Can I Have CREAM On Keto? – Heavy Whipping Cream (UK Double Cream) || Keto Friendly Food #2

drinking heavy cream on keto
drinking heavy cream on keto

Looking for drinking heavy cream on keto ??

Watch the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Can I Have Cream In Keto? Yes you can but the Fat Percentage matter and so do the net carbs! Keto friendly food of the week is double cream (UK) and Heavy Whipping Cream (US) πŸ”” If you SUBSCRIBE ring the πŸ”” for notifications! Buy Me Bacon? πŸ₯“
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Wherever you are in the world the rule about cream is: the highest the fat content, the lower the carbs. That’s why we can have cream but not milk.

For the US you want HEAVY cream, look at the fat content
Heavy Cream: 36-40% Fat SUPER KETO FRIENDLY
Whipping Cream: 30-36% Fat MEH, ALRIGHT
Half and Half: 10-18% Fat NOPE


You can check your Heavy Creams in the US via the USDA database, make sure you get the one with 40g+ fat per 100ml which carries less then 2g carbs, cause some heavy cream / heavy whipping cream still show only 33g fat and up to 7g carbs, way too high.



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Ping a friends interested in drinking heavy cream on keto and make it best friends thank you again.

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24 thoughts on “Can I Have CREAM On Keto? – Heavy Whipping Cream (UK Double Cream) || Keto Friendly Food #2”

  1. What about the effect on cholestrol? I've heard tell that cream is not good for cholestrol. Please enlighten me as I am confused?

  2. I Ginger I turn it into cream milkπŸ™‚!! Fill qauter of a glass with cold thickened Crean then fill rest with cold water, stir and it tastes just like milk! Only without the lactose sugar that milk has.
    I have been putting it in my black tea for ages now it really works as whilst milk has 12.6 grams of carbs per serving! Cream only has 0.6 grams of carbs per serving 😯!!! Big big difference πŸ™‚.
    I also love eating strawberries and full fat cream as a treat. Both are absolutely yummy and strawberries and cream are both low carb and perfect on ketoπŸ™‚πŸ‘.

  3. Cream is divine but packed with calories….especially if like me you drink lots of tea with cream.

  4. I just bought the double cream and I used it for the first time in my coffee but afterwards I realised it says it’s 140 calories in 2 TABLESPOONS and I was shocked!!! Is that okay on keto I drink a lot of coffee like 4 cups a day and I don’t fancy just consuming like 600 calories a day just from coffee I’m confused

  5. I like sour cream to mix with oil and fried bits on a pan after preparing a meat product. I'm a savage and eat plain Butter with a spoon.

  6. sorry guys, i'm new to this, so just double/heavy cream is ok? Do i need to look for a sugar free?

  7. Is this keto can of Carnation Extra Thick Cream Topping, also how much cream spoons can you have a day .. I have lots of coffee with cream

  8. Thanks been researching just this question today great to know as I have been using thick cream for the past week in my coffee yay!

  9. Slightly confused about cream – there seems to be a lot of stress on eating butter from grassfed cows, but cream seems to be any old cream – what am I missing here?

  10. Ginger if I do have half and half would it be ok if I was eating something high fat with it.

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