Dr. Stephen Phinney: Does a ketogenic diet cause kidney problems?

What Is A Keto Diet
What Is A Keto Diet

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Stephen Phinney, MD, Ph.D and Amy McKenzie, Ph.D, are scientists and researchers as well as collaborators on a recent clinical trial examining a technology-supported and medically-supervised ketogenic intervention. 

Stephen Phinney, MD, Ph.D is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Virta Health, the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery. Amy McKenzie, Ph.D is a senior research scientist at Virta Health.


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21 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Phinney: Does a ketogenic diet cause kidney problems?”

  1. My type 2 Diabetes came to an end after using the natural herbs medication I got from Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel. I will forever thank you sir.

  2. I use NSAIDS but also have been on a Keto diet…high protein…I now have high creatinine and I must rely on the NSAIDS for.pain relief….I just mastered more or less the complexity of suddenly developing hypothyroidism a year ago and am on meds for that. Now I need to open THIS can of worms….I have knee and hip joint problems and pain as well as sacral spinal pain…I already dealt with C4 replacement and cerval spine pain in my 50s…now I am 74…I realize I am lucky in so many ways and am very healthy psychologically …clinical psychologist since 1979…my home is in the tropics and is set up for a comfortable life shut into my lovely tropical home and gardens so yes I am lucky, BUT facing my soon to be very limited mobility is daunting.

  3. Meeting Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the beginning of a new life for me after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease.

  4. Do not get me started on the keto diet. that shit almost killed me. If you want to lose fat, get the Agoge diet in my honest opinion, it worked great for me

  5. If you want to lose fat, you should not jeopardize your health with the ketogenic diet. I recommend getting a personalized diet. I've had great success with the Agoge diet for example.

  6. The main reason I started dieting was to get rid of cellulite, however keto made it unbearable. That's why I tried the Agoge diet and it worked great

  7. The Agoge diet is a much better option than keto. It's well structured, balanced and peronalized. Keto is just unhealthy and very difficult to adhere to.

  8. Those that want to lose fat should definitely try the Agoge diet plan. It is personalized and well balanced. Keto on the other hand made me feel like shit.

  9. I tried all these diets and gave up on all except one. Only the Agoge diet helped me lose that belly fat.

  10. Don't get me started on keto. that shit almost killed me… If you want to lose fat, get the Agoge diet in my honest opinion, it worked great for me

  11. I have kidney stones but my kidneys are functioning well. Is low carb safe for me? I hear so many conflicting things.

  12. I did Carnivore for 10 days, ribeye, butter, lard, chicken, eggs galore, lamb chops etc etc … I ended up in hospital, my creatine HIGH and cholesterol HIGH, they told me to drink lots of water to try and reduce it and to go and have further blood tests with my GP (doc) I do have multiple problems, one of them is depression/anxiety and I think that stopping all carbs was disastrous in my case as my brain needs some carbs to convert Tryptophan to stimulate serotonin production in the brain, I felt dizzy confusion, collapsed, and now just back from hospital after 2 days lying in bed as the room spins around (Im sure |I have cervical problems that are also contributing to the dizziness) I read that Kidney disease and protein dont really mix, if the kidneys are in trouble that animal protein should be eliminated or greatly reduced, Dr Greger says Fish has the highest acid load on the kidneys, exercise like lifting weights and strenuous type exercise are contraindicated as they stress the kidneys, so |I can imagine bodybuilders who lift weights and eat meat their kidneys must be ticking time bombs right?
    Im now eating veggies and some fruit and chamomile tea with lemon, cauliflower and kidney healthy diet and olive oil, be careful guys, some diets may not agree with your body, man, my normal blood pressure was around 120/80 and pulse around 75, when |I collapsed it was over 160/110 0r similar and pulse over 105 when the ambulance arrived, now after a few days of eating lettuce literally my blood pressure is 112/70 and pulse 62, Im just going to do light exercise like walking the dog, have you guys had any similar experiences?

  13. Protein is not eaten in moderation on a keto diet!!!!!! You eat meat you destroy our planet. So you are a murderer!

  14. Ketogenic diets can also cause heart arrythmia. It seems that this "doctor " is very biased and ill informed. Seems he may be strongly affected by the brain retarding effects of low carb diets.

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