Dirty/ Lazy Keto Grocery Haul

Keto Food List
Keto Food List

Looking for Keto Food List ??

Check the whole video review from the proof user who explains in detail below.

It’s time for a grocery haul! We are pulling back a little on budget since we have some big expenses coming up. As a result, I will be doing dirty/lazy keto.

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16 thoughts on “Dirty/ Lazy Keto Grocery Haul”

  1. Those animal products were so cheap because the animals are tortured. You should get pasture raised animal products

  2. Wish I could get the sugar free creamers around here! All I can find is FAT free :p. Not helpful lol.

  3. will you give me your keto meatloaf recipe? good haul. what is dirty keto, I heard you say lazy but then dirty. our aldi tortilla chips are same price and we are in Ky ! huh, that's confusing. we are getting in last of our garden. congrats on 25# loss, so proud.

  4. 25lbs is awesome!  I agree we all need to do the best keto we can and encourage each other!  Love your grocery hauls!  Thanks for sharing them with us

  5. You always do so well with your budget. And, 25 lbs. wow, you're doing terrific and you look wonderful. Keep up the great work!

  6. Um….I thought that I hadn't seen any videos from you in a while so I searched for your channel and saw that I was suddenly unsubscribed! 🙁 Very strange since I watch ALL of your videos. I've got some vids to catch up on now!

  7. Your doing great, love Kroger’s. Groceries have definitely gone up in all aspects. Always enjoy your groceries haul. Waving from Gretna VA🏡🌞🙏💐⛪️

  8. I am always curious how different state to state is for Aldis. Just came from there earlier and my eggs are .49, milk 1.49, & avocados were .79 I think you will be fine with your Keto….you need to do what you need to do for your family. Yesterday I stopped at a Amish bent & dent and if a person was low with funds they could get so much….which in one way is great but in another so sad that it is cheaper to eat high processed and sugar laden food. Thanks for the haul video & 25 pounds down is awesome!! Congrats!!

  9. You just brought joy to my day when I saw the sugar free creamer at aldi! I have missed it and when I wrote in they said they weren’t carrying it and didn’t know if they would again!

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