Costco Holiday Grocery Haul & New Items Have Arrived!

Looking for peace love and low carb loaded cauliflower ??

Check the whole video from the experienced user who explains in detail below.

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I did some weekly shopping at Costco and saw some new items at the warehouse and some that are good for the holidays. Come shop at Costco with me!

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Get my Immune Tea:

Mac & Cheese:
Hot Cocoa:


Ping a friends interested in peace love and low carb loaded cauliflower and make it best freinds Happy again.

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49 thoughts on “Costco Holiday Grocery Haul & New Items Have Arrived!”

  1. Always, wanted to buy healthy food at Costco! Didn’t know which one to go with I’m So Great full I found you!😍

  2. On low fiber diet love when you mention high fiber…I just do not eat the high fiber mentioned. I eat white rice


  4. Hi Bobby, I'm not keto (and don't even live in the US) but I have to say … these last few weeks you've really got me thinking about the overall quality of the food I consume. I now avoid canne sugar at all costs and am very mindful about the type of fat sources that I buy. I'm going to switch to avocado and olive oil for example, I had no idea about hexane and stuff! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  5. Bobby, I just received your immunity tea. It’s says to use 1 scoop….is a scoop a tsp or tbsp? Thank you…can’t wait to try it!

  6. Have you ever tried Siete no grain tortilla chips? Got mine at Costco but can't get anymore. Only contains Cossava flour, avocado, oil chia seeds, sea salt, citric acid and lime oil. Tastes better than corn chips. Hope you think it is good.

  7. Hi Bobby! I tried ordering the Lairds with your 15% discount but it doesn't show on the checkout. Can you look into this please. Some of us are really interested on the product. Thanks!

  8. Pumpkin seeds in Canada from Costco have organic canola oil but not in the USA. Are they any good?

  9. In generalβ€”started watching Bobby. Listened to tips about oils and inflammatory ingredients. I’m starting slow. My knees are feeling great!! No pain or swelling.

  10. I just got your latest cookbook a couple of days ago. I bought some ingredients to make a few recipes and can't wait to try them! Everything sounded so tasty…and easy!! When my husband and I shop Costco, we're always discussing "Bobby approved" items and a few times people have asked us about that and we've steered them to FlavCity. You make us feel like experts! Love your channel!!!

  11. I wish you would be more nice or sincere to your fans, it seem like you are getting to be a celebrity but you don't need to sound so phony when you greet them, because they support you. Yes, so what they interrupted you for a few seconds.

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  13. Thanks Bobby-catching up on your videos-this one is really Really good-very informative. Forwarding it to my daughter in Hi-they shop Costco a lot!

  14. I would have no idea where to buy hot choc ingredients and I don’t like milk.

  15. What is your code for Laird foods? I tried to order some items but I don’t see the code and the link doesn’t automatically give the discount.

  16. Bobby, what are your thoughts on Laird's Hot Chocolate with functional mushrooms?

  17. Right now I’m loving reality shows from France. The first is Chateau Diaries, nothing but happy people who help Stephanie on restoring her Chateau. She is from Britain, then there are run offs of this the next best is Doing it Our Selfs and the last the last is I think is Living in Rural France he’s their gardener and is restoring a stone cabin with his family. All happy shows.

  18. I made a whole list of stuff to get while watching this and the only thing I could find today was the sprouted pumpkin seeds. Really hope that my Costco gets the Jojo bars.

  19. What have you found for coffee in the way of creamer that taste like real cream and as the body of cream? Is chickpea the family of soy? I understand Soy can be harmful to the body.

  20. The saturated fat content in the pumpkins seed you talked about from Costco seems high. Should I be concerned with that?

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