Collagen on Keto – How we like to use it

team keto collagen
team keto collagen

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Check the full video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

We answer some of your questions around collagen on keto. What the benefits of collagen are and how to best use it and the best collagen supplements for a keto diet. For the full article click here –

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In this video, Dan and Erika discuss collagen on keto, how best to use collagen on a keto diet and the best sources of collagen on a keto diet.


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10 thoughts on “Collagen on Keto – How we like to use it”

  1. I take collagen tablets. I'm vegataren but wanting to take collagen, tablets is the only one I could tolerate.

  2. I have a vanilla bean flavour one from happy mammoth …. it has a funny taste but I add it to my chia seed pudding and it's yummy…it's also keto friendly

  3. If you can help me eat Sardines I would love you guys even more. Brunswick sardines are the least smelly. I honestly struggle so much. I really need the selenium (not a Brazil nut fan) but some days I'd rather eat nothing and nearly throw a tantrum like a toddler!!

  4. Oh this is great thanks i have lost so much hair its not funny so i think i should look into this more. I think this prob going to be a silly question but i was wondering i have heard Biotin is very good for hair, skin and nails and more so wonder if it is sort of the same?

  5. Thanks Erika and Dan. I have been buying it from my local health food shop, unflavoured, and have it in black coffee, once a day. Coffee is robust enough to take it without it making much of a difference to the flavour. I wouldn't put it in tea…. I am not big on supplements, the only other thing I take is magnesium (I can get muscle cramps), but am of an age when the hair, skin, joint benefits of collagen appeal to me, and I think it does help in those areas.

  6. I've been buying perfect keto collagen from Keto Supplies (Australian website). They stock vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel I think. Good customer service too – can recommend.😊

  7. Hi girls, about collagen has been one of my questions to you in the past; so thanks for covering it! I've been 'taking' collagen for a few months now. I read that in regards to hair, skin, nails side of benefits, it is supposed to assist in firming up loose skin, (improving the elasticity), that so many of us who have lost some weight experience. I also like that it is supposed to be very good for gut health. Our gut health is very much related to our overall metabolic health, something I'm still trying to heal. I use the Nourishme Organics 100% Pure Hydrolysed Grass Fed Beef Collagen. Comes in a 200g pack = 40 x 5g serves. It is completely tasteless and odourless, mixes easily into hot or cold beverages or whatever you want to add it to. I just add a teaspoon into my first cuppa of the day. Can't say I have noticed any difference in my skin, but feel my hair is looking healthier and nails seem to be growing stronger. And who knows what is going on in my gut! Lol! 🙂 Thanks for another great video!

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