Does a keto diet hurt our bones?

how to cancel your keto diet
how to cancel your keto diet

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A new study suggests a keto diet may hurt our bones. but as we look into the details, we can see the strength of the evidence does not support the conclusion. Here’s why.

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24 thoughts on “Does a keto diet hurt our bones?”

  1. Well in my experience i got off artritis herniation , bursitis tendonaitis artritis just in a month of keto plus went back to prediabetis after being on a 10.5 a1c haleluya!

  2. I had a rare benign bone tumor diagnosed in my foot about 6 months into a keto diet. It had probably been growing since before I started the diet. A bone in my foot had been hollowed by the tumor. I basically had an eggshell left. I had surgery to scrape out the tumor and fill the bone with a matrix.

    The surgeon was astonished at my rate of recovery and bone regeneration. He said he had never seen an almost 50 year old heal bone like a teenager and asked what my secret was. My answer was "low carb, no crap."

    I know it's anecdotal and not scientific evidence, but how unhealthy could my bones be when I recover like a teenager.

  3. Where are these "numerous studies" you're referencing that show there is no effect of a LCHF diet on bone density? I've searched the literature and have found very little on the subject. Perhaps I haven't been looking at the right journals. The only conclusive result I found seems to be that the ketogenic diet does negatively effect bone mineral density and bone health in children and may even lead to some reduced height in that population. I just want to know what your references are, because it appears like you're hand waving while preaching to your choir. Please post a reply to this comment with references to your claim. Or anyone for that matter.

  4. i have some scales which measures my bone density and muscle mass ithey both go down when i am on keto but i have accepted this is these are side effects of being on keto in my experience i do lots of whole body resistance exercises and take all the minerals i am also inreasing my cissus intake as good studies that this can help muscle mass and bone density i look fwd to your reply.

  5. Four years ago today, my sister in law, tried to Kill me with an old donut!
    Her evil plot to get all my riches was in vain!

    Actually I had a reaction to who knows what, and couldn't get to any benadryl in time to stop it! Later in the hospital, after getting that stopped, I had a heart attack! It turned out that the doctors taking care of me, was a heart doctor, and I was in the bath lab in thirty minutes!

    Under that kind of stress for whatever reason, my funny bone kicks in! Between me and the doctor, we had everyone laughing in the ER! As Dr. Ocolo was finishing up, he said that we made a really good comedy team!

    I have had these random reactions since I got the swine flu shot back in 1978. They had to rush me to the hospital! I've had these off and on ever since! And you would have to shoot me to get me to take another flu shot! Thankfully I've only had one reaction since the heart attack!

    During my last visit to the heart doctor, he said that he could no longer tell that I had ever had a heart attack!! And told me not to come back for a year! I was going every three months!

    I totally believe it's because of changing to living a Keto Lifestyle! They are finding many amazing improvements to the body, living Keto!

  6. Vitamin D3 and K2 will do wonders for your bones not to mention clearing out Calcifaction in your arteries.

  7. Given the duration of the study and the 3 weeks of high carb before-hand, I have to wonder if the by-product markers of poor bone health were from the high-carb phase. It's almost as if the study were designed to show that low-carb is bad…

    My personal thinking is that if you eat the things that contain the building blocks for bones, you are likely to get a better outcome than if you don't. Bones aren't made of carbohydrates.

  8. Less than a month? Talk about desperate, what the hell can you legitimately extrapolate from that, lol.

  9. Well, there's evidence that weighing more makes your bones denser, so a diet that causes weight loss also causing loss in bone mineral density seems plausible to me? 😛

  10. Obese patients have low bone density and apparent low Vitamin D. There is a period were keto works a giant but then it reverse if they are getting sun and adequate vitamin D. Keto has enough blood nutrient , cheese dairy meat and whole greens. Walkers and other athletes are changing bone…duh that is the point piezo electric changes with exercise are to be expected. I am so sick of the demonizing studies against people who no longer want to eat their processed foods. I personally believe in keto cycling especially with any intense exercise. You are right these 3 week studies are always bogus. The only problem I see is that there is a lot of misinformation about what constitutes a keto diet and they range from pseudo…dirty and clean. Many people tend to indulge in too many fat bombs and mug cakes etc. many find it hard to eat natural food when we are emerged in a glutinous processed food environment and sit too much and play with technology and blue light night and day.

  11. I think this is the study conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport. Dr Paul Mason has made a response to this already as well. And it's a good one. Why would the people on a low carb diet have been so mineral deficient, when we know how nutritious low carb usually is? What exactly was their diet? The head of the Australian Institute of Sport has long been a proponent of high carb diets and resistant to the evidence of the benefits of low carb. You have to wonder if this is just another case of people getting the results they were after, one way or another.

  12. Virta health also 2 years results
    No significant change in BMD..
    In the low carb group of the study

  13. Thanks but you are preaching to the choir. Because of friends like you we keto lifers are well aware of the great benefits we all enjoy from living this way. People will look at me and comment on how great I look but when “keto” comes out my mouth they have the crazy look on their faces. They go off of hearsay not facts, on “how bad” this way of eating is. So now I just tell people what they want to hear. “I lost 70 pounds living on Lil Debbie’s and Capt’n Crunch, I know right!!”.

  14. I’ve been on keto almost 2 years, as a post menopausal woman my Dr. had my bone density tested, and it was great, no changes since the one I had 10 years previously. Over the last 10 years I have done some weight bearing exercise, but sporadically. My n=1 study 😄

  15. Conclusion: Another bogus study to discredit the Keto lifestyle. Specifically targeted to people who only read screaming headlines (or watch CNN) and don't do their own research.

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