Bulgarian Yogurt VS. Greek Yogurt | #ScienceSaturday

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greek gods keto yogurt

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Watch the full video review from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

You’ve heard of Greek Yogurt… Ever heard of Bulgarian Yogurt?

Thomas DeLauer breaks down the differences between the two yogurts and their respective advantages when it comes to improving your gut health on the latest #ScienceSaturday

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38 thoughts on “Bulgarian Yogurt VS. Greek Yogurt | #ScienceSaturday”

  1. Good try but it still the Greek yogurts are the best , and stay to one label of greek yogurt with have more than 50 companies in this area and you sow only one?!

  2. Never heard of Bulgarian yogurt till I watched your show. I wonder how hard it’s going to be to find this in the supermarkets. Definitely going to give this a try. Thank you.

  3. How are these Greek and Bulgarian yogurts if they are all produced in the USA? I know you can cultivate the enzymes/bacterias but it's still not the same product. This is especially valid for the Bulgarian one, since pretty much every city, town or village of Bulgaria produces their own and it can differ in taste and structure by a lot while the so-called Greek yogurt (στραγγιστό) goes through several processes as described here, before packaging, and tastes pretty much the same.. Be it ФАГЕ, ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ, ΚΡΙ ΚΡΙ, ΔΩΔΩΝΗ… I am Greek and I eat a lot of dairy from the Balkans, I have to agree, the Bulgarian yogurt is just amazing. The closest we ever got here in Greece is "Αγελαδίτσα" from ΦΑΓΕ.

  4. I'm 80 yrs old and eat Bulgarian yougurt mixed with strawberries ,bananas and sesame seeds

  5. Bulgarian Yogurt is a superfood Helps a lot if you whitdroling from opioids

  6. I got a question, I make my own yogart in the Instant pot. I use 3% milk fat, I then strain it ones overnight to make greek , tge add back some of the whey to make it not too too thick, how do I determine the calories, or proteins in it. Per cup

  7. My only regret is not trying the Agoge diet sooner, very good results. Keto really ruined me for a couple of weeks before that.

  8. Very glad for comparisson. I must add something very important about bulgarian yogurt (kiselo mliako) and how to find out if you are eating the authentic one. There is a very simple method. The real bulgarian yogurt must get very sour in in a week time even kept in the fridge. This is because of the healty organism inside.

  9. Thanks for the introduction to Bulgarian yogurt; very interesting and well explained. I like the the idea of adding additional bacteria to my intake. Wow, you talk quick so setting voice speed to 75% is perfect for my slow brain.
    I've ordered a culture and I'll make a batch as soon as it arrives. Cheers.

  10. Funny story 🤣
    In 1995 Danone came for the first time in Bulgaria and believe it or not,they tried to teach the people in Bulgaria how to make yougurt.
    With the same success Bulgarian
    cognac brand can go to France and start teaching them how to produce cognac 🤣

  11. Bulgarian yogurt is the real yogurt, and the best as well! The bacteria makes is what makes it so unique and tasty. No other yogurt has that tangy flavor to it, because when they're strained all the bacteria gets destroyed and its just not the same. My grandma makes homemade yogurt in our village, and makes the best banitsa with yogurt and sirene cheese.

  12. I ate yogurt while watching this video
    ядох кисело мляко докато гледах това видео

  13. There are only two kinds of yogurt: Bulgarian yogurt, and everything else, which only wishes it was Bulgarian. Greek yogurt is very similar to the country itself: nice idea, failed execution.

  14. Can you make bulgarian yogurt at home using a probiotic pill containing lactobacillus bulgaricus?

  15. Just tried Balkan yogurt today and oh my god, I love it! I like it more than Greek because it's not as thick. Some people like the thick and creaminess of Greek yogurt, but I like how Balkan yogurt feels more "fresh." It feels lighter for me too, and it doesn't overshadow the fruits I like to eat with my yogurt.

  16. Funny thing in Greece we call greek yogurt « strained », thats because there are many types of yogurts in the markets, this bulgarian style included. My favorite is the goat where you get a skin formed on the top

  17. yogurt is a turkish word and real healty yogurt is turkish traditional yogurt the other are fake. you can search and find that

  18. Alternatively just make your own unstrained yogurt at home with Greek yogurt as starter! It's also cheaper and fresher.

  19. I started eating 1/2 cup Fage full fat plain Greek yogurt a couple nights ago as a after dinner snack. I have been out of ketosis ever since!!!!! Not doing that anymore

  20. Turkish yogurt is the original. Turks have invented it. But turks rarely travel outside to USA or somewhere else cuz they live. In heaven. That's why everybody thinks Bulgaria or Greece has Invented it… Hahahaha… I mean check history

  21. I had indigestion issues that doctors couldn't figure out, then someone told me that he had the same issue and ate Greek yogurt which made his symptoms go away. There was no Greek yogurt in my area so I was told that Bulgarian yogurt (trimona, white mountain) was better because of probiotics or something like that, didn't like the taste because it was more like a very sour yogurt, I gagged every time I ate it but I persisted and got used to it, I ate it for several months and the the problem didn't go away, I even think it became worse. So I just figured I'll have to live like this for the rest of my life, a couple of months later my grocery shop brought Greek yogurt by Fage, I'm not even kidding after a week my symptoms were gone, Greek yogurt is my white gold plus it was edible.

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