Bonsai On The Rocks

keto soil
keto soil

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Watch the whole video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

A video about planting on a slab. Holes were drilled through the rock using an ordinary masonary drill bit and a hammer drill. Wire mesh was attached to the stone to provide anchoring for wires to be looped through.

First we made a wall out of sphagnum moss mixed with peat moss. Once we have the wall made we place the trees and back-fill with bonsai soil.

Clay can be used in the “muck” wall (especially with New Jersey soil) but after trying both with clay and without I’ve found the mixture without to be more effective. Also moss loves to grow on it!


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13 thoughts on “Bonsai On The Rocks”

  1. You mention 3 ingredients off the bat, then show how your approach is sphag+peat(decomp'd sphag), not saying there's anything wrong with your mix but don't get why you'd said 3 things made it in the intro (also don't get why you spent like 3/4th of the video to get-across the point of "take peat, take sphagnum, mix together and place", at any rate I'm still glad you posted, the more content the better I hope that whatever you planted there is looking great today!!

  2. I followed your instruction carefully, used Michigan peat and sphagnum moss and the right portion. After I placed the muck on my concrete slab I made, planted my trees, i carefully watered it. I carefully water the bonsai and slowing the muck walls started to dissentigrate . What can I do to prevent the walls to collapse.

  3. Thanks for the video. 
    I have question about the Michigan peat. I've seen a lot of them for sale on Amazon but don't know which one to get. Would you please share the name as well.
    Thank you.

  4. Like the other guys I think it's a great tutorial. One question, did you fix the mesh to the slab or is it free standing on mesh. Thanks mike

  5. Wow…did I leave that out? The trees are called Chamaecyparis Thyoidies "little jamie" A fairly fast growing cypress which will back-buds on branches when they are cut back (FYI not all cypress do this). They work very well in group settings.
    Thanks for watching and the good word.

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