fast πŸ’ͺ No carbs no Sugar food list πŸ˜‡ Nearly zero carbs & zero sugar diet

keto foods list
keto foods list

Looking for keto foods list ??

Watch the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

TOP 20 foods with least (or no) carbs or foods with no sugar for contest prepping or to lose weight fast according to Coach Ali. These are some of the best food to lose weight fast. This list contains food with nearly zero carbs and close to zero sugar as used by Coach Ali to get down to 4% body fat for competition.
If you’re looking for super low carb diet or food list then you MUST watch this video. Make no carb meals at home. Low carb diet weight loss tools.

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19 thoughts on “Best food to LOSE WEIGHT fast πŸ’ͺ No carbs no Sugar food list πŸ˜‡ Nearly zero carbs & zero sugar diet”

  1. I can totally eat any food until my stomach is full for my 23 years of existence and I never turned fat…I want to be fat!!!!!!!

  2. I didn’t realize how many carbs were in these foods. No wonder My weight loss stalled

  3. Liar! Clickbait! Your title says NO Carbs NO Sugar!!!!! NO MEANS NO! Why are you listing foods WITH CARBS and SUGAR?

  4. I am going to give you recipes. I'm a chef. What about vinergars & olive oil? Green chillies? Basil.. onions? Garlic?

  5. Lime
    Brazil Nut
    Cheddar Cheese
    Chicken Breast
    Beef Sirloin
    Red Fish (Salmon)
    White Fish (Barramundi)…..
    You're welcome!

  6. can breathing techniques help to burn calories, I have to undergo a knee surgery which requires me to loose weight and the irony is I CAN'T MOVE AT ALL, I am completely on bed rest.. please help πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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