Dr. Eric Verdin on Ketogenic Diet Longevity, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, HDAC Inhibitors & NAD+

Ketogenic Diet
Ketogenic Diet

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– Eric M. Verdin, M.D. is the fifth president and chief executive officer of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and is a professor of Medicine at UCSF. Dr. Verdin’s laboratory focuses on the role of epigenetic regulators in the aging process, the role of metabolism and diet in aging and on the chronic diseases of aging, including Alzheimer’s, proteins that play a central role in linking caloric restriction to increased healthspan, and more recently a topic near and dear to many of you, ketogenesis. He’s held faculty positions at the University of Brussels, the NIH and the Picower Institute for Medical Research.

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00:00:00 – Prolonging lifespan
00:01:08 – Aging research
00:03:30 – Insulin and aging
00:09:05 – HDAC Inhibition from Ketones
00:20:31 – Protein activates mTOR & IGF-1
0:23:05 – PPAR-alpha activation
00:28:11 – Artificial intelligence predicts age
00:32:05 – NAD+ effect on aging
00:45:16 – Ketogenic diet safety
00:48:41 – Intermittent fasting

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42 thoughts on “Dr. Eric Verdin on Ketogenic Diet Longevity, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, HDAC Inhibitors & NAD+”

  1. There is one line at the end that really scared me. When he says they are in a point of research that allows his company to ride the next wave of investment from big pharma and venture capital to the aging industry.

    I wonder how this can definitely separate humans in two categories. Up to now, those categories rely only on social and historical separation.

    But as aging well and living longer is turning into a monopoly of the wealthy, slowly the poor would be "substituted" for the heirs of the rich which will live longer.

    What can be the consequences of such a rupture?

  2. Please have a cell phone application where people can participate by sending pictures of what they eat.

  3. Calorie restrictions causes cancer, over eating is also bad. Nutritional science is just garbage. You just can't win. Smh!

  4. The longevity results this researcher is assigning to a Keto diet is really the result of protein restriction. If I was to guess why the low fat mice didn't live as long as the Keto mice would be in order to keep the macros at exactly the same level they used purified ingredients instead of real whole food. So, they fed their high carb mice the equivalent of sugar in processed carbs. And why did the Keto mice get fat when left to eat as much as they wanted? The Protein Leverage Hypostasis tells us that. They were attempting to eat more to get their protein levels to what would be normal for a mouse. That protein range is generally 13.6% minimum to 16.3% optimum for most mice. I wish you would get David Raubenheimer and Stephen Simpson the original researchers of Protein Leverage on the show. Their results for high fat eating mice (not sure if they were low carb enough to be keto) was very different when it came to health and life span.

  5. I'm interested but I mean, many of my ancestor already lived to 100 or fairly close to it. Sadly both my grandpas where engineers and came to close contact with toxic chemicals without using the right protection, one in the agroindustry and the other working for Coca Cola and brewing companies, they both died of cancer.

  6. Entering ketosis takes about 48h with training low carb and fasting, 16-24h fast won't do it might empty liver glycogen but not muscle glycogen

  7. I really tried sticking with the the keto diet, but I just felt awful and it's also really tough to follow. Then I tried the Agoge diet and it was life changing, I highly recommend it to everybody.

  8. So happy to tap into this just now 😊
    Love you all so much! Such smart people! Most intelligent keto discussion I ever heard!!

  9. Keto works but honestly I felt terrible from the beginning. Then I tried the Agoge diet plan and it also worked, but I did not feel bad at all, so I am sticking with the Agoge diet.

  10. Keto is the easiest diet to follow. No calorie restriction. Eat until you are full.

  11. On the part about Insulin – Diabetes 2 is actually a defense mechanism of the body! By making themselves insensitive to Insulin the cells allow themselves and their mitochondria to undergo Autophagy… If you are consistently eating meat and carbs, you mToR and IGF-1 are always elevated, both of them are growth and replication signals for the cells and mitochondria, and so without Diabetes 2 your cells and mitochondria will simply accrue damage and replicate as damaged cells, also called AGING !!! My grandfather had Diabetes 2 since the age of 26 and lived to 84… He was physically active and despite taking Insulin shots and eating carbs and meat he made it to 84, imagine if he knew what I know…

  12. I don't think I understand that part about the KD requiring so much "discipline." I've been on it 4 1/2 years and it's the easiest diet I've ever come across – except for the high-carb death diet. And it's actually easier, first, because you're never hungry. Second, it's amazingly rich, with butter and seasonings, eggs, cheese, meats and lot's of salt (Dr. Bob's Super Salt – which is 50% Na and 50% K). There are no vegetable oils in my diet, either – just butter and animal fat.
    I also do daily intermittent fasting, and have no problem going 16 hours or more without eating. People who know me can't understand "how I do it," even after I explain the processes. It takes very little discipline on my part. At this point, I know that anything with even a tiny amount of sugar in it will make me sick. There're no bread, no cookies, no cake, no rice, no snacks, no potatoes, no cereals, etc. Unfortunately, I end up spending an inordinate amount of money on fatty foods, especially butter.
    I prefer straight-chain fats (saturated) of the bent-chain (mono- and polyunsaturated) fats. This is partly because of the information I found on hydrogenated oils 30 years ago (or more). These are just bent-chain fats, which are just bad for us.
    My most recent blood tests showed excellent results. Other people my age, 67, are practically decrepit, while I still engage in high-energy sports; cycling, racquetball, running, weight-lifting, and all of this before breakfast, on an empty stomach.
    In the meantime, I feel fantastic and study astrophysics in my evenings.

  13. Maybe look at the Hadza. The last known hunter/gatherers. The men go out hunting, but are successful only once every 7-10 days. The rest of the time they all live on the fruit and roots and often honey the women gather. A largely plant-based diet high carb with no added oils and lots of walking. Those that survive the natural dangers and get to old age appear to be free of heart disease and diabetes. And then there is a very interesting clip on youtube showing the blood flow in the capilleries of some animal before and after a high fat meal. Then there is the evidence shown in the Kempner diet (rice and fruit, no fat) and Denise Minger, darling of the keto world who had the integrity to correct herself and admit that really low fat diets did appear to be curative of heart disaease and diabetes, ie. modern interpretations of low fat were not really so low and truly low fat meant 10-15% of calories from fat.

  14. Fact check: Jack Lalanne did NOT live to 100. Died of Pneumonia at 96. He is a legend though

  15. What about plant protein vs animal protein? Last time I heard, animal protein increased aging but what about plant protein? Does it increase aging too? Does it increase aging less than animal protein?

    I don't want to just live long, I want to live healthy and not just healthy but at the highest capacity I can get at the maximum compromise between longevity, optimum capacity and well being.

  16. I tried all diets and only seen great results with the Agoge diet. You can find it on Google if you wanna get rid of fat.

  17. Hi Dr. Rhonda Patrick – is there a research on wound healing? Do wounds heal faster when in ketosis? Or even faster when water fasting?

  18. Cited study didn’t differentiate between fruits/vegetables and….table sugar? So add butter to your coffee

  19. Wow! So much good information. Will need to watch and re-watch to really digest this. Thank you for this. I also appreciate the explanatory text inserted into the video. Glad I'm a supporter.

  20. Thank you Dr. Patrick and Dr. Verdin. Excellent discussion but more importantly, the inserting of slides to breakdown the discussion was fantastic!

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  22. Living till 104 is the the lifespan around which God gave man. " Because God will not always strive with man, for men are mortal . Humans will not live past 120. " dont worry about living long, worry about accepting Jesus into your heart. We will all be young and healthy again in Heaven.

  23. The general gentle spade phylogenitically ignore because occupation bilaterally disarm until a periodic paul. silky, callous bolt

  24. Limiting protein, carbs ( not fat?)… just eat less.anti aging and current health is not same. Seems less carbs is answer everywhere. Bad ones..

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