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keto soil
keto soil

Looking for keto soil ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

Using the right Bonsai soil mixture for your trees is crucial. Soil is important to supply your Bonsai with nutrients, but it also needs to drain properly, provide enough aeration and retain water. For more guidelines check:

The most common components for Bonsai soil mixtures are Akadama, Pumice, Lava rock, organic potting compost and fine gravel (grit). Different tree-species demand different soil-mixtures, so make sure to check our tree-species Bonsai guide to find the optimum mixture for individual trees. We can however describe two main mixtures, one for deciduous trees and one for coniferous trees. Both mixtures consist of Akadama (the water retention component), Pumice (good for structure of the substrate) and Lava rock (to provide the mixture with aeration and drainage).

If you want to learn more about Bonsai, consider enrolling in one of our Online Bonsai Courses. For the curriculums and free lectures, go to:

This video was filmed in the Japanese garden of Clingendael. We also like to thank Deshima Bonsai.


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  1. Hey Together, if i use Akadama, Lava and Pumice, does the organic fertilizer (Biogold) work with that soil mix ? Thanks in advance for your answer!
    Br Michael

  2. Can I use loam soil ? Contents of loam soil is Garden soil, Vermicast, cocopeat, rotten rice hull, carbonized rice hull, fertilizer?

  3. Amazing Sir I am from India , can you please share me bonsai potting media preparation video from you. I don't miss any videos of you .
    Hope you will response.
    Deb.Kolkata, India.

  4. I would love to grow bonsai trees but I live in an apt that has one window that only gets sunlight for 4 hours a day. From everything I have read and watched it seems they need as much sunlight as possible. Does that mean I shouldn't have them or is there a solution to that…thanks

  5. Thanks for the info… You said roots cannot grow in lava rock, yet you add lava rock to the mix. Why is that?

  6. I am thinking of taking up bonsai as a hobby. I don't understand why the bonsai mix has no actual soil, just rocks and gravel. Where do they get their nutrients from?

  7. If I didn't know any better, this wouldn't be helpful at all, it'd be downright confusing since you make no differentiation between development and refinement. People selling shit always have new people thinking you need all this when they actually need soil to get their trees to grow. Just about nobody who needs this explained to them is buying a tree in refinement.

  8. I'm curious, would using slow release organic fertilizer and worm castings mixed in the soil be fine? The three substrate you added seem to no have much nutrients, do you add a little after?

  9. An important point; wear an EFFICIENT mask when working with soil components, particularly those that are initially dry. Sand, clay, pumice, perlite, humus, etc. particulates are harmful if inhaled. Packaged potting mixes have been liked to Legionella (responsible for Legionaire's disease) infections in the UK.

    Here in the US, vermiculite, a common component of both general purpose potting mixes and widely used in seed starting mixes, derived from tremolite carrying high levels of asbestos was mined and sold for decades by W.R. Grace, and their employees sustained thousands of cases of mesothelioma decades after prolonged exposure. Note that many sources of vermiculite are asbestos free, and the EU now has regulations regarding asbestos content in vermiculite.

  10. As far as Iโ€™m aware although I could be misinformed; you canโ€™t buy Akadama in Australia. I use a fine soil blend with pine bark mulch from a bonsai supplier and add zeolite (volcanic rock) to the mix. For free draining soil plant species I then add a third course sand to the mix.

  11. Akadama is not baked, why is this still being repeated in 2021? If akadama was baked, it would be a different color and would be useless for bonsai.

  12. Con los problemas que hay en Europa con akadama y kiriu tendremos que estudiar nuevos materiales.

  13. Oscar, you need an organic component in your soil. Either use spaghnum or some other type, but not that stuff with the cocopeat in it. It tends to dry out quickly and form a solid clump. :S

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