Comparison of Electrolyte supplements

keto vitals electrolyte powder
keto vitals electrolyte powder

Looking for keto vitals electrolyte powder ??

Watch the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

In this video we break down many of the popular electrolyte supplements. We go over the amount of Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium in each one, the cost per serving, carbs per serving and what it’s sweetened with.

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36 thoughts on “Comparison of Electrolyte supplements”

  1. Celtic Sea Salt has a nice electrolyte powder, too. I found it at the health food store.

  2. I found with the Gatorade‘s and Powerade‘s and even the vitamin waters, they say they have the minerals in them but I don’t notice any difference when I drink that stuff tell me a plus it usually has sucralose which kind of triggers insulin or some thing and me whenever I have drinks with sucralose I get really hungry afterwards for a while, with the keto chow electrolyte drops and other supplements I don’t have that problem or with erythritol or Stevia. I think the big bottle of keto chow is probably the cheapest per serving I have for five servings a day and it’s lasted me a little over four months and I still have about a quarter or a third of the bottle left, so you’re looking at a few hundred servings for $38. That being said I still have to take magnesium supplements as well because I guess I don’t get enough somehow. Lol

  3. Are use the keto chow drops, I just make a few glasses of lemon water every day and I started out with the kit with the little bottle but they have a huge bottle that’s twice as much or more for about $38 and that’s lasted me probably four months and there’s still probably a quarter or a third of the bottle for but I still take a magnesium supplement coming for whatever reason I can’t get enough and I take a potassium supplement also just because nobody gets enough potassium but the magnesium is the only thing that’s really a problem for me are use sea salt or the Redmond real salt but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get enough magnesium so I still need supplement pills. There’s some in the electrolyte drops but apparently it’s not enough but I don’t wanna just take a bunch more and get extra of everything else so I just take magnesium supplements and that’s helped a lot. I’m glad I learned about the electrolyte drops because hydration is always been a problem for me and it’s pretty much fixed now and I used to drink a gallon of water a day now I’m drinking quite a bit less.

  4. Thanks for the break down. I had decided to give up zip fizz because of the price, but you gave me a reason to allow myself to use them as a treat. And I had bought the keto chow electrolytes (all 3 kinds) a couple, 3, years ago and have been using them when I can remember. Now I really think those were a wise choice. Thanks again.

  5. I love the work for the video but when I check the servings for Keto Chow I only 125mg sodium and 130 mg potassium per half tsp, how did you get 3300mg for 3.5 servings?

  6. Pedialyte no sugar in the supplement section. The baby section was pretty much sold out, but what they had was loaded with sugar.

  7. Splenda does come mixed with Sugar . But it comes without it too.Of Course. I Love Splenda !👍

  8. I started off with calm but have move on to Keto Chow electrolytes -magnesium drops and daily minerals ! I prefer these to any of the others ! Put the daily minerals in with your food ! Please don’t make the mistake that I did and mixed with water on an empty stomach cuz you will run to the bathroom and throw it all up ! It taste bad (minerals) but necessary for everyone to take ! Maybe some people can do this but mine rejected it immediately!

  9. A newbie. I’ve been using Klaire Labs from amazon magnesium powder almost every night. Sleep is good. I now use keto electrolyte drops.

  10. Thank You for all this information! I was feeling totally crappy & realize now what would make it better because You inspired me to research aka binge watch you! Love&light from California 💗💗

  11. So thankful to have found your channel! This was so helpful! I have done Himalayan salt, NoSalt, and magnesium citrate capsules during my journey, just always added Himalayan and NoSalt to all my water… but my hubby is finally wanting to join me and he cannot stand salt in his water… this break down of products has been immensely helpful! I am going to try the ketochow drops for him… I love your science “geeky” info! He’s not so much into the details🥴… thank you for taking the time to gather and share this information!

  12. Thank you so much for doing this for everyone! This has helped me immensely. I've been researching electrolyte supplements for keto and this broke everything down and made so much sense for me! 💕 Thank you for all your videos!

  13. I use Keto K1000. It has the same ingredients as Dr. Berg’s but cheaper and free shipping with Prime.

  14. I take Dr. Berg's electrolyte powder and I have found it tastes a bit better if you let it get cold. Thank you for all this information.

  15. Redmond salt minerals are not water soluble. Does stomach acid make the minerals absorbable

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