Cocoa Almonds Recipe | Easy Keto Snacks

keto farms cocoa dusted almonds
keto farms cocoa dusted almonds

Looking for keto farms cocoa dusted almonds ??

Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

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Cocoa Almonds Recipe | Easy Keto Snacks


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Cocoa Almonds Recipe | Easy Keto Snacks
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47 thoughts on “Cocoa Almonds Recipe | Easy Keto Snacks”

  1. I was thinking maybe whip an egg white with a few drops of stevia then coat the roasted almonds with that before tossing them in a ziplock bag that contains the erythritol/coca powder mixture. Shake them around to coat then set out to dry or maybe even put them back in the oven on very low heat.

  2. Hi Matt and Megha. The way you make the cocoa powder stick and do double coating, is to first toss the roasted nuts in your sugar-free maple syrup, a very thin light coating, while the nuts are slightly warm, then toss in the erythritol-cocoa mixture. To double coat, put them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then coat again. You can do this up to 3 times, depending on how thick you want your powdered coating. If it is something you do not want to get too cold, leave it out between coatings to be sure it is totally room temperature before adding it back to the freezer to prepare for another coating of powder. This method is standard, any syrup will do, and works for all powdered dusting, such as for donuts, cranberries (any berry), cookies, or truffles. This will also add that ever-so-slightly sweeter flavor you said it needed.

    Short freezer chilling causes natural oil and water to condense on the surface of the item and the microscopic powdery granules (even if you can't see it), allowing the powdery coatings to stick to the chilled coating (or item). The refrigerator does not work and trying to add oil or dampness does not work in a pleasing way. Just throw your stuff in a larger ziplok bag and stick it in the freezer 10 minutes, coat. Repeat if desired, up to 3 times.

  3. Did you get coating around your chin or is Matt a Ginger? Thanks for the great recipe, btw!

  4. Coat the almonds in butter or coconut oil and add them to a bag or jar. Add the premixed dry ingredients and shake till evenly coated.

  5. I think in after you take them out from oven you could coat the almond in whipped egg white in order to make them be more tasteful and then you could do coating. I think in some part there is a need to add egg white to make them more delicious

  6. Does the 15 min roasting negate the phytic acid problem with raw nuts? I know soaking and drying them does.

  7. Perhaps you could use coconut oil spray immediately after removing the almonds from the oven, then tossing them into a zip bag to coat with the cocoa and sweetener? Then pour them out onto the baking sheet to cool.Putting the oil on first probably doesn't help them to roast, but if you want something dry to stick to a dry almond, you've got to get it a little bit moist somehow-the spray wouldn't be overkill if done as soon as you pull them out of the oven. Honestly, I'd probably just keep a container of the 4:1 ratio sweetened cocoa powder on hand and call it pixie dust, dusting anything I could think of-buttered coffee, pudding, keto ice cream, my fingers…that stuff's magical!

  8. Try coating the almonds in frothy egg whites before coating/baking with the cocoa to get everything to stick better. Dr. Berg had a similar recipe with pecans using this method and it worked great.

  9. Try using a better cocoa powder like Valrhona. They will be as good or better than Emerald's. I use nothing but Valrhona. It's more expensive, but the taste difference is totally worth it.

  10. I know you said Emerald cocoa are the gold standard, but my favorite are the Blue Diamond dark chocolate ones. That's my unicorn I want to recreate.

  11. im wondering, if you want it to stick more, perhaps you could roast them, coat them in just the sweetener, bake them more to create a glaze maybe? and then toss them in just the cocoa powder? idk if itd work, just a thought.

  12. Great recipe guys! I wonder if you whip 1 egg white, throw the almonds in the egg white, then add the chocolate sweet mix (doubling the sweet amount) and baking for about 10 more minutes. Maybe even add a little cinnamon. It would probably be more of a candied almond. You have some great ideas!

  13. I use butter, then coat with the Cocoa mixture then bake. You get a thicker coating that sticks and the butter makes them Xtra delicious.

  14. I just found your channel, and you already helped me some much with my Keto diet. lots of good ideas and easy to make meals. Thanks for the hard work.

  15. I just did this and found them bitter, I put 10 g of erythritol and it's still bitter, but edible. About the Emerald almonds, not a great list of ingredients:
    Dry Roasted Almonds,
    Modified Food Starch (Potato),
    Natural & Artificial Flavors,
    Cocoa Powder (Processed With Alkali),
    Acesulfame Potassium,

  16. Emerald's secret might be in the use of natural and artificial flavors to boost the cocoa flavor, and potato starch to help bind the coating. Have you tried an egg white coating? I see that pop up in spiced nut recipes.

  17. I recently did this with peanuts and it was great. It's so funny watching this video after that.

  18. Jason Wittrock just said on his live stream that if people are looking for recipes, check out Keto Connect. I have to agree, you guys are awesome.

  19. What about a light coating of coconut oil on the almonds while roasting to help the powder stick better afterwards?

  20. Have you tried coconut butter coating as a first layer and then cocoa-erythritol as second ?
    Will the powder stick better to the almond this way ?


  22. Would it work to toss/coat the almonds in liquid sweetener first, let dry a little for stickiness and then coat with the choc powder? Or too bitter at first?…cant wait to try yours!

  23. I'm gonna try with a lighter flavored dark chocolate brand. I have found it much less bitter.

  24. It's Sunday. Don't you guys ever take a day off???!!! Looking forward to trying this one. Thanks for your dedication.

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