Can keto diets treat symptoms of depression?

Keto Diet
Keto Diet

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Can keto diets treat symptoms of depression? A new paper explores the possible mechanisms of how it might!

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15 thoughts on “Can keto diets treat symptoms of depression?”

  1. I tried keto, my ex has Parkinson’s and I was trying it out to see it it would be beneficial for him but if backfired, now he’s seen how sick, weak and terribly depressed it made me, and all the minerals you need, he’s not interested

  2. Hello there, have you considered Okibetonic Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you will find a great guidelines about how you can lost tons of weight. Why not give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  3. 5 days on vegan Keto and I haven’t cried due to low mood. It’s a miracle. More energy no tears better brain work at work can’t recommend enough

  4. I have major depression and will start with this diet. If you see this comment in 1+ week, ask me how it's going.

  5. Compared to Lethargic carb based diet, I think all Keto followers already know that Keto diet helps in Mood elevation, mental clarity and hence a solution for dippression. I, personally, follow Keto diet just for its cognitive enhancements and benefits I feel alone. 🙂

  6. I think it would be worthy get deeper into this topix and find out if, in terms of chemistry in the body, ketogenic lifestyle interferes positively on the brain in order to make someone feel better.
    Certainly those who start keto and loose weight start liking themselves more and are also proud of themselves for having succeeded and this might be (also) the reason why they stop being depressed and start feeling better with themselves.
    I'm 50 kg like when I was 20 so I certainly don't have to loose weight. I sort of like a ketogenic lifestyle (more often low carb high fat I daresay) because I want to extend my healthy lifespan. What I can say is that by eating less carbs (for ex bacon and eggs and cheese for breakfast) I don't have insulin up and down that make me craving and this is "relaxing".

  7. Taking control of your mind is soooo important, as difficult as it might sound. Meditation worked great and affirmations 🙂

  8. Carnivore works better for depression because some veggies and fruit and nuts have oxalates and cause inflammation which is what causes depression in most people.
    I've been strict carnivore since October 2019 and it definitely got rid of my depression, and about 80lbs! When I was keto the depression was still there.

  9. Keto helps with a vast array of neurological disorders. It's cured my rls but I'm having a real battle to get the rls community to believe me and try it themselves. also improves breathing by opening up the bronchi.

  10. I'm sure trauma plays the major role for many people but I'm convinced that depression and anxiety are also side effects of inflammation for alot of people and keto is very good for inflammation. As a personal anecdote, I began IF and keto as a means to lose weight and the elevated mood was just a pleasant surprise. We are more physical beings than mental ones. Chemistry and whatnot lol.

  11. I have definitely seen keto help my depression. I’ve also added probiotics and fermented foods, which make a HUGE difference.

  12. I’m off anxiety meds. Couldn’t sleep due to racing thoughts but that’s gone now and I credit the keto lifestyle. Thanks Doc!

  13. Five years of Keto! If I cheat with sugar, I do get depressed. I used to take medication, no more. I feel great on Keto. I recently switched to low carb under 50 grams. I sleep much better at night with some carbs. I try to balance it.

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