Did a keto diet kill Mishti Mukherjee?

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Did eating a keto diet contribute to the untimely death of Bollywood star Mishti Mukherjee? An accusatory post from Times of India suggests that may be the case, but with no supporting details, we are left questioning the accuracy. Read more:

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26 thoughts on “Did a keto diet kill Mishti Mukherjee?”

  1. I started keto 1 year ago, i felt terrible, my heart was palpitating non stop. I felt so tired all day long not ready to leave my bed. But i kept going and going. Yesterday i tested my crp,,, surprise: 4,1mg/l, which means high risk of heart disease. Today i left keto for good, i never felt energetic on keto, that’s the truth.

  2. She should have stuck to the natural human diet of legumes lentils wheat and vegetables. Just because the west says it works doesn’t mean it’s the truth

  3. So your title implies one thing but instead you really ask a question without having any real answers.

  4. Other stories indicated that she had kidney trouble for years. I'd bet it was carbs that actually did her in. It just took a while.

  5. Personally I didn’t know her..he said She is big thing in Bollywood ….May her soul Rest In Peace 🙏

  6. No it didn’t . My friend has ckd…and eats “normal” high sugar high carb western diet

  7. Indin media house are propaganda machines with no regulations …I challenge any one of sound mind to watch Indian news channels continually for an hour without any adverse mental health effect.

  8. Times of India is a tissue paper to clen the shit . delivered to many of the Indian household to do the same but sometimes people forget it's use and start reading 😃.this article was bombarded to me for a week on my browser unitl I clicked…… Propaganda at its extreme..

  9. That was the most unhelpful useless and clickbait video I have ever seen – if you didn't know anything why on earth did you post this…

  10. Don't believe Indian report… They r just bullshit amd nothing else… They r corruptor and full of lie inside their report…. I think that young actress died for some other reason and probably any of nutritionist took this opportunity to put something against keto… Because as per we know after discovered of keto many nutritionists become jobless specially the Indians….

  11. Maybe she had a pre existing health issue,ive been doing keto for two years plus and i havent had any issues with it,ive felt better on keto then any other diet.

  12. Intermittent fasting is good.
    Obsession with blood glucose is bad.
    Blood glucose is not a disease.
    Big Pharma invented blood glucose 'disease' to make you suckers for their drugs for life.
    Fruits are crucial for good health.
    Excessive animal proteins are bad for your Kidneys.
    Subjective well being is the best guide and criteria for good health.

    By a Veteran doctor.

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