Can I Eat Fruit on a Low Carb Diet? & What is My Carbohydrate Tolerance?

keto fruit
keto fruit

Looking for keto fruit ??

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Fruit is a sweet treat that is packed with micronutrients. But all fruits contain carbohydrates. So, can you eat fruit on a low carb diet? The short answer is yes! However, the amount of fruit and the types of fruit that you can eat and still lose weight will depend on your body’s carbohydrate tolerance.

In this video, I’ll explain what I mean by carb tolerance, discuss the natural sugars in fruit, and share the best choices for you as a low carb or keto dieter.

The Best to Worst Low Carb Fruits List:

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45 thoughts on “Can I Eat Fruit on a Low Carb Diet? & What is My Carbohydrate Tolerance?”

  1. What if you don't want to lose weight? It is my blood sugar levels I need to control. It was 356. AC1 was 12.The Dr ordered a cetone in urine test, it came back negative. This confuses me, aren't cetones supposed to appear with low or no carb diets?
    Btwy I managed to get blood sugars down to 90-100, with a low carb diet and the meds dr ordered.

  2. Dr Becky please how many carbs in a passion fruit 💖
    I'm actually underweight so a few carbs extra won't be too bad😊

  3. Noticed that apple is at the top-half of the list in terms of net carb… however, others suggest to choose apple for being "low glycemic".. my question is how should we see low carb fruits relative to glycemic index?

  4. on this lo carb way of eating i used to have pancakes/maple syrup 1x per week as a break from eggs. My go to breakfast has been riced cauliflower,kale ,some cheese 2 eggs. Now i guess i’m not supposed to have any flours.I cooked steel cut oats in the rice cooker along w chia and hemp seeds plus cinnamon. I put it in refrigerator and the next day it’s sliceable-like a pancake!-topped w greek yogurt and strawberries. a once a week treat. I didn’t make this this weekend as no oats allowed on 21 day challenge! currently I have chia and hemp seeds soaking in water and will try this w the yogurt and strawberries this week. hope it works! i find when I eat oat bran without the chia and hemp seeds i’m starving 2 hours later! Noom considers chia and hemp seeds to be red foods and i ignore this recommendation !

  5. Can you make a video for people who have played around too much eating low carb and lost some weight but started going back and forth and regained. Now its really hard to find a balance. I'm actually having a hard time losing weight altogether now.

  6. Most of us who struggle with weight are in fact Carbohydrate/Sugar addicts, even though we don't perceive that we could be hooked (its the Truth, like it or not). We crave sugar to make us "feel" better. So, if sugar is "natural" and comes from a plant, it stands to reason that Cocaine and Opium are also natual and ok to consume in small amounts, right? Don't flirt with using sugar; wean yourself off by "using" less or avoiding completely. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  7. I’m a month in to this new IF/healthy keto thing and have done well. However, I do miss some fruit so I’ve been having a grapefruit every few days and it makes me so much happier. 🙂🙌🏻

  8. I just love the information that I am learning. Can you do a smoothie with and avocado base? Like avocado and blueberries. Also what about spices like cinnamon? Thanks for answering my questions if not the doctor maybe someone else who might.

  9. I just ate a SMALL amount of a sweet potato tonight to test my carb intolerance. I’d like to move from Keto to low carb, but don’t want a weight gain.

  10. For those of us without a scale to measure grams and go by cups this chart is not very helpful. I used an online converter but 3.5 grams is 0.01 cups or .07 teaspoons? That would be only one or two small blueberries. Who only eats that small amount? I would appreciate cup, 1/2 cup, etc. used.

  11. In one period 8 months I was eating only fruits and I lost 20kg
    I think fruits are not bad.
    Can I eat fruits with nuts or eggs to make them slower????

  12. I am not subscribing to someone who makes me so DEPRESSED. I am doing fine
    with my diabetes and eating fruit.

  13. Always the videos and info talks about losing weight, but what about with the ones who alrwady feel good and just want to keep a healthy lifestile for keeping the actual weight? I do not want to lose weight, I would like a healthy diet to keep my weight, that I got eating low carb and doing excercise.

  14. hello!!
    I tried intermittent fasting
    but, it causes my blood pressure level to drop
    does that mean intermittent fasting isn’t for me? please reply. thank you very much

  15. Oatmeal in the morning is too many carbs because I am hypoglycemic. I eat it later in the day as a treat. I find eggs and avocado are best for breakfast.

  16. It's hard now to stay away from too much fruit like strawberries and raspberries and peaches and all the other summer fruits! Darn! Is cantaloupe better?

  17. I think long term low carb dieters change the appereancy and not look so good or best energy levels. I think one, after getting a better shape and weight, should experiment cycles of low carb but not entyre year

  18. The type of carbohydrate is important. Complex carbs are processed in a more moderate manner than simple carbs. Also, fats moderate the uptake and processing of carbs, leveling the glucose spikes that consuming carbohydrates can cause. Avocados are excellent not just because of their low carb content but also because they contain a lot of healthy fat.
    Also, one of the benefits of blueberries that pushes them into the "best foods" category is their high levels of anti-oxidants. You can't look at just carb and fiber ratios to judge the suitability of a food.

  19. Avocado is very filling due to its high-fat content, and a fair amount of calories as well. I like it sliced with salt or in salads. I need a new body. Some things Never change!!!

  20. How is your hubby doing?? Haven't watched your channel in a while, but I'm wishing him all the best…and you as well!!

  21. I don't know what carbohydrate tolerance is.
    I don't know if you can eat fruit on a low carb diet.

  22. I enjoy your videos and have learned a great deal. As a result I’ve had some success in losing some stubborn fat (hopefully vat) and that is a big win for me.

    I’m wondering what you know about advanced glycation end products and how trying to reduce those compounds intersects with a low carb or keto diet?

  23. Ofcourse all food is nutrients. We're lucky to be able to have an abundance of food. Keto is Rediculous I am doing well on eating everything in moderation I do eat low carb not no carb. Keto didn't work.

  24. Her so called "step down method" is a recipe for failure you have to go cold turkey for at least a week otherwise you will suffer through six to eight weeks of your body trying to adjust if you just get it over with in one week then you're not hungry then you just start slowly adding in carbs and I mean really slowly my car tolerance is 25G. Spread out through the day if I need anything more than that my blood sugar is starts to rise I go from being 5.5 to 15.

  25. I think a mistake ppl make w keto is that they over simplify and just eat meat or protein and not enough fiber. Fiber is important bc its food to ur microbes. Immunity and digestion. It's not just about losing weight but finding optimal health.

  26. Hi, do you sell a liver supplement with artichokes, dandelion, milk thistle etc. If yes I would like details.

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