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Checkers – Rally's | French Fries 🥔🍟 | Taste Test & Review | JKMCraveTV

checkers keto
checkers keto

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In this video Julie and I try the frozen food Checkers – Rally’s french fries we purchased from Walmart Market for a total of $2.50!! Watch this video to find out if they are any good!!!




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35 thoughts on “Checkers – Rally's | French Fries 🥔🍟 | Taste Test & Review | JKMCraveTV”

  1. This video is two years old. The price for these fries from Walmart was $2.50 then. They are now $5.28 from Walmart. Thanks Joe. Love what you're doing Brandon.

  2. How a side by side comparison with the
    actual checkers rallys restaraunt fries vs
    the store bought frozen checkers rallys fries?

  3. I used to work for, Rally's Hamburgers. The frozen Rally/Checkers fries are good but, I prefer them fresh. Granted, I've bought the frozen ones so many times

  4. Rally’s fries are my favorite, but trust me, these frozen ones absolutely do not taste the same! Maybe they would taste similar in a home fryer, but oven baked….noooo way. I’ve had the frozen ones many times and always regret it. You cannot beat actual hot rally’s fries from the restaurant. I think you can be way too generous with your reviews, but LOVE your channel and subscribed!

  5. They look awesome new friend! I'm hoping you'll visit me and let's stay in touch!👍

  6. I have some of these in my freezer right now LOL They are pretty good They go great With a homemade Grilled hamburger In really just about anything They do have a nice taste To them😁🍻👍

  7. Good review! The fries looked good and made me hungry. Will have to go out and try them sometime. The dip you used seemed good as well. We reviewed another product they have called Kranch (Ketchup and Ranch). That was pretty good as well. You should try that as well sometime. Well, have a great Memorial Day Weekend. God bless!

  8. I love checkers fries they got the best besides Arby's🍟🍟🍟🍟 have a great memorial day weekend

  9. That's a great bargain with what they charge at Checker's. Another great video guys. I gave it a thumbs up

  10. Nice video as always, hey joe can you do T.G.I. Friday’s jalapeño poppers for your air fryer next please?

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