Caveman Chili | Crockpot Recipes | Caveman Keto

keto crockpot recipes
keto crockpot recipes

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Pork based chili with pork, bacon, peppers and onions using a crockpot. Good alone or as a topper on burgers or hotdogs.

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38 thoughts on “Caveman Chili | Crockpot Recipes | Caveman Keto”

  1. Packets of seasoning are so bad for you. This is not “caveman keto”. Caveman style eating is carnivore not keto. I won’t be watching this channel anymore

  2. should be chill for OCD cave man.
    I don't think cave men care about size consistency in their vegetables.

  3. I remember seeing this on the Discovery Channel. I think it was in Norway or Denmark that they found several used packets of McCormick chili spice mix deep within a cave, thought to be over 300 thousand years old.

  4. With keto you cut the bacon up and let it cook in the crockpot to keep the fat content higher. Same with the meat. Hmmmmmm.

  5. I'm not on any diet, much like an actual caveman, but it looks very good and I'm excited to try it 🙂

  6. How are you calling this Keto…when your using vegetables that grow in the Ground…which is a Big No No!

  7. Made this with turkey meat instead of pork! I loveeeeeeeee it omg!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍 new subscriber with notifications now!

  8. Caveman chili?

    Yes I believe the crockpot was a favorite among cavemen and I’m quite sure people who ate their food raw certainly gave a damn about recipes

  9. Omg chop your shit up !!! This is so typical of a man….lol…😂😂😂…huge mess 6 hrs later…CMON….so not CAVEMAN !!!! THE HYPOCRISY !!!!

  10. I am eating tinned chilli with steamed rice whilst watching ur video that device great for cubic onions smaller bits means faster cooking time

  11. FYI, Vidalia is pronounced with a long 'I' at the beginning, and long 'A' in the middle. VIdAlia is the name of a town in Missouri, which is where Vidalia Onions come from and what I'm sure your chopper is named for.

  12. Thankyou so much for this. Having a freind over for dinner trying to find something relatively easy to make.

  13. you added chilli spices but also used chili spice packet? why not just season it yourself?

  14. Wow. I made this today. It is so amazing. Though I didn't have tomato paste, it still is amazing. Next time I will buy the paste. Thank you for sharing. Will be making this often to warm up in winter days.

  15. We absolutely LOOOOOVE our Instant Pot.>>> We got it on Prime day and have used it every day since. Like most people, we fell into a rut of making the same meals over and over. The Instant Pot has opened up a whole new world for us. We are still discovering new recipes and having a lot of fun. If you are considering one of these, don't hesitate. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  16. The onion is pronounced like vi (rhymes with dye) DALE (emphasis here) yuh. As in Vidalia, GA.

  17. PEPPER SEASONING TIP TO LEARN FOR LIFE: you grind & crack black pepper onto a finished dish as a garnish and to provide heat (the rougher the grind the greater the heat). For putting into food as an ingredient to be cooked-through you want finely milled white pepper, it provides a really great depth of flavour without adding heat. (You have enough options to add mere heat to a dish).

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