Carnivore Keto Meal Plan – Exactly What to Eat

Keto Meal Plan
Keto Meal Plan

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Carnivore Keto Meal Plan – Exactly What to Eat- Thomas DeLauer

Questions that will be answered within this video:

– What should a carnivore keto diet plan consist of?
– What does a carnivore keto meal plan look like?
– What should my fat to protein ratio be?
– What omega-6 to omega-3 ratio should I aim for?
– What types of fats should I consume?
– Which sources of protein should I be eating?
– What supplements should I be taking?

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:



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27 thoughts on “Carnivore Keto Meal Plan – Exactly What to Eat”

  1. Hi. I've watch your vlogs. Your very knowledgeable about these things. But realistically your being to perfect. Everyone can't follow 💯 perfectly. Forget all the measuring, counting calories. Some can't afford best quality meats. I believe in simple. You talk to fast who can keep up, to much info. Your to strick. But your awesome and you want to help people. But some will not be so strick on weight loss. Have little fun with food as long as your aware of what and how much and macros of protein, fats, little carbs they have, and exercise. Forget all that hard knowledge. Be simple sometimes. Your vlog for the rich and famous, not the simple doing the best they can with what we got people. But keep up the good work for who do follow. Peace out!!

  2. I cannot at the time eat shellfish. I break out in hives and throw up. For zinc, do I take supplements?

  3. This is the type of massive data dump that makes people not try certain diets.

    Eat meats and egg. You’re welcome.

  4. My family and I are very passionate deer hunters. We utilize the entire deer, eating all the meat and the heart and liver. There’s something special about doing everything yourself. From the field to the dinner plate, everything is purely organic. I haven’t bought meat from a store in years, aside from grass fed steaks every once in a while from my local butcher. And we eat very little veggies. 90% meat and 10% veggies. Not 100% carnivore but close enough

  5. I really don’t get the point of the overdose of omega 3 here. You’ll get a ton of benefit from dropping the omega 6… you don’t need to eat sardines, salmon and an omega 3 supplement in the same day. That’s absurd

  6. What about people that are allergic to fish and cheese what can we replace them with.

  7. Thomas, what do you think about 24 hour fast after each 2 day eating window?

    I’ll probably try out the olive oil here and there, just need to watch out for the adulterated stuff. Also for the carnies, a bit of zero card mustard(or regular mustard in this case) on the sardines and for me it’s becoming more enjoyable to and I look forward to it now.
    Similarly, I’m starting to like liver now, I get the chicken liver cause I don’t have to defrost it and it’s tastes great.

    Also, no bacon? Shame

  8. Never had cow heart but I do know deer heart is the best tasting part of the deer

  9. You're like my hero 😂 fantastic manner, well educated, thoughtful and thorough, exactly what this community needs. Please do add more carnivore stuff! I'd love to see some videos of a full day of eating carnivore – with maximised nutrition like this guide!

  10. i never count calories or percentages in my diet – that's too stupid for me. i want to enjoy cooking and eating. My weight is still great and I'm healthy even at 66 years of age

  11. WHAT ABOUT DAIRY? THAT'S CARNIVORE > organic full-fat everything > heavy whipping cream in coffee & tea, sour cream, homemade Labneh etc etc????

  12. Man you would get so many subs and views if you do a series where you gain like 30-40 pounds record it then record yourself daily losing all that weight. No one on youtube has done that.

  13. I love your videos and especially that you provide the science behind the decisions for making great meal choices. Thank you!!

  14. This dude is the epitome of taking a simple concept and absolutely complicating the mother fucking shit hell out of it.

  15. This is good advice but to get results, you don't have to follow this. Especially if you're just trying to reset your hormones and are doing this for a short time or rotating it with other diets.
    I could not lose weight no matter how hard I dieted. I started carnivore and ate high fat hamburger, egg yolks, ribeye and strip steaks, butter, fatty beef roasts, chicken thighs and some collagen broth, both from beef and chicken. I lost a pants size within the first 2 weeks. I added in a little cream and a little cheese, but not daily. I've been cycling this over the past 6 months and I've lost 12 pounds and I'm down 2 sizes. I have another 15 pounds to go, so I'm still at it, but this works! I can cycle this with a week of eating veggies and even ice cream and I still lose weight! But for the fast and consistent weight loss, it is best to be really strict and just eat meats and butter. I also fast and practice OMAD and occassion do a 72 hour fast. I haven't worked out, but I do try and walk about 5 miles a day by just working it into my daily activities. I just started lifting weights and I expect to see some positive changes soon.
    I am a 48 year old woman and nothing else worked until I tried this way of eating! I was literally starving myself. No more! It is crazy that I'm literally eating mire calories than I probably have the last 4 years, but I'm losing more weight than I ever have when I starved myself. And this weight stays off as long as I keep to it and don't go off of it more than a week or so. I highly recommend this diet to anyone who is struggling to lose weight. Weight loss can be so frustrating as we get into our later 40s! I never had any issue with my weight until just a few years ago. I put on about 30 pounds despite working out and dieting! We just need to diet smarter, not harder. Also, get hormone levels checked and if you can't sleep, get that in order. Hormones and sleep greatly influence our ability to lose weight.

  16. What about potassium supplementation? If the rda is 4700mg per day how do we get that in!?

  17. If anyone here is interested and carnivore go check out Health Coach Kait and Dr Berry. They keep it simple and not complicated. It does NOT have to be this complex. Same with keto as well.

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