Chicago's Best Food Challenge: Fontano's Subs

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Elliott Bambrough is on a mission to take down a massive meatball sub challenge at a market in Little Italy.


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33 thoughts on “Chicago's Best Food Challenge: Fontano's Subs”

  1. This challenge is basic mathematics. Let’s say two people team up to take the challenge: you got a 3 foot loaf of bread, 18 slices of cheese and 18 meatballs. All you’d have to do is make a cut every three meatballs until you have six pieces altogether and then split them down the middle. Two people could do that in under an hour.

  2. I have such a hankering for their italian sandwich with mild giardianara. The key is that Gonella bread. Incredible. The perfect bread for any sandwich

  3. I’ll bet anything that me and my best buddy Yami Enzeru could team up and take on that meatball challenge. We both love the meatball marinara subs at Subway, so this shouldn’t be too hard for us to handle. If you stop and think about it, it’s basic mathematics really. All we’d have to do is cut it into, let’s say sixes and then each take three of them. We could do that in under an hour. If we ever find ourselves in that part of town, we might just check out the establishment.

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  5. I could easily eat this being I have a huge appetite and being the typical Subway Footlong isn't enough for me I think I can do this easily.

  6. I've been switching your video for long time. Bro you need to chill the fuck out. You alowas show up to ppl the challenge are easy for you. But,you never win.

  7. where is @Randy Santel when you need him? xd i think he could kill this in under 3 minutes 😛

  8. This guy is ok but where the fuck is Brittany, she’s the reason I subscribed.. she’s awesome and gorgeous

  9. Fontano's on Polk – there is no substitute for subs. Pizza after 3 is a must, and Neil is a consummate host .

  10. Wow, just seeing this behemoth makes me want to take a massive dump!
    This is a bucket list sandwich!

  11. Hell man!
    We don't have those kind of SUBS in México City…
    I'm so freakin' hungry now mate!!

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