Best Protein Sources for Vegan Keto

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Best Protein Sources for Vegan Keto – Thomas DeLauer

So you’re hot on doing the keto thing, but you’re plant-based and you don’t know how you’re going to get your protein without kicking you out of ketosis. It’s a very viable concern and it’s quite frankly, probably the reason why most vegans don’t try a ketogenic protocol. They feel like a ketogenic protocol is all protein and the only way that you can get your protein is either by eating a bunch of soy or by combining a bunch of starches.

Well, the good news is there are some ways around that, and quite honestly, they’re tasty ways and they’re ways that might end up enriching your life. I’ll break down how to get protein on a plant-based keto diet and how to do it properly, and also share the truth with you, so that you don’t fall victim to having to eat a bunch of things you don’t need to be eating.

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First off, we have the soy equation. I’m not the biggest fan of soy, but I do think in small amounts it’s okay. You’re going to get all of your nine essential amino acids from soy. That’s the benefit. However, you probably are aware of the negatives. Obviously the estrogen mimicking components; soy mimics estrogen, so it triggers sort of a vicious cycle of estrogen kind of piling up and then your body not being able to process it and you get all this toxicity and what’s called 16 hydroxy estrogen. It’s all these different things that are not good. But the other side of the equation is you’ve got what are called anti-nutrients in it. Anti-nutrients are phytates and things that prevent minerals from actually absorbing.

Secondly, you can have hemp. Hemp is going to have all nine of your essentials. I recommend leaning on hemp whenever can, whether you have hempeh, which is like a fermented hemp that’s made into a patty or whatever, or you just have straight up hemp hearts. High fat, so super good when it comes down to keto. You just don’t want to be skewing too high down the omega-6 road. That’s the other issue that vegans face, is omega-3 to omega-6 balance. I’m going to talk about that in a second.

Nutritional yeast. This is a great way to get an abundance of amino acids. Let’s say you’re having some hemp hearts and you’re having a flax egg that you’ve made like a nice flax cake with and then you’re just looking for something else just to sprinkle on to get some extra amino acids, make a cheese out of nutritional yeast or something like that with a little bit of water. There you go. You’ve got your essential amino acids coming in.

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Another thing that I recommend is sacha inchi. This is like a seed and a lot of times it’s made into a powder or you can straight up eat the seed that’s been roasted or anything like that. A nice complete amino acid profile with the essentials and very low carb.

But one of the things that I really have to address here, and this is something that non-plant-based dieters don’t always understand, but a lot of plant-based dieters do, is that pea protein is probably one of the most powerful proteins that you can consume.

There’s a study that was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that took a look at test subjects and had them consume either pea protein, whey protein or a placebo.

161 males, aged 18 to 35 years underwent 12 weeks of resistance training on upper limb muscles:

Pea protein (n = 53), Whey protein (n = 54) or Placebo (n = 54) group

All had to take 25 g of the proteins or placebo twice a day during the 12-week training period

Increases in thickness were significantly greater in the Pea group as compared to Placebo whereas there was no difference between Whey and Pea

Performing a sensitivity study on the weakest participants (with regards to strength at inclusion), thickness increases were significantly different between groups (+20.2%, +15.6% and +8.6% for Pea, Whey and Placebo, respectively)

Increase in the maximum concentric torque between D0 and D84 was +8.8 N.m for the Placebo group, +10.9 N.m for Whey group and +10.7 N.m for Pea group

As always, make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on my channel. And don’t forget to check out Sun Warrior down below in the description, and I will see you in the next video.

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47 thoughts on “Best Protein Sources for Vegan Keto”

  1. Instead of bashing on other diets than his own, Thomas excepts that there are other ways of eating and tries to help everyone!

  2. Hemps don't have complete protein profile. It lacks methionine. Check your sources. Most of mainstream internet sources have misleading information about hemp protein.

  3. Is there products like what you are talking about available in Canada, Vancouver? I am not able to buy on line.

  4. After being Vegan for 9 years I realized it’s not meat vs no meat it’s Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

  5. I thought fava bean is NOT keto friendly. Why is it here that he said is okay to eat on a vegan keto diet?

  6. you lost me up until the soy boy bs, there is no evidence and it has been debunked so many times that soy causes estrogen build-up….sorry but no…just western meat-eating propaganda

  7. This is one of your best videos in my opinion. And you may find what your Vegan counterpart has to say about a hybrid diet like this. There may still be hope for a truce between both the Vegan and Keto Camps without all the mud slinging and confusion I often see, just saying

  8. Soy doesn't contain estrogen. It's called isoflavones and they are beneficial for health. Please stop proliferating this. Please, get your facts straight as you have a massive influence. Animal foods on the other hand DO contain estrogen. Especially chicken and dairy.

  9. what is wrong with leaning on soy? I body build as part of my recomp and I heavily lean on soy and it works great. Tofu, tempeh and edamame are all low carb…. and my body does not react negatively to soy. Did you site sources to studies that show that soy causes estrogen production?

  10. see what put me of meet was no matter what way you look at it it's your own personal choice and after all the research I did down through the years on a cellular level it's not good cause if the emotions that thease animals have and it effects humans and the hormones your body has to fight very hard to deal to brake down the food so in simple terms ages us so the less time it takes food to go through you the better and you need can fully brake down meet cause it's to complicated for the human body to brake down but I did all the research goin back 20 years for personal benefits

  11. How about, making a protein shake as 1 meal? Do you havea recipe for that? One that would replace a meal and keep me satiated?

  12. Sorry the estrogen thing isn’t true at all… you’d need to consume extreme (not possible) amounts to even see any kind of effect.

  13. I'm confused about soy….it doesn't have estrogen in it, it has phytoestrogen (meaning plant estrogen) as far as I know there is no study to show that it raises estrogen levels on a male.

    Someone prove me wrong. Phytoestrogens are also in lots of other beans including coffee beans. This myth keeps coming up?

  14. Soys estrogen property is a plant estrogen, so it has no affect on our body.. if you’re using the logic .. or point.. then what about cow milk.. or any dairy products? That has estrogen and growth hormones which is an issue for our bodies .. we are not supposed to be eating cow growth fluid .. soy is the least of the problem

  15. Yes, I would love to reduce my Lentil and chick pea consumption consumption. I do No Cow bars which are Keto and I I do use sun warrior products. I simply need to lower my legume consumption. I feel it is too much.

  16. I’ve been doing vegan keto for over a year. It worked very well. Vegan omega 3 supplement and b 12 in addition to other sources like nutritional yeast. Coconut oil cream and milk are essential. Avocado. Leafy green veg. Nuts. And the occasion non vegan feta when avocados are poor quality. Top quality hard tofu and konyaku as also key parts. I’m based in Tokyo so food choices are different. Organic sesame oil in cans. Weight down blood data very good.

  17. hello Thomas, what is your opinion about edamame for protein source in vegan diet?

  18. Thanks for this video.
    I have a few questions, you say that soy in moderation is okay. How much is that for someone who is on 1000 to 1200 calorie vegan keto diet?
    Also is canned Fava beans okay?

  19. The plant based diet is the healthiest diet for human life. That’s a fact. All meat and dairy is bad for you. That’s a fact. Say what you will. There is no healthier diet than the vegan diet.

  20. You need carbohydrates in your diet, keto is not sustainable. That's why I tried the Agoge diet and it worked great for me.

  21. Hi Thomas, Thank you for making these knowledge videos! does sprouting reduced the amount of carbs in legumes and beans ? Can you please make a video on that topic ?

  22. I will never give up animal proteins in my diet. The flavour and mouthfeel cannot be matched by veggies unless they're highly processed patties, and that defeats the purpose of trying to eat cleaner.

  23. My daughter eats a lot of soy and tofu for the protein and lots of vegetables, she never had so much energy right she has now (even having pcos doing thos kind of vegan keto help her a lot)

  24. But why does that protein have so much carb? If you have 2 shakes a day then that’s 22 carbs. Isn’t that a lot?

  25. Lots of people on YouTube don’t live in the USA. Sunwarrior only ships to USA. 🙁

  26. This is what I have been waiting for!!!! 😅😍❤️🌻 My biggest problem is that I can't eat soy anymore… 🤔😳🤷🏻‍♀️ I use Omega3 supplements from algies.

  27. I just feel like all his videos are so awesome but their really all just ads for his sun warrior brand.

  28. Blood test revealed food sensitivities are:
    Wheat gluten, millet, buckwheat, corn, hemp, dairy, soy, and yeast.
    Holistic doctor said quinoa ok but not oatmeal. And avoid rice and any gains in fact.
    Then no sugar, including many fruits except for berries. No coffee, not even decaf, no chocolate, no black tea, no caffeine.
    Accupuncturist said plant protein only, no animal protein.
    And of course no artificial anything all organic non gmo.
    No beans or lentils. Avoid lectins.
    Holistic doc said I'd benefit from the keto diet.
    Hmmm, what else?
    I….think that's it? 🤔
    I follow Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Steven Gundry, Dr. (Forgot first name) Shultze, Dr. Jason (forgot last name)
    You know, I keep adding more and more. I'll try to watch thy video again. Tired of buying expensive food and products. You know the cheap stuff will kill you or debilitate you slowly and painfully.

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