mal-a-ket shampoo side effects
mal-a-ket shampoo side effects

Looking for mal-a-ket shampoo side effects ??

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0:00 intro
0:13 hair growth cycle stages
1:20 shampoo #1
1:31 rosemary oil
3:02 peppermint oil
4:05 scalp health
4:31 silicones
5:31 sulfate free
5:57 shampoo #1 honorable mentions
6:50 shampoo #2
7:00 aloe vera
7:18 menthol / peppermint oil
7:39 sulfate free / silicone free
7:48 lather
8:20 importance of clean scalp
8:46 hair washing myth
9:18 shampoo #3
10:46 cleans / lather
11:02 great for oily hair
11:32 silicones
11:54 shampoos #4
12:35 sles
12:50 dimethicone
14:27 shampoo #5
14:44 dimethicone
15:05 hair care journey realization
16:08 clarifying shampoos
16:12 shampoo #6
16:42 shampoo #7
17:26 shampoo #8
18:15 conclusion


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30 thoughts on “BEST SHAMPOOS FOR HAIR GROWTH | Hair Growth Tips”

  1. I'm a guy with thin hair and losing his hair. Should I shampoo every day? Or every other day?

  2. I do understand she has nice hair but shampoos don’t technically help your hair grow faster so that in itself is misleading

  3. A good next video would be "How to tell if you have build-up on your scalp." You touched on it briefly in this video but don't go into any details.. Thanks Audrey.

  4. My favorite hair products are from PLANET AYURVEDA which is made from natural ingredients and Absolutely free from chemicals, additives, extra colors, fillers and yeast etc.

  5. I don't really understand where this girl gets her information,maybe Google. But I have thick hair as well thats long . Silicone is horrible for hair and causes hair loss. If it feels so nice and soft its probably only temporary because of something else in the ingredients. I low key think she doesn't want people having nice hair because she litterly shows yall the worst shampoos to use .

  6. Sweet Victoria, I was wondering if you ever experienced the sweetest cuddle of having your boyfriend or someone wash your hair ….

  7. I love the bit about balance when it comes to washing your hair. Everyone is different

  8. OXG could potentially have a lawsuit. Be careful on what you see on the internet,they are not always true

  9. Just watching all the shampoos and conditioners you have, it reminds me of my bathroom. LOL

  10. AND I bought the aveeno green blends shampoo so I will give it try see how this makes my hair health and grown strong. I also got a couple hair mask to do aswell to do a deep conditioning

  11. OK so I bought the rosemary to do the rosemary hair treatment but I need the other oils too but for now ill just use the rosemary!?

  12. Garnier frutise have that hair growth shampoo its rosemary peppermint shampoo

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