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All of us bathe daily and apply soap lather on our body parts to keep them clean. Many bathe twice in an effort to feel clean and fresh at night before going to sleep. However, soaps are rather harsh and full of chemicals so they are not able to do the cleaning to the desired level. This is the reason why skin of most people keeps on accumulating dead cells. Also, dirt and oils clog the outer layer of the skin of most individuals. To get rid of these dead skin cells and to unclog the pores of skin, the use of body scrubs is on the rise. These scrubs gently open the pores and remove dead skin cells to leave the skin exfoliated and well moisturized. Realizing the desire of the people to have a soft and supple body skin, more and more companies are making body scrubs containing natural ingredients. Body scrubs come in large jars containing huge quantities as they are also consumed quickly, being applied on all parts of the body.

What is Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime

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As the name implies, this is a body scrub containing shea butter, coconut, and lime as active ingredients. This body scrub gently removes dead skin cells and all other things like dirt and oil to unclog the closed pores of the skin. The action of this body scrub exfoliates the skin and moisturizes and rejuvenates it to give it a younger and healthier appearance. This product comes in a pack containing 3 jars of 18 ounce each, thus totally 54 ounces of body scrub to last for a long time. This scrub is only meant to be sued on the body and it is not a facial scrub. The active ingredient in this body scrub is organic she butter that performs the role of a moisturizer. It carries out repairing of skin and increasing its elasticity. The extract of coconut conditions the skin and also helps in removing dead skin cells to exfoliate it. Finally, this product contains lime extract that polishes the skin to make it glow.

Some other crucial ingredients of this body scrub are safflower seeds, primrose oil, and almond oil. The role of almond oil in this scrub is to help in lightening the complexion of the skin and to make it glow by providing the sheen. The primrose oil is known for its anti aging properties and here too it helps in rejuvenating the skin to make it look soft and young. Safflower seed oil carries out the moisturizing of the skin to leave it well nourished.

Types of body scrubs available in the market

The concept of cleaning body using various kinds of abrasive stones has been known to mankind since time immemorial. Scrubbing the body parts with abrasive substances that exfoliate the skin has been going on for a very long time. But now scrubbing of body parts has been made easier by companies making cosmetic and beauty care products. They are selling different types of products that intend to remove dead skin cells to unclog the pores of the skin. These scrubs also remove all sorts of dirt and oils from the external thick layer of the skin. They contain certain ingredients that moisturize and polish the skin to make it look well nourished and rejuvenated. The overall composition and ingredients of body scrubs may be different but their overall objective remains the same. It is to clean the skin and moisturize and polish it to make it look nourished and young.

Pros and cons of Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime

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  • The best body scrub with tried and tested ingredients
  • Has a tropical aroma of coconut and lime
  • Does cleaning of dead cells in a very gentle manner
  • Anti aging properties
  • Leaves the skin super soft and extremely smooth


This product has received a very high rating from the consumers indicating its effectiveness in delivering the desired results. Some, consumers have complained about its inability to soften their skin. They say that it has a very strong smell that is used to hide the harsh chemicals used in the product.

How to use Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime

Using this product is as easy as massaging your body with any oil or lotion. Just take the handful amount in your hands and apply on your body parts and rub gently for some time so that the ingredients get a chance to get absorbed in your skin. You need to carry out the massage for some to so that this sc rub effectively cleans your skin to remove all the dirt and the oil. Regular use of this scrub on your body will help in exfoliating the skin to make it look soft and supple. It will also moisturize and nourish your skin with its active ingredients. You can apply this body scrub at any time of the day though most people use it sometime before taking a shower so that they can get the dirt and the oil removed with a shower. Many people use this scrub at night before going to sleep to allow the ingredients to work on the skin overnight.

Review 1

Jerome Lloyd (Does well what it promises)

I am an actor and earn my livelihood by appearing in commercials and by playing characters in television serials. I am 31 but the constant struggle for work and insufficient care of me played havoc on the skin of my body.  I always paid more attention to my face and neglected the skin of my body with the result that my skin gradually became dull and dark in complexion. While I was not much perturbed with the condition of my bodily skin, I had to pay the price when I was rejected in an audition that required me to wear only shorts at the sea beach. It was for a role of a lifeguard in a big TV serial. This was when I became serious and looked for an easy way to repair my body skin.

I have been using this product for the last 4 months only but it has literally transformed the condition of my skin. I cannot believe the results when I see the before and after images of myself wearing just shorts. The ingredients inside this cream have gently scrubbed my body to remove not only all dirt and oil but also cleared the pores of my skin that had become clogged. In addition, substances like shea butter, almond oil, and primrose oil have replenished moisture and changed my skin from dull and rough to one that is soft and supple and almost childlike.

I am totally satisfied with the quality and efficacy of this product. Also, its price is not much as I got three jars of 18 ounce each for only $19.44 from your website. It lasted for more than a month and by that time I could notice visible differences in my body skin. This is only the 2nd pack that I am using but I intend to buy many more of this product from your website as it has worked wonders in my case.

I would like to share good news with the readers. I have received offer for a role in which I have to wear swimsuit in many episodes. I am thankful to the makers of this product as I am sure this would not have been possible without using this product.

Review 2

Kathy Howard (Great aroma, and it works too)

I have fallen in love with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, a product that was suggested to me by my elder sister. She was concerned with the condition of my skin and often commented on my hands and legs when I wore a short top or a skirt. I bought it from your website and have been using it for the last 3 months. Though this much time may not be deemed enough by some, I feel I am qualified to review this body scrub as I have obtained mind blowing results from it.

I started using this shea sugar cream in the shower where I gently rubbed it all over my body for a while. I simply loved the tropical scent of the coconut and lime that have been used as ingredients in this scrub. So wonderful is the aroma of this cream that I often allowed it to remain on my skin for over an hour. The scrub exfoliates my skin and removes the dirt and excess oil in no time at all. I feel calm and relaxed after applying this cream as it does its work on my skin.

Oh yes, how I can forget to mention the fact that this scrub has also helped in making my skin flawless besides nourishing and moisturizing it. I used to have small blemishes all over my arms and legs that are mostly gone now after regular use of this shea butter product.

Review 3

Martha Albert (I got a perfectly tanned skin with this product)

Are you desirous of a tanned skin but do not have the will or the time to spend hours lying nude on the beach? If yes, then take my word and used this product to get a perfectly tanned body just like those celebrities that you see in magazines and television. This awesome body scrub not only gave me a smooth and flawless skin but it has also given me a complexion that I was dying to have. I never believed there was anything called sunless tanning but here I am, a 34 year old housewife with a near perfect body and tan that surprised even my husband. I was so happy with the performance of this product that he found me smiling all the time. When he asked me what was behind my happiness, I told him it was Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub. I have asked him to try out this wonderful product on his body to get a soft and rejuvenated skin himself.

Review 4

Flora Kendall (5 star rating)

I am a 40 year old bank executive who has little time to devote to her grooming at home.  Though my husband never complained, I could sense that he was losing interest in me with my skin gradually becoming dull and saggy. I read the ad of this product and bought it soon to start the exercise of improving the condition of my skin. Today I am writing this review to share my experience. I felt nice and good smelling after applying this scrub over my body. It was as if I had gently scrubbed my body with an abrasive and at the same time applied oils to soften it.

Oh yes, the quantity they give is too much to last for several months. For a price of just $19, this is certainly a fantastic product.

Review 5

Clara Clark (Simply WOW)

I have used this product and I can tell you would not get anything better even if you spend double the amount. It smells delicious and makes you feel like a child once again. My skin had deteriorated with exposure to the elements but after using this scrub, I not only have a great, flawless skin but also feel confident and protected when I am moving in the outdoors. I would recommend this product to all ladies and even men who want a soft and nourished skin for themselves.


The market is full of products made by different companies. While there are products made by big brands, this body scrub score over others in terms of results and satisfaction that it provides to the users. This scrub has received a very high rating and it has delivered what it promises to all customers irrespective of their skin types. It is also very inexpensive way of achieving a soft sand younger looking skin.

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