Confused About Carbs? How Many Should You Eat? We Talked to an Expert – Eric Westman MD, MHS

how many carbs on keto
how many carbs on keto

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Confused About Carbs? How Many Should You Eat? We Talked to an Expert – Eric Westman MD
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Bob & Mike interview Eric Westman MD, MHS. Dr. Eric Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and founded the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in 2006 after 8 years of clinical research regarding low carbohydrate ketogenic diets. He is Past-President and Master Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and Fellow of The Obesity Society. He is an editor of the textbook: Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials, and author of the New York Times Bestseller The New Atkins for a New You, Cholesterol Clarity, and Keto Clarity, and End Your Carb Confusion. He is co-founder of Adapt Your Life, an education and product company based on low carbohydrate concepts.

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3) Cholesterol Clarity:
4) The New Atkins Diet:

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46 thoughts on “Confused About Carbs? How Many Should You Eat? We Talked to an Expert – Eric Westman MD, MHS”

  1. It would be good to continue to address the importance of movement outside of weight loss. I get it, your discussion is around keto (and how it helps people lose weight). However, the benefits of movement/exercise beyond the goal of weight loss are tremendous. Move more. Motion is lotion.

  2. I don’t eat fatty animals. Fish and cold blooded only with a ton of vegetables. No bacon please. No hormones or phosphate

  3. How do I eat Keto if I have SIBO, leaky gut issues. Sulfer in so many vegetables. Heard from your doctor friend Ken that total carnivore & water for 90 days is only way to end Sibo. Hopefully you will address digestion/stomach issues in a video soon.

  4. OMG! I did not think I could love you guys any more than I already do! Now I realize this IS POSSIBLE!! Dr. Westman is my boyfriend (in my dreams) and I love him so. You have him in this video? This is my favorite video of you and Brad's!!!!!

  5. You should interview Dr Ken Berry too. His fun personality and researched knowledge is great.

  6. Hey, Doc, your videos are too long. I don't have that much time and a lot gets lost in too many words.

  7. I like one of Dr. Westman's "rules" which is to use total carbs instead of net carbs.

  8. I have been told by several nurses and a nurse practitioner that I'm not eating enough by eating only 2 meals a day and that I'm actually slowing my metabolism down even more, by starving my body but if I eat more I gain weight very easily and I've been struggling with this for 23 years now since I was 34 and had to go on a diet for the first time in my life. Before that I had also been thin eating anything and everything even without doing exorcise because I used to have a very fast metabolism and it slowed down very much.

  9. Eating high fat meats etc is bad for increasing high triglycerides and cholesterol.

  10. I heard artificial sweeteners raised insulin and made you store fat even worse than using sugar .Besides that they taste bad
    I’m thankful I like ice tea and lemon water without sugar orsweetener

  11. Bob mentioned IBS. I've had IBS for over a decade and just went Keto and the IBS is gone unless I eat anything just a little spicy. I have to be careful about the plants I still eat, but the general bloating and gut pain is gone! My psoriasis is also clearing up.

  12. i went Keto last July after ending up in the ER with Bells Palsy. My recorded weight was the highest it had ever been in my entire life.
    I had to take a course of steroids to control inflammation and get the left facial nerve to stop throbbing in agony. After I did that, I was determined to loose 30 pounds asap.

    I found Keto had the best weight loss over the shortest time. BUT I NEVER got Keto flu. and I attribute it to this….i had stopped eating rice, potatoes, most wheat foods or processed stuff several months prior to going on the diet.
    I rarely drink alcohol so that part was simple. I do like bread but i had gone down to a few slices a week, then to a roll or two a month.
    When people try to stop eating many types of foods all at once,,it is going to affect them. It seems to me that Keto Flu is just withdrawal from High Carb consumption all at once.
    Its like stopping caffeine all at once..youll get miserable bad headaches for several days.

    id recommend anyone wanting to go stop eating rice and potatoes and added sugar and lower alcohol, wheat and processed foods slowly over a few months beforehand.

    . I lost 27 pounds very easily over 7 weeks. I did intermittent fasting almost as an aside, I just wasnt hungry. I stopped the diet over the holidays but i did not gain the weight back.

  13. I lost 60 pounds From eating 20 grams or less of total carbs not net thanks for having dr Eric on he is the best

  14. Westman, Phinney, etc are all great but a huge problem with the keto friendly docs is they dont accept insurance so us poor folk are stuck with the super high carb fanatic dogmatists in traditional health care….we gotta learn and experiment ourselves and have the ideological fortitude to trust the little valid nutrition science that exists

  15. This may sound funny but I don’t necessarily want to live longer – as in my grandmother at 100 and my Dad at 94 – but I do want to be as healthy as I am personally capable of right now.

  16. Excellent! He fine tuned what I had already learn from going keto when I retired. I bought his book as he is so well researched. I was doing net carbs at 25 grams and plateaued. I will do 20grams at total carbs and read his book. I have dropped one of three blood pressure meds and off Metformin(all under medical advise). However, my internal med doctor frown when I said I was doing keto.She has been happy with my weight decreasing and staying off so she has not said anything against it again. My cardiologist was happy with my keto diet and told me to bake my home grown brussel sprouts with a little bacon! Well that is different from 15 years ago and the food pyramid was the gospel. Since going keto it is the first time in my life that I can make progress with my weight. Sad that it took so long. Thank for having him speak Bob and Brad. From one PT to another thank you!

  17. I am SO glad you had this interview! I have been following Dr. West man and others in the low carb community. Thanks!

  18. I don't care what you say. If you eat lean meat, you will eat more. As a keto eater for the past forty years, I can tell you, if I eat lean chicken, I will eat bacon with it. It tastes good and there's enough fat with it to keep me satisfied for the day.
    I will also take a couple of coffees with cream for the day.
    There's no need at all for running yourself ragged. You can lose weight sitting on your six.

  19. Keto “flu” to me is just withdrawal symptoms. I had headaches for weeks. I get the same headache when I withdraw from caffeine. I just had to hang in there and drink electrolytes and the headaches eventually subsided.

  20. I had to start cooking my own food separately because my daughter and granddaughter eat unhealthy high-carby food and sugars. They like me to cook and eat my food, but they complain about spending on healthier foods. It is better for me; I do not spend too much on one person and cook faster and healthier. Also since I do some fasting, I do not have to cook every day. I was diagnosed with prediabetes, so this is helping me to change that. I actually improved my A1C to normal, but I want it lower. I also exercise, and I am feeling a lot better.

  21. Hi from NZ – this is the best explanation of Keto and wellness path I have listened to and believe me I have listened to heaps! Judith

  22. I purchased the pdf of page 4. I know this seems silly, but I’m not sure about the creams and oils. It says up to 2 tablespoons a day of heavy cream, butter, sour cream etc. does that meat total of 2 tablespoons or up to 2 tablespoons of each?

  23. Dr Eric Westman is the best. Thank you dr Westman so much for giving me hope and a new life.

  24. I learned the hard way to reduce HBP meds when I lost consciousness and had an ambulance trip to hospital due to LBP a few weeks into doing Low Carb Dieting on my own, after reading Atkins for a New You.
    I’ve learned so much more since my 2006 weight loss of 111 lbs.
    Thanks Dr Westman, you’ve impacted many more lives than you know.

  25. I am a definite Phase 1 person. Looks like a low fat program to me. Just enough fat to keep you from eating every 3 to 6 hour

  26. Am so very impressed that you had Dr Westman on as a guest. This just “fell” into my feed, i guess because i’ve been researching shoulder impingement and back pain. I think he’s terrific. Thanks, monica.

  27. Late to the party, but I want to sincerely thank you for having Dr.Westman on Bob. I've been on keto + intermittent fasting for 4 years . Before keto, I was overweight, had IBS, reflux, and other issues that had me in the doctor's office every month or two. No more. I have complete control over my weight (5'8" & 155 lbs) and even at 67, have few health problems.

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